These are the cutest apartment buys for your zodiac sign

The stars are ~*aligned*~

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Do you find yourself jumping on design trends the instant they go viral or are you a firm believer in timeless, neutral decor? Your astrological sign might have something to do with that. You already know that your zodiac plays a huge role in your personality and style. Since your home reflects who you are, the stars can also influence your taste in decor. 

If you want to create a space that expresses the best traits of your star sign, see what your homes horoscope has in store to inspire your next adorable apartment buys.


As an Aries you are the most bold and fiery sign in the zodiac, and your home decor should reflect your fearless nature. You're always the first to do something new and are unapologetically yourself. Try on-trend color pairings like pink and red, the disco look, or some tongue-in-cheek decor items like this dramatic throw pillow to show off your confident personality. 


Taurus, there is nothing you love more more than feeling comfy and cozy. As an earth sign who loves to feel nestled in at home, cottagecore vibes are pretty much made for you. Bring them into your space with pastel, picnic-inspired prints, cute kitchen finds to make food prep even more enjoyable, and adorable glassware for fresh bunches of flowers to indulge the senses.


Geminis are social, playful, and versatile. Therefore they thrive in spaces that reflect the same. Flexible, multifunctional pieces like this iridescent folding side table and cute cowboy boot that doubles as a match set are perfect for your space. Decorate with warm, light shades (see: stylish pastel yellow bedding) to represent your fun nature.


As a Cancer, you're soft, sentimental, and sensitive. Your home is your sanctuary space, and as a water sign, you feel comforted by light, coastal colors. Make a subtle nod to the crab that represents you in the zodiac with seashell-like coasters, cozy up with a chunky knitted throw blanket in a soothing lavender shade, and create a display of treasured memories with a set of gallery wall frames.


Leo, you're represented by the lion and evoke feelings of royalty. You're an absolute queen, and you know it! Reflect that vibe in your home with regal, opulent pieces of decor. Think ornate gold pieces and frames as featured in this trinket tray, luxurious velvet accents like this blue jewelry box, and designer-inspired prints on your bedding or throws.


If there's one word associated with a Virgo, it's organized. You keep a clean, minimalist space where everything has its place, and as an earth sign, you also love natural materials and nature-inspired pieces. Get your jewelry in order with this arched stand, tidy up your makeup and skincare with a green-tinted rotating organizer, and feel in touch with nature with this organic-shaped mango wood cutting and serving board.


As a Libra, your sign is all about balance and harmony, and you feel best at home when your space reflects this. Accomplish a very zen space with balanced, geometric pieces, light colors, and smooth textures. As a social air sign, this geometric bar cart and wavy serving board are perfect for your next girls' night. Why not also opt for a balanced vase that's reminiscent of the scales symbolizing your sign? It would be a gorgeous centerpiece for a coffee or dining table.


Scorpios are edgy but thoughtful and creative, too. You're very intentional with each item in your home, and your creative nature lends itself to a love for artistic home decor. Incorporate Renaissance vibes with a torso vase and peel-and-stick wallpaper that feels straight out of a sketchbook. For your more mysterious side, you need major ambiance at home. Get your mood lighting in check with candle warmer.


As a Sagittarius, you are the wanderer of the zodiac. Constantly seeking knowledge, you love to travel and your home decor is sure to feature your collection of photos and souvenirs. Add even more travel-inspired pieces from dreamy destinations with a cutting board made of repurposed marble from India, a candle that smells like a Parisian bakery, and peel-and-stick wallpaper with major tropical vibes.


As a Capricorn, you're practical, organized, and balanced. Your taste is traditional and timeless, and you likely lean towards minimalist, neutral decor in your home. Set yourself up the perfect productivity space with this acrylic weekly planner, faux leather vanity stool, and adorable cappuccino cup and saucer set to sip your morning coffee from.


Aquarius, you are eclectic, free-spirited, tech-savvy, and innovative. You lean towards modern decor but are also drawn to unique or vintage finds. You're flexible with your tastes and aren't afraid to mix styles to create a space that truly speaks to you. Opt for organic shapes as seen with this desk mirror, on-trend materials in retro styles like this flower stool, and aesthetically pleasing tech finds like this 3-in-1 charger/speaker/bedside lamp.


As a Pisces, you are the most intuitive and sensitive sign. Your vibes are dreamy, ethereal, and soft, and anything iridescent has your name written all over it. Catch some Zz's with this aura pillowcase or up your drinks game with the famous Anthropologie glasses and some crystal-themed coasters.

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