Cely Vazquez's maximalist Christmas tree is reminiscent of The Nutcracker

The Love Islander's tree is filled with quirky decorations

Cely Vazquez in a leopard print off the shoulder dress sitting in front of a blue and white heart
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Cely Vazquez's maximalist Christmas tree is proof you don't need to play it safe when it comes to adorning yours. The Love Island star and influencer posed with her bountiful tree on Instagram, and has every right to be proud of how it looks.

We love finding different ways to display festive ornaments here at Real Homes, and this is our latest source of inspiration. We've spoken to our deputy editor who loves the holidays to find out why going maximalist with Christmas tree decor can really work — yes, even in smaller spaces.

If you're looking for Christmas decorating ideas that will really stand out, this is everything you need to know about bringing Cely's look into your home. We've also picked out some beautiful bauble buys to help you replicate Cely's style.

Cely Vazquez's maximalist Christmas tree

If minimalist Christmas decor ideas aren't your thing and you'd much rather go for a bold, maximalist style instead, here's how you can do that.

Why we love Cely Vazquez's maximalist Christmas tree

Cery’s adorable tree is filled with toy-like decorations, giving it a vintage look. “This reminds me of The Nutcracker, with its adorable dolls, felt animals, and bells that match the aesthetic of the story,” says Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes. 

“Taking inspiration from classic Christmas tales is a fun way to bring character to your festive decorations.” For example, you could reference The Snow Queen by adding icicles and glass ornaments, as well as using a flocked tree instead.

Emily Lambe
Emily Lambe

Emily is the deputy editor of Real Homes. She's always on the lookout for on-trend decor that's suitable for rentals. Christmas is one of her favorite times of year and she loves finding new ways to decorate for it.

It’s seriously eye-catching, thanks to the sheer amount of decorations that are on it. “Every inch of the tree is adorned with different ornaments, which Cely has thoughtfully arranged by alternating the ornaments so it’s eye-catching without looking repetitive,” Emily explains. This gives a talking point for guests too, as there’s plenty to look at and admire.

The tree is finished off with multi-colored string lights, which wrap around the whole tree. “Even when it’s dark, the tree will still look colorful and playful, thanks to these bright colors illuminating it,” Emily says. Just like the decorations, Cely hasn’t gone for subtlety with these. “If you have a big tree like hers, you might need to grab a couple of packs of lights to have the same effect.”

Not only is the tree decorated, but the mantlepiece is, too. “Cely has continued her maximalist approach by adding her toy-style baubles onto her garland, which gives the whole room a cohesive look,” Emily adds. Try replicating this approach around your entire home to tie everything together. 

Get the look with these maximalist decorations

Bring Cely's maximalist look onto your tree with these pretty buys from some of our favorite places to buy Christmas decorations from.

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Cely’s Christmas tree is a gorgeous example of how you can add everything to your Christmas tree and still make it look chic. “Don’t be afraid to add all your favorite decorations — they’ll add character to your tree and make it unique,” Emily finishes by saying.

The Love Island celebrity isn’t the only one who loves quirky festive decor — Sabrina Carpenter’s vintage-style ornaments complement her cottagecore-style home perfectly. 

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