Ashley Tisdale's office chair is the perfect cozy WFH setup

The High School Musical actor's seating is seriously fabulous

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Ashley Tisdale's office chair looks like the perfect place to get work done while staying warm. In colder months sitting at a boring desk in a hard chair just isn't appealing, which is why we're loving this alternative. 

Ashley Tisdale is an actor known for appearing in the High School Musical franchise as Sharpay Evans. Nowadays she's a lifestyle influencer with over 16m followers. She's always posting pictures of her gorgeous home, but this time it's a picture of her chilling in her Frenshe office that has wowed us here at Real Homes.

Looking for small office ideas that are chic and comfy? We've talked through why we love the idea and how you can incorporate it into your small home. It's cozy, relaxed, and is super easy to copy no matter what sized room you're working with.

Ashley Tisdale's office chair

If you want an office chair that sits outside of the norm, Ashley Tisdale's relaxing alternative is a beautiful choice. We also have put together a round-up of seating that matches hers.

Why we love Ashley Tisdale's office chair

When you first think of seating in an office, your mind might first go to standard chairs with wheels. That doesn’t always have to be the case, though. “I think Ashley’s office seating is a clever alternative, as it gives her enough space to stretch out and relax in a way that still complements the room’s decor,” says Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes

Emily Lambe
Emily Lambe

Emily is the deputy editor of Real Homes. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology and has been writing ever since. She's always on the lookout for on-trend decor that's suitable for rentals and smaller spaces.

The minimalist small office design makes her room look luxe, but it still has practical benefits “The lower backs on the seats and the soft woven material look cozy, while still providing enough support that you don’t feel completely asleep while you’re working,” Emily adds. “Ashley has three seats in her office, but you could just have one if you have a smaller space, which would still have the same effect.”

Emily also loves how Ashley has complemented the seating with Scandi-style decor. “The millennial pink area rug and washed wall artwork in the background add to the zen vibe she has going on,” Lambe adds. “I also spy the indoor plant in the back — Ashley has just gone for one, but you could always opt for a few to add even more vibrancy to your office.” 

Whether you want to add extra seating as a ‘breakout zone’ for your office or replace your whole desk set-up with a plush seat, Ashley Tisdale’s seating is a great example of thinking outside the box when decorating this room.

3 buys to help you get the look

If you want to bring Ashley's office chair look into your place, here are three cute buys that will help you do just that.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

Bringing a touch of coziness to your office space will add warmth to it, which will can certainly make it a more productive place to work in if you thrive in that sort of environment. Want even more home inspo from Sharpay herself? Ashley Tisdale's shoe wall is a game changer for small spaces.

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