The debut IKEA workout collection starting at $3.99 will up your wellness game in 2024 — no large space required

It's true: DAJLIEN, the IKEA workout collection, will make your tiny abode suitable for your fitness needs

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Wondering what to do with your gym membership? The new IKEA workout collection just might make you think twice before you select "renew". 

"DAJLIEN is all about supporting movement and helping people live more active lives at home," Akanksha Deo, designer at IKEA of Sweden, says of the line. "We have designed a collection that helps bridge the gap between home and active life, that recognizes that training can take many shapes and forms and that you don’t need a lot of space to do a simple workout."

Even if that Peleton couldn't possibly make its way into your studio, this release of aesthetic workout equipment will help you tackle your fitness goals without stepping foot outside your abode. (Sounds like a win-win, if you ask us.)

A look at the debut IKEA workout collection: DAJLIEN

Eye-catching, resourceful, and easy to store, the 19 items in DAJLIEN will help you break a sweat and get those steps in before the end of the day. Inspired by WFH setups in New York, Chicago, London, and Shanghai, the line of light green and yellow equipment focuses on efficiency even if there are roadblocks: space and time constraints, motivational factors, etc. 

What can you expect from DAJLIEN? A little bit of everything: kelly green rubber and polyester gym mats ($19.99), mint-toned ring-shaped weights ($34.99), and an exercise set with yoga straps, and knee pads ($34.99), among other items. What's more, DAJLIEN will round out your small home gym ideas with items you need but didn't think about: portable speakers ($14.99), an air purifier ($34.99), a storage bench ($135), and a valet stand ($59.99), to name a few. Cool down with yellow hand towels ($3.99) and slip into a pair of yellow plastic slippers ($7.99) once you take your sneaks off.

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When will DAJLIEN hit IKEA stores?

DAJLIEN is expected to drop in January 2024, but shoppers are encouraged to contact their local IKEA, as release dates might differ across countries. 

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