5 brilliant garden party ideas – our pick of 2020's best budget buys

These garden party ideas are the five must-have elements you need to make your gathering, however small, go with a bang. So if you're entertaining for the first time (in a while), get these budget buys to get started

Garden party ideas
(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

This week we're looking for garden party ideas. Homeschooling is FINALLY over, we can at last book a holiday, however local, and we're in the mood to celebrate. So, whether you're planning a socially distant get-together for friends or a family reunion, here's what you need to make your garden party dreamy. All you need to add is delicious food, the perfect guests and some gorgeous hazy sunshine.

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1. Get the most stylish garden tableware of 2020

Garden party ideas

(Image credit: Sainsbury's Home)

Hands up if you thought this tableware was china? Doesn’t it look realistic? It is actually melamine and the most impressive we’ve seen this summer. Ideal for outdoor entertaining and perfect for family use – if a plate gets dropped by the toddler it won’t shatter – this Coastline range from Sainsbury’s is our pick for dining outside this year. Plus it starts at under £2 per piece.

2. This garden furniture is a great budget buy AND a bright spark

Garden furniture for Garden party ideas

(Image credit: Argos)

Seating is key and it’s good to have a mix of sizes – cosy sofa styles for when the sun goes down and armchair options are all good choices. Don’t forget tables either – offering a place for drinks and nibbles will prevent glasses being knocked over and they can be used for candles and plants. This £180 metal Ipanema range from Argos comes in blue and red so you can mix and match to your heart’s content – and check out the fabulous parasol that will protect you and your guests from our next heatwave (we wish!) – you can buy that here!

3. Invest in the best garden lighting for evening garden parties

Garden party ideas

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

There’s nothing nicer than sitting with friends as the sun goes down – but you don’t want to be suddenly sitting in the dark, do you? You can create a lovely atmosphere with these £30 festoon lights – they give off a soft glow that will set the scene for a lovely summer soiree. String them across the table for sparkling display – you can buy a timer plug as an add-on too which is super helpful. 

4. Is your BBQ up to scratch?

BBQ Garden party ideas

(Image credit: Lotus Grill)

Outdoor dining simply doesn’t exist without the barbie right? With our hit and miss weather you may not want to invest in an all dancing, all singing BBQ so we’ve found this cute Lotus Grill design for those who want to dabble instead of commit. It uses 90 per cent less charcoal and is super speedy due to its patented ‘bellows system’ which allows it to be ready to cook food within three to four minutes of lighting – no more waiting for hours for those ‘perfect glowing coals'. It costs £149 and because it's weeny it's perfect for small gardens.

5. And 2020's must have? An outdoor bar

Garden bar for Garden party ideas

(Image credit: Garden Bar Co)

Make your garden party complete with an outdoor bar. This timber bar comes in a natural wood finish so you can paint it to match your garden scheme – all you need to do is assemble it (in just 10 minutes), no tools required as it comes with an Allen key and fittings. It can be used indoors for those unreliable rainy days and at the end of summer it is easily stored away in a flat pack – win win! AND it's only £225.

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