8 small bathroom laundry combo ideas to help you design this useful space

Tight on space? Our small bathroom laundry combo ideas will show you how to combine these two spaces

White bathroom laundry room combo with brass sink
(Image credit: Jo Lemos)

If you're low on room, a small bathroom laundry combo might just be the perfect solution. We're not all blessed with enough space to have a separate laundry room, and