The Aldi exercise bike and other workout essentials to grab from the grocery store while you can

2024 has arrived, but the Aldi exercise bike and other fitness picks are going fast

Aldi exercise bike surrounded by five vertically stacked resistance bands and a gray exercise ball on a green background fading from right to left
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If fitness equipment isn't on your grocery list, the Aldi exercise bike — a foldable one at that — will make you reconsider the essentials. 

Now we've entered a new year, we've decided to detox and reset our habits. Since Aldi offers versatility, we're able to add workout gear *and* healthy food to our shopping carts. How's that for convenience?

When you're ready to restock the fridge with healthy buys and add the best home gym equipment to your workout space, Aldi's here to help.

Check out the Aldi exercise bike and workout gear

While you might not necessarily need to execute small home gym ideas, the pros insist you want to have some type of fitness items available in your abode. 

"A home gym is a constant reminder to stay active. Every time you see that yoga mat or those dumbbells, it's a little nudge to do something good for yourself," says Mike Julom, ACE certified personal trainer and the founder and CEO of

While many of us gear up for morning yoga classes or after-work gym visits, Mike insists bursts of physical activity during the workday can actually be helpful, so plan your small office layout ideas accordingly. 

"Having equipment at home allows for short, frequent workouts throughout the day, which can be more effective for maintaining metabolism and managing energy levels," he adds. 

It seems the folding Aldi exercise bike is just as important as the printer. Keep in mind these items are available while supplies last, and different Aldi locations might not offer the same products. Aldi offers curbside pickup and delivery when you shop online at

Mike Julom
Mike Julom

Mike is an ACE certified personal trainer, CrossFit athlete, and founder of, a.k.a. "the internet's gym," offering workout plans, training tips, nutritional information, and more. He began his workout journey with a joint home gym purchase with his brother, so he knows a thing or two about exercising at home.

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Should these pieces not be available at your neighborhood Aldi, we've spotted other small space workout gear that offers a big impact.

Stocked up? We did, too. Now it's important to learn how to clean gym equipment so that your gear is as hygienic as your routine is effective. If you still have your heart set on a few more items, there's plenty of Amazon gym equipment suitable for small spaces, similar to the debut IKEA workout collection, DAJLIEN.

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