What is the witchcore aesthetic I've been seeing all over my FYP?

I'm spellbound 🔮

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With all of the fuss over 90s Halloween decor and upcycled ghost paintings on TikTok, I can’t be the only one already plotting their spooky season aesthetic (I’ve actually been thinking about this since July, but that’s beside the point). And, while I love a cottagecore moment as much as the next gal but there’s something about the witchcore trend that has me spellbound (see what I did there?). 

Inspired by ancient rituals and female empowerment, the witchcore aesthetic is all about embracing a lifestyle of occult-inspired decor and practices such as Tarot card reading, potion-making, herbalism, and my personal favorite, collecting crystals. 

Want to know how to be a witch year-round? Here’s what you need to know about the witchcore aesthetic. 

What Is witchcore style?

The witchcore style is all about, well, witch stuff. I’m not talking about cutesy Halloween witch decor, tho. Think more along the lines of occult decor with a foresty gothic vibe and obvious items such as cauldrons as well as more subtle nuances like velvet textiles and moody paint colors. 

The style mostly refers to a home decor preference, however, those with witchcore style also practice a more witchy lifestyle with a dedication to herbal practices and rituals such as tarot card reading — and this tends to show up in their autumn decor pieces as well. 


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Where did witchcore come from? 

Like almost every home decore trend that ends in a “core,” the word “witchcore” stems from TikTok. However, this popular style trend existed long before the social media app came into our orbit. Witchcore is all about focusing on ancient practices, such as altar creation, sage burning, herbal remedies, and a more gothic, witch-inspired style. But it’s not just about the aesthetic — it’s about self-care, empowerment, and liberation through overturning outdated societal expectations and standards. 

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What is witchcore design style? 

In terms of home decor, witchcore is all about adding pieces with a more gothic, witchcraft feel to your space. You can achieve this through more obvious witch knick knacks like Tarot cards, cauldrons, and candles, or you can go for a more subtle vibe with gothic-inspired prints such as black rose patterns and skulls. Witchcore home decor actually has a ton of possibilities and can easily be blended with other popular home decor trends such as cottagecore or coastal grandmother, too. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite witchy wonders to adorn your altar, bookshelf, and beyond. 

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