9 dishwashing tools to get if you hate doing the dishes

Easy dishwashing tools to make the job more fun

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Some new dishwashing tools can really make a difference when cleaning up the kitchen at the end of the day. After having a delectable meal with family and friends, washing the dishes is the one thing you don’t want to do, especially after cooking up a storm and hosting your guests.

If you don't have a dishwasher, you may be tempted to just let things soak in the sink for the night... or the next day. Upgrading your dishwashing tools might just be the ticket to make this chore a little less terrible.

I've rounded up accessories that’ll pique your interest in washing the dishes after every meal. Plus, you can use them to pull off some of my favorite dishwashing hacks.

Best dishwashing tools to buy

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I looked around for some of the cutest and most useful dishwashing tools to add to your kitchen. See my favorite brushes, sponges and more.

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9 cute dishwashing tools

How we chose

We weren't able to test all these products ourselves. We picked out these fun and easy dishwashing tools based on customer reviews, and left out anything with less than four stars. We searched high and low for the most useful and most unique items we could find.

You can always make dishwashing a bit easier by splitting the task with a roommate or family member. Try to wash the dishes after every meal so things don't pile up — a couple of small tasks are easier to conquer than one mammoth one. If you're blessed enough with a dishwasher, the task doesn't end there. You'll also have to stay on top of cleaning the dishwasher itself. But not to fear, these dishwashing tools should hopefully add a little more pep to your step!

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