Ashley Tisdale's tips for styling a credenza are right on trend for 2024 say design experts

Use Ashley Tisdale's tips to liven up a small, empty space

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A little lost when it comes to styling decor? Ashley Tisdale's tips are here to transform small spaces that are looking a little worse for wear. 

She certainly has a knack for interior design, sharing behind-the-scenes looks of her home on her social media accounts. The actress and singer recently revealed how she styles a credenza — a decorative cabinet unit used in living rooms, entryways, or dining rooms. And her advice is bang on trend, according to our interiors experts. 

See how to employ these interior design trends in tiny nooks and crannies around your apartment or small house.

Ashley Tisdale's tips for styling a credenza

From Ashley's marble kitchen island to her on-trend living room couch, the High School Musical star knows her stuff when it comes to modern decor.

In one of her latest Instagram posts, Ashley shared her tips for styling a credenza, which is a pretty handy piece of living room furniture for storing anything from books to blankets or electronics. While useful for storing things inside, the credenza top can look a little empty if lacking accessories.

To combat her space looking too clinical, Ashley has styled her warm, wooden credenza with coffee table books, candlesticks, and an impressive centerpiece. These calming textures and lived-in decor are some of the best living room trends for 2024, and interior designers agree.

Bree Steele, interior designer at RJ Living says, "The way Ashley mixes accessories, consistency in the color palette, and different shapes and textures align really well with different design aesthetics. The way she creates balance with her look makes the credenza look curated and personal, which is what heaps of people are looking for in their decor."

How to get the look

Ashley shared her tips on styling this space, avoiding any outdated living room trends that may backfire and make the room look out of style. 

Ashley advised followers to "accessorize with candles, vases, and coffee table books" to add some visual interest. Adding one of the best candles or a centerpiece such as this marble vase from Amazon (which is highly rated with over 500 reviews) will help break up the empty space.

"These items are really versatile and can easily be adjusted to fit any decor style. The specific suggestions of candles will add warmth and ambiance, vases will provide opportunities for introducing color and texture, and coffee table books will bring personality and sophistication," adds Bree. 

Ashley then advises to "stick to a consistent color palette" which can help make the area look more cohesive. Ashley's use of warm neutrals is a great example of a small living room trend for 2024. Try painting the surrounding area with Taupe 03 Soho Roc House Matt by Lick, which is a subtle shade with red and gray undertones. 

"A consistent color palette will make sure that the arrangement looks harmonious and well-thought-out. It helps tie the different elements together, creating a unified look that enhances the room's overall aesthetic," says Bree.

Lastly, Ashley says, "Don't be afraid to mix size, shapes, and textures," which is in line with this year's summer decor trends

"Mixing different sizes, shapes, and textures will help to add visual interest and will prevent the display from looking flat or monotonous. It will do this by creating a dynamic composition that draws the eye and keeps the arrangement engaging," says Bree.

If your credenza is still looking a little lifeless, adding some extra greenery with one of the best indoor plants can liven things up. This can also add some extra height to break up the visual line. "Make sure everything is balanced by varying the heights and sizes of the decor you include," adds Bree.

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