The new Bryce Dallas Howard house tour embraces cozy cottagecore to perfection

If the Bryce Dallas Howard house tour has piqued your cottagecore curiosity, allow our pros to help you nail the style

Bryce Dallas Howard in a bright pink dress next to floral pink background with vintage buys
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Want to ace Cottagecore 101? The new Bryce Dallas Howard house tour proves she has effortlessly mastered the aesthetic, and you can recreate her gorgeous decor. 

The actor's Architectural Digest cameo showcases her inviting, floral, New York home in all of its glory. From the moment she opens her baby-blue front door, we're swept into a delicate and whimsical dream, complete with Wes Anderson-inspired hues, natural elements, and vintage accents. 

Now that we have the wholesome cottagecore on the brain, we asked one of our expert interior designers how to embrace the look as a small space interior design trend for 2024. 

What we love about Bryce Dallas Howard house tour

"I love the romantic feel," interior designer Nicole Cullum says of Bryce's home. 

One of this year's small space color trends is all about the fun pastels, like we see in the Argyle actor's space, from her blue entryway to mint window panes and baby pink dining room. Nicole recommends starting with a solid color and layering with prints and delicate accents from there. 

"Yes, it’s about layering, yes it’s about adding beauty [but] balance is key," she adds. 

To find that balance, pick and choose what's important and work with groups of threes.

"It’s about being collected and only using things that are special to you," she says. "It’s a very romantic look, but it needs to look like it’s carefully curated.”

Pay attention to detail. You'll want to add Grandma's knit throw onto your storage ottoman, but you don't want any element to feel forced. And don't feel obligated to have everything perfectly aligned. 

"A beginner mistake is that people lean towards symmetry and it looks really static and stale because you’ll just have pairs of things everywhere," Nicole says. "It’s about varying each shelf as its own moment, and leaving a place for your eyes to rest."

Nicole Cullum
Nicole Cullum

Nicole Cullum is an interior designer in Taos, New Mexico and the founder of Color Caravan, a charming hand-painted line of wallpaper, textiles, bedding, and home decor. She’s a dab-hand at mixing and matching prints, something you need to ace in cottagecore. 

What to shop

Whether you're scoping out small-kitchen must-haves or living room essentials, there are a few things to keep in mind when embracing this feminine look. 

"With cottagecore, there’s a whimsy to it," Nicole says. "There’s a vintage romantic feel that you’re trying to capture and you do that with ceramics, natural woods, vintage pieces and textiles. If you layer pattern on patter, you get a more refined cottagecore feel."

These pieces carefully selected by our expert shoppers will help you get started with the style.

If you love cottagecore but want to go a little darker, try her edgier older sister, dark cottagecore, which gives the beloved whimsical style a gothic remix.

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