58% of us lives with one of these superstitious habits

The top superstitions that we can't seem to shake

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(Image credit: The Pure Bathroom Collection from Smiths Briten)

Do you avoid opening your umbrella indoors? How about being superstitious about spilling salt? Old habits die hard, and a new survey* reveals that many of us are still remarkably attached to superstitious beliefs about our homes. 

It turns out that two-thirds of us (58 per cent) still have superstitious habits, although almost all of those who admitted to such habits (88 per cent) acknowledged that they're not founded in any scientific fact. 

Without further ado, the most commonly held superstitions are:

1. Never placing unworn shoes on the table – (57%) 

2. Ensuring that umbrellas are never opened indoors – (53%) 

3. Throwing spilt salt over the left shoulder – (46%) 

4. Believing that breaking a mirror will lead to seven years of bad luck – (36%) 

5. Not walking under any ladders – (34%) 

6. Placing dreamcatchers in the bedroom – (24%) 

7. Getting in and out of bed on the same side – (17%) 

8. Not having any beds directly facing the door – (13%) 

9. Keeping the toilet seat down whenever it’s not in use – (9%) 

10. Arriving home through the same door that you exited the house from – (4%)

We don't know how about you, but we've spotted quite a bit of Feng Shui rules mixed into these superstitious habits, especially the one about keeping the toilet lid down. It may not be real, but it can't hurt, right? 

*A survey of 2,600 people by Hillarys