Home gym mirror ideas – 10 fun designs to monitor your form and flexibility

These home gym mirror ideas will reflect well on your style and personality while performing their all-important primary purpose

A woman working out in front of a smart fitness mirror lifting a kettlebell sitting on a yoga mat
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Home gym mirror ideas are the perfect motivational tool for tracking your progress and gains. By analyzing the way that you move your body, or lift a piece of equipment, you can optimize the number of muscles you engage and reduce the risk of injury.

But these home gym ideas are not created equally. Some can be fixed to a wall, while others can be propped or leaned against something stable while you push yourself to the limit.

And while you may expect a mirror to merely function as a reflective pane of glass to gaze into or take selfies, modern design and advances in technology have meant that some included bonus storage solutions and even a 24/7 PT in your own home. We talk about everything from futuristic 'fitness mirrors' to ornate brass furniture and even how to DIY your own bespoke workout room mirrors.

Home gym mirror ideas to reflect on

'Looking in the mirror at the gym helps my clients keep an eye on their form whilst also tracking their physical progress,' says Jade Smith, Grenade ambassador, PT, and qualified nutritionist.

'When you gradually notice changes in your reflection, it helps you feel motivated and inspired that your hard work is paying off! Mirrors also help to monitor and correct any mistakes with your form during workouts, preventing injuries and ensuring you’re hitting the right muscle groups.'

1. Pop a long-length mirror in the corner of the room

a living room with gym area with storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

Unless you've opened the garage door, or have ample lighting in your basement, a home gym workout can be rather gloomy, and a little claustrophobic. But one Swedish retailer has some ideas to boost your serotonin and give the illusion of a larger space in a small home gym. And it's all to do about where you position your home gym mirror.

'Take advantage of energizing daylight by attaching a barre (we used an adjustable curtain rod) across your windows. A mirror lets you watch your form and makes your workout spot seem bigger too.' says Anna Blom, writer at Ikea.

2. Place your fixed gym equipment in front of the mirror

Two Cordero full length mirrors with exercise balls and exercise bike in reflection

(Image credit: Cordero)

Popping your best gym equipment in front of the mirror is good for a number of reasons. One is that you can monitor your posture and form, and, two is that you've got your competition staring back at you!

Buy one Cordero full-length mirror from Wayfair to reach your goals single-handedly, or have a buddy join you in reaching optimum health. We personally love the combination of machine-based cardiovascular exercise, with bodyweight activities using an exercise ball and soft home gym flooring as shown. 

3. Invest in a mirror with storage

A tall full length mirror with storage at rear in hallway

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

In snug homes and apartments, it can be hard to find a suitable place to work out. And sometimes doing cardio in your bedroom or on the landing can cause too much of a stomping noise.

If the hallway is where you'd rather get your HIIT on, the Marshall Storage Floor Mirror from Urban Outfitters comes with gym storage in the form of a wire shelf and two coat hooks to the rear of it. Perfect for hanging up hoodies once you've warmed up, and for popping your dumbbells out of the way of family members who may accidentally trip over them.

4. Grab a bargain online

A home gym with peel and stick adhesive white wallpaper, treadmill and trio of mirrors

(Image credit: Jenny Reimold)

It can be scary not buying a home gym mirror directly from a store, but you can grab a bargain online, especially if the retailer doesn't have expensive overheads like a physical shopfront. Here, one working mom of seven created a garage gym that incorporated some budget home gym ideas.

'After burning myself out trying to get to the gym each day at 5 am, manage 7 children, and work, I redesigned our garage into a functional home gym for our entire family,' says Jenny Reimold.

'Most of this was peel and stick and with the exception of a drill, no tools were needed. I used peel and stick flooring from Haven floors, peel and stick wallpaper from Home Depot. Mirrors and home gym lighting were under $100 from Amazon.'

5. Create a faux living wall mirror design

A home gym with faux living wall surrounding mirror

(Image credit: Courtney Killiam)

When it comes to home gym wall decor, most things can seem a little overdone. Printed wallpaper? Been there. Framed wall art? Done that. So if you're looking for ideas that are a little more interesting, why not create a faux living wall around your home gym mirror?

Here, Instagrammer Courtney Killiam created a zen space to meditate with a biophilic Barre space incorporated into the width of the mirror. And, we think you'll agree that bringing the outside in creates a calming place to lay down your best yoga mat!

6. Lean a mirror against a living room wall

A living room with multipurpose gym storage baskets and ottomans

(Image credit: West elm)

Whether you're renting your property, or just don't want to get down and dirty with drilling and DIY, leaning a home gym mirror against your living room wall offers a laid-back and free-spirited aesthetic.

Having a long, arched mirror like this example from West Elm also means that you can move and maneuver it into other areas of the home, be it the bedroom for getting ready for a big night out, or the hallway to make any last-minute adjustments to your outfit.

