The Victoria Beckham workout setup is great for small spaces — here's how to recreate the look at home

Leave it to Victoria Beckham. Workout spots in her Hyde Park abode are as posh as the rest of the place

Purple exercise equipment next to Victoria Bekcham in a purple sweater
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The Victoria Beckham workout space we spotted on Instagram provides ample creative inspiration for anyone debating a home gym this spring.

Since her Hyde Park abode wows us at every turn, be it the marble entryway, the rustic kitchen, or the traditional living room, we shouldn't be surprised that the gym is also eye-catching. 

If you're getting a fitness routine in place for 2024 — or merely thinking about a workout schedule — let Posh Spice's setup inspire those small home gym ideas

Victoria Beckham workout inspo for the win

Let's start with the obvious: the resistance bands fixed overhead, aesthetic workout equipment if we ever did see it.  

"This actually stems from the Tracy Anderson method" says Mike Julom, ACE-certified personal trainer and the founder and CEO of "She incorporates a unique element into her workouts by using resistance bands that are mounted to the ceiling."

If you plan to follow Tracy's methods and recreate the look, you'll need to find sturdy anchor points in the ceiling, strong carabiners or hooks, and high-quality resistance bands or bungee cords to ensure your safety while working out. 

But if you are not permitted or willing to make permanent changes to your space, a gym storage rack from Amazon will allow for a colorful display with minimal effort, while a portable pilates kit from Amazon will allow you to achieve a similar workout and set up shop wherever you need. 

"You can also attach anchor points for resistance bands or suspension trainers, like TRX systems, to your doorways," Mike adds. "This setup allows for a variety of exercises without permanently occupying floor space."

Another important tidbit about Victoria's home gym equipment is that it's versatile. Take for example the bench she's balancing on. You can see that it can bend in multiple ways, and therefore could be utilized for more than one routine. We love multipurpose pieces, and that certainly is the case for our at-home gyms.  

"Focus on equipment that can be used for multiple exercises," Mike suggests. "Also, consider equipment that's foldable or easily stored away. There are weight benches and even cardio equipment like rowing machines that can be folded and tucked away when not in use."

For renters and small space dwellers' convenience, we've rounded up Amazon gym equipment like folding treadmills and ellipticals that make an impact without taking up too much space or muddling your aesthetic.

"Try to match the color scheme of your gym equipment with the colors in your home," Mike suggests. "Stick to the colors you already have or just keep them neutral to help them blend in better."

If you're working with a hybrid, let's say a small office and a gym, you're going to have to think about making the most out of a tiny space. 

"Choose equipment that can be easily stored or that complements the room's main function," Mike adds. "Consider a stability ball that doubles as an office chair. What about a coffee table that doubles as a workout bench?"

When floor space feels too crowded and you're not sure what to do next, go vertical, as designers often suggest. 

"At my home gym, I've repurposed a garage shelf pegboard to hold fitness accessories like skipping ropes, resistance bands, massage balls, barbell collars, gloves, and even lightweight dumbbells," Mike adds.

Ready to rethink your routine now?

Mike Julom
Mike Julom

Mike is an ACE certified personal trainer, CrossFit athlete, and founder of, a.k.a. "the internet's gym," offering workout plans, training tips, nutritional information, and more. He began his workout journey with a joint home gym purchase with his brother, so he knows a thing or two about exercising at home.

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Now you're thinking of a new plan, you'll want to hear from cleaning experts about how to clean gym equipment. Sure, you might have a stylish and functional at-home fitness system, but you certainly cannot have a dirty one. 

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