Sabrina Carpenter's vintage-inspired Christmas decorations are straight out of a storybook

The singer and actor's festive decor is as fabulous as she is

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Sabrina Carpenter's vintage-inspired Christmas decorations are some of the cutest we've seen this holiday season, and we're officially obsessed with them. The Nonsense singer is known for her quirky and cute outfits, but this time it's her home decor we're loving.

Our deputy editor loves decorating for the holidays and is always looking for new, stylish ways to dress her place up for the season. We've spoken to her about why Sabrina's decorations are a major source of inspiration for us and how you can bring them into your own home.

Looking for Christmas decorating ideas and want to copy Sabrina's look? Here's everything you need to know, as well as some cute buys so you can get her style in your small space.

Sabrina Carpenter's vintage-inspired Christmas decorations

Choosing vintage decor for your home this holiday season is a great option, as you can be really creative with what you choose. This is why we love Sabrina's take on this.

Why we love Sabrina Carpenter's vintage-inspired Christmas decorations

Sabrina has cleverly matched her Christmas decor palette with her cottagecore-style home, which has blue and white floral wallpaper. “If you’re living in a home that you can’t redecorate, lean into what you have instead of trying to overwhelm the space,” says Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes. “Sabrina has used a white Christmas tree and colorful decorations to match the contrast on her wallpaper.” If you love the wallpaper look and you're renting, you could always try peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Emily Lambe
Emily Lambe

Emily is the deputy editor of Real Homes. She's always on the lookout for on-trend decor that's suitable for rentals. Christmas is one of her favorite times of year and she loves finding new ways to decorate for it.

The whole home is very grandpa chic, which is currently taking over coastal grandmother as the vintage-inspired small space interior trend for 2024. “Moody hues, dark wooden textures, and secondhand coffee table books are all easy ways to bring this look into your home, which Sabrina has done even before she’s started decorating for Christmas,” says Emily.

You also don’t necessarily need to buy vintage-inspired items — you could even go to your local Goodwill and try and find secondhand furniture and decorations. “This is a brilliant way to find decorations that nobody else will have, which will add unique charm and character to your home,” says Emily. “Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family if they have any decorations that they’re throwing away, as their trash might just be your treasure.”

As well as this, you could always handmake your own decorations, like Sabrina has with her cards. “String all your cards together is such a cute way of displaying them all, rather than having them all on your coffee table and needing to declutter your small space later on,” says Emily. She also likes that Sabrina has displayed them vertically, which makes her small space appear bigger thanks to the eye being drawn upwards.

Get the look with these vintage-inspired decorations

Bring Christmas decorations with a vintage-inspired twist into your home with these buys.

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Sabrina Carpenter's vintage decorations are proof that getting creative with your Christmas styling can give you a fun finish that goes beyond the cookie-cutter norm. If you're shopping for even more colorful ornament inspiration, Candice King's quirky baubles are also fun and playful.

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