Bobby Berk’s lighting hack is a stylish gift to all renters

Hang Tulip Shades without damage — Bobby Berk's lighting hack is a renter's dream

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Bobby Berk's lighting hack is so simple it's practically criminal, and renters are going to fall in love with this easy, low-maintenance upgrade. And landlords who aren't keen on drilling will especially love it. 

The designer and Queer Eye star took to Instagram to point out his teammate's bedroom ceiling light, which was dulling the sparkle of the otherwise cozy, evergreen-colored space. While the fixture did its job, it definitely needed work in the aesthetics department, to say the least. 

That's when one of the Fab Five decided to show off this genius rental-friendly lighting idea to upgrade the shade easily, and we haven't stopped swooning at Bobby Beck's lighting hack since. 

Bobby introduced us to Tulip Shades, a newly launched line of fabric covers that go over funny-looking light fixtures, mounted flush against the ceiling. Not only does it give your room an almost instant style upgrade, but it helps ease the often intense, unwelcoming lighting from an overhead fixture. The best bit is there's no need for an electrician, no mess, and most satisfyingly of all, no eyesore.

Much like peel-and-stick wallpaper, Tulip Shades intend to not leave a mark on a ceiling during installation, and remain mark-free when the lease comes to an end. 

Tulip Drum Shades instead hang from a mounted ring on the ceiling that can be applied within minutes with Command Strips available on Amazon, and typically fit over any light fixtures 15" or less in diameter and 6" tall, though dimensions vary by style. 

When discussing how to light a small apartment, experts have previously told Real Homes overhead fixtures are an important part of the equation that can't be neglected, so we might as well make them pretty. 

Currently, Tulip offers shades in three shapes: Gem, Drum, and Lamp, as well as a select offering of lovely colors, including Natural, Lilac, Terracotta, and Sunlight. The material for the shades has been sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about your purchase while your studio apartment's lights look good in the process. 

Prices were correct at the time of publishing this article.

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