5 Marie Kondo approved storage hacks to organise your home this Bank Holiday

These Marie Kondo storage ideas are here to help you tick a few tidying chores off your list this Bank Holiday Weekend

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Marie Kondo's Instagram has quickly become our go to place if we are looking for some organising and tidying motivation. Sure it might be the Bank Holiday weekend, but the weather is a bit meh, plus you have a whole extra day to just chill out so why not FINALLY dedicate just an hour or so to tick a few chores off your list – starting with using these storage hacks to do a bit of a tidy.

Keep scrolling for some beautifully clean spaces that will inspire you to get yours looking just as good. If you are after cleaning tips as well as decluttering ideas check out our guide on how to clean a kitchen like a pro.

1. Tidy up your kitchen cupboards and shelves 

There are so many tips and hacks over on Marie Kondo's Instagram about how to sort out your kitchen and make it feel less cluttered, but the general gist tends to be, get everything into jars. Jars look pretty so you can keep them out on display but they are also really practical for organising inside cupboards too. Packaging takes up a lot of extra room, plus you often can't tell how much you have left so never know when to stock up – a glass jar solves this problem. 

Oooh and get a label maker too just to make it all the easier. 

2. Get you drawers organised to save on space

It's Kondo's signature move – the folding. We have given it a go ourselves and it does save so much room and make everything more accessible. So this Bank Holiday, pick a set of drawers (be it clothes, sheets, underwear) and organise it using the Marie Kondo folding method. It's oddly satisfying actually, so grab a coffee (or a gin, it's the Bank Holiday after all) pop Netflix on and get folding. 

3. Declutter your bathroom and throw away out of date toiletries 

Did you know makeup and toiletries have expiry dates? Maybe we did, but we didn't really think to pay any attention to them. But obviously they are there for a reason, we doubt the Body Shop strawberry body butter you have had since Christmas 2012 is going to be doing much good for your skin. Marie Kondo suggests that you should regularly declutter your bathroom drawers and get rid of anything that's out of date.

For more tips on makeup storage ideas head over to our feature. 

4. Organise your cupboards by size

Marie's top tip of organising places like laundry cupboards or any storage cupboard for that matter, is start with the big stuff and put that away first. Use these items to then arrange smaller items around them. Also think about what you use most frequently and make sure that's near the front of the cupboards so you don't have to get out everything in the cupboard just to reach the washing detergent. 

5. Pick out pretty storage to make you want to get decluttering 

Call us shallow, but give us some cute storage and we will be all the more keen to get tidying. Hey, Marie Kondo thinks so too! These lovely coloured crates have been all over Instagram recently, they are stackable and available in an array of gorgeous muted colours. They will work in any room, but we like this idea of them helping to make the cubby holes in a wardrobe into more usable spaces.

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