ATTN: Meal preppers and organization queens, these glass food storage containers have got your back

Glass > plastic

Two types of glass food storage containers
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Although I may ~technically~ be an adult, I still call my mom for advice every time I forget how to use the microwave or accidentally shrink my clothes. She’s basically Yoda and has taught me everything I need to know about surviving this hell hole we call adulthood. And her most recent piece of advice came when she saw the mountain of plastic containers I had in my tiny kitchen cupboards. To be more exact… she saw the random plastic lids that fell onto the floor every time I opened one particular cupboard of doom. Invest in good glass food storage containers, she told me.

While I love pretending to meal prep and having an aesthetically pleasing fridge,  glass food storage is also a lot more eco-friendly than plastic, these containers are easier to clean, they’re stackable, and they’re leak-proof. Folks: I’ve never looked back! Paired with a clever kitchen organizer that's created specifically to hold your containers and lids, you'll wish you'd invested years ago.

Yep, glass food storage containers have completely changed the game for me, and I’ve been surprised by how affordable they are. As a renter on a teeny-tiny budget, I assumed I’d have to sell my soul to buy good-quality glass storage containers, but that’s not the case at all. My Gen Z salary has allowed me to stock up on some of the best glass food storage containers in the biz, and these ones are all highly rated by customers just like me and you.

9 of the best glass food storage containers that won't break the bank

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Are glass containers better for food storage?

In the plastic vs. glass container debate, experts almost always land on glass containers as the winner. And while plastic containers are normally cheaper than their glass counterparts, glass containers are becoming more readily available — meaning they’re becoming way more affordable. But that’s not all:

  • Glass is healthier for you. Although plastic is everywhere, plastic containers can be extremely harmful and toxic for those who put them in the microwave. That’s because the chemicals in the plastic can leak into your food when heated. But this is not the case with glass, as it’s completely heat-tolerant.
  • You can organize your food items easier. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve run out of pasta, rice, or your favorite candy! But when you store your food in glass containers, you ensure that you are fully stocked at all times. Chris Dance, Director & Head Designer of InHouse Inspired Room Design suggests that you should “store dry food stuff like rice, pasta, and oats in large clear storage jars to keep them neat and allow you to see how much you have left. Airtight jars keep the contents freshers for longer as well.”
  • Glass will last longer. Although glass food storage containers can be more expensive than plastic ones, they will last longer - which means that you’ll more than likely end up spending less in the long run. After all, plastic is prone to warping or melting in the microwave, and it’s easily stained. But glass is extremely durable, heat-proof, and stain-resistant, which means it’ll last for years. 

How we chose these glass food storage containers

A lot of the glass food storage containers seen here will be featured elsewhere on our site, and we’re confident that they’re some of the best on the market. We only recommend products that are actually worth your money, and they’ve been picked either because we own and love them ourselves or shoppers rate them highly online.

Where to buy glass food storage containers

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