So what exactly is the whimsigoth decor style?

It’s witchy girl szn

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With Spooky Szn creeping ever closer, now is the perfect time to fully embrace all things witch-inspired. Far more than just a Halloween fad, the “whimsigoth” style offers an airy and celestial take on gothic or grunge — and it’s quickly become quite the sensation on TikTok. Astrology and tarot girlies assemble — this trend was made for us!

A term coined by Evan Collins to describe the moody yet playful decor vibe of the ‘90s, the whimisgothic aesthetic lay dormant until the recent revival of retro and Y2K style. Essentially, it’s a mystical mix of the witchy side of cottagecore, kitschy and rustic grand millennial style, and the moody colors and motifs associated with a gothic or grunge aesthetic.

Despite proving popular in both fashion and interior design, whimsigoth is still undeniably a pretty difficult aesthetic to fully pin down. But don’t worry, witches! I’ve done a proper deep dive, and am here to give you all the deetz on how you can go about bringing this decor style into your abode.

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Where did the whimsigoth aesthetic come from?

Whimsigoth is undeniably a mishmash of both ‘90s and Y2K culture. In terms of pop culture, Gothic-inspired pop and rock music were at peak popularity, Tim Burton introduced his quirky cinematic style to the world, and both Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Buffy The Vampire Slayer were taking over TV screens.

Mix all that kitschy and gothic energy with some Y2K staples like boho style, movies and books about fairytales and magic, and an obsession with all things astrology and crystals, and you’ve got yourself a whimsigoth aesthetic! 

Bedroom with green walls and plants

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What are some key features of the whimsigoth design aesthetic? 

I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t the kind of aesthetic you’re likely to completely ace in one online shopping session. To go full-on whimsigothic, it’ll take time to tick off every aspect of this beautiful blended style. But, for starters, you’ll want to stick to a color palette of deep purple, emerald green, and plush crimson, to really set the witchy vibes in motion.

Mixing dark wood furniture with plush textures like velvet is a great foundation for getting that gothic look. And be sure to also accessorize with lacey and gauzy fabrics — as well as vintage floral patterns —  to bring it that slightly more kitschy take on cottagecore style.

After a little more inspo? Well, you’re in luck — because I’ve pulled together a selection of nine suitably celestial, ethereal, and gothic buys, that will fit right in with the whimsigoth aesthetic.

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