7. Get the boutique studio feel with a decorative mirror

A large arched brass-colored decorative mirror in bedroom with pink traditional rug

(Image credit: Dunelm)

The rise of 'gymfluencers' pushing their latest routines on Instagram has meant that we've gone gaga for the latest fashionable home workouts, aspiring to attain the same results as the stars.

Granted your pockets aren't as deep, you can still achieve a boujie look while working your booty. This pretty boho mirror from Dunelm is ideal for performing squats in front of, or if yoga is more your thing, this brass-framed glass will help you to perfect your plank pose. Top tip: pop some grippers (available from Amazon) underneath your best rug to keep this floorcloth fixed in place while you move about.

And, when you're not working out, this multifunctional mirror looks as pretty as a picture in this dreamy bohemian bedroom.

8. Create an industrial minimalist look

A home gym with two black framed large mirrors and machinery

(Image credit: KTM Design)

Inspired by trendy CrossFit gyms in raw and edgy warehouses, the industrial minimalist look has inspired many of us to decorate our home gyms with a 'less is more' approach. So it's no surprise that when styling a gymnasium for her client, Katie Thomas, founder of KTM Design, mounted these simple-but-effective black framed home gym mirrors to the wall.

This modern design works perfectly with the distressed texture of the concrete walls that sit behind it and would look good in an urban-chic city apartment gym.

'Mirrors in the gym enable you to check your form, particularly when lifting heavy weights,' explains Thomas.

'For this project, we strategically positioned the mirrors to align with the squat rack and areas where the client would be lifting weights. Mirrors can be motivational for those who like to watch themselves workout.'

'They make the room feel more spacious and brighter. It is more comfortable working out with a sense of space around you, as opposed to feeling squashed within four walls.'

'We used the large-scale mirrors to create a bold, but minimal look. We wanted to create drama and impact so opted for floor-to-ceiling mirrors, without being fussy. We wanted to create a space that our client loved going to and motivated him. The grey, concrete-effect wallpaper created an industrial feel. The raw, simple backdrop complemented the statement mirrors and gym equipment, keeping the space functional and not overwhelming.'

9. Create your own DIY home gym mirror

A female in gym attire standing in front of a DIY mirror holding mobile phone and free weight dumbbell

(Image credit: Lisa Chun (@ourhome.becoming))

If you've seen way too many same-same mirror ideas on the main street, are a little afraid to buy online, and can't deal with the painstaking logistics of carrying a unique mirror back from a thrift store, why not upcycling a boring mirror into a bespoke home gym mirror.

'Such a quick and easy DIY to take a stock mirror and transform it into something a little extra special. The side is made from premium pine 1x2 boards (premium is flatter).' explains Lisa Chun aka @ourhome.becoming.

10. Invest in a smart mirror

A female touching the Echelon REFLECT Touchscreen Fitness Mirror which has been installed under the stairs in the home

(Image credit: Echelon)

If you're a sucker for late-night teleshopping, you may have been persuaded to buy some gym equipment that is now being either used as a doorstop or dare we say... A very expensive clothes horse. We know it can be hard to resist temptation when most commercials promise rock-hard abs and slender legs with slim models happily demonstrating the best cross trainer on the market.

But, if you really want some motivation to get on with your workout: take a look at the mirror... No really. This looking glass isn't just for gym selfies or self-analysis. The latest smart home gym mirrors mean that you don't need to pick up specialist equipment or even jump on the best turbo trainer to tone up.

Yes – devices like the Echelon REFLECT Touchscreen fitness mirror, available from Very, aren't exactly cheap, but it offers a 2-in-1 approach to looking and feeling good with familiar workouts like Zumba, Yoga, and much more!

What is the best mirror for a home gym?

'Vault is an exceptional smart fitness mirror that’s smaller than a bookshelf and its vertical storage allows you to keep your space organized the way you like it,' says Colleen Logan, VP Marketing, Nordictrack, explaining the benefits of the smart home gym mirror.

'Whether you're squatting, saluting the sun, or busting out a set of high knees, with the rotating mirror on Vault you always have the perfect view of your iFit trainer to keep your form in check.'

'Sleek and elegant, it has been designed to not only blend into your home but add to the decor. Turn any room into a complete home gym, complete with personal training, that complements your aesthetic.'

Why should you include a mirror in your home gym?

'Mirrors are a necessary addition to any home gym as they allow you to check your form and avoid injury while working out, which is especially important when exercising without a professional nearby,' says Matt Flanagan, CEO of e-Bikes Direct.

'Mirrors are also useful as an interior design trick, as clever mirror placements can help make a room feel larger and more spacious.  One large mirror is a better investment than tiling smaller mirrors together, as this will distort your reflection and won’t help in making a room feel bigger.'

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