Amazon bread baking essentials: 5 things you knead for the perfect rise

Getting your bake on while in lockdown? Check out these Amazon bread baking essentials and get prepared...

Amazon bread baking essentials: FOTEMIX Round Bread Proofing Basket
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Bored? Love to bake? Prime member? You need to see these Amazon bread baking essentials, then. We've listed five top buys below, all of which are a necessity for the perfect rise. Even if you already consider yourself a star baker, or if you are a newbie to baking. Already own the best bread maker? – it's not cheating! – that's fine, too.

Lockdown 2.0 is here, which means it's time to dig out all of your baking equipment from the last time around – whether you perfected sourdough at the start of the year, or you made enough banana bread to feed a small town. Either way, we don't judge! We're just here to make your life easier...

Check out these five ultimate bread baking essentials below, all of which are sold at Amazon so you can buy today and get busy tomorrow. Why not bake some bread for your neighbours? Or your relatives? Lovely stuff.

1. A non-stick rolling mat with handy bread measurements

Lazymi Extra Thick Silicone Baking Mats Sheet | £11.98 at Amazon
Use this baking mat to measure your bread (or pie, or pizza) and as a surface for kneading, too. It's oven-safe, non-stick and it comes in a range of sizes and colours.View Deal

2. A bread proofing basket WITH a scraper and a lame

FOTEMIX Round Bread Proofing Basket | £14.99 at Amazon
This bread proofing basket is perfect for sourdough lovers. And it comes with a cloth liner for covering, a dough scraper for making your life easier and a lame for drawing patterns in your loaf. For a medium to large size loaf, there's no better option.View Deal

3. A loaf tin for banana bread and more

Jamie Oliver JB1450 Loaf Tin | £12.99 £8.99 at Amazon
This loaf tin is ideal for those who want the perfectly shaped bake. Banana bread lovers, put this in your basket fast. It features rounded edges for added strength, it's completely non-stick for your convenience and it comes in two colours. It's also on sale right now!View Deal

4. A bakers cloth for perfectly rounded baguettes

BUZIFU Large Bakers Cloth | £9.99 at Amazon
Big fan of baguettes? In order to perfect this bake, you'll definitely need a bakers cloth. This one is made from 100 per cent natural cotton and it's quite large – enough space for a few loaves. It's also non-stick. Simply place your bread in between the folds of the linen and it will help form the shape you desire.View Deal

5. A bread maker if you just can't be bothered with the faff

Salter EK4189 Digital Bread Maker | £139.99 £67.99 at Amazon
Too lazy to commit to baking your own bread by hand, but love that freshly baked smell that floods your house? Buy a bread maker, then! Simply pop in your dough, select a function (there are 15 to choose from) and watch your bake rise to perfection. It even has a 12-hour delay timer. Oh, and it's on sale with £72 off right now.View Deal

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