Ashley Tisdale's couch ticks one of 2024's biggest color trends

The cozy color of Ashley Tisdale's couch will add warmth to any space

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Ashley Tisdale's couch is the coziest we've possibly ever seen, and it looks stunning in her home. We spotted the High School Musical actor lounging about on Instagram, and the caramel color of her couch immediately caught our attention.

While Ashley has a dreamy large space, it's still possible to recreate the look in your own home, no matter the size. We've spoken to our deputy editor, who specializes in rentals and apartments, about styling a couch like this in your home.

The earthy color of the couch matches one of 2024's small space color trends, which is just one reason we think it's a gorgeous addition to Ashley's place. From the shape to the style, we're obsessed.

Ashley Tisdale's couch

If you're looking for small living room ideas, Ashley's couch is a great source of inspiration. We've also rounded up some great buys to get the same look in your own place.

Why we love Ashley Tisdale's couch

Ashley Tisdale’s couch has a beautiful caramel tone that’s just the right shade of brown. “It’s not so dark that it makes the space look smaller — instead, the really rich color adds warmth to the space,” explains Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes. Ashley has also decorated this with a lighter throw blanket, which adds a pop of contrast.

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Emily Lambe

Emily is the deputy editor here at Real Homes. She specializes in small spaces and is always on top of the latest trends that will work well in rentals and apartments.

It’s not just the shade of the Ashley's couch that gives it a cozy look. “The velvet material is also super chic and the texture adds extra dimension to the couch,” she says. This means that it’ll feel soft to snuggle on, so you can fully relax while on it. “If you are prone to spills, you might want to grab an upholstery cleaner, as this material can be a little tricky to clean,” Emily recommends.

Just like her office chair, Ashley has opted for a couch with a lower back. “This makes the space appear more open, thanks to the fact the couch isn’t taking up as much width,” Emily explains. “As Ashley proves, these can still provide lots of support and can even work functionally as a place to rest your coffee cup, or write in a notebook, as she is in the picture.” 

The shape of it also makes it easy to slot into your living area’s shape. “L-shaped couches are great choices when fitting furniture in a small space, as they can squeeze in corners and maximise the space you have,” Emily says. Just be sure to measure up before you purchase anything, as you don’t want to grab a couch, build it, and then realize it won’t fit.

Get the look with these buys

Steal Ashley's couch style and make your small space look luxe with these beautiful buys.

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When it comes to looking for celebrity interior design ideas, Ashley Tisdale’s home is one of the best accounts to scope out. “Her home has a quiet luxury style that still feels livable, and works well whether you’re living alone or with a family like she does,” Emily finishes by saying the warm colors and soft textures in Ashley's home are always a treat to see. 

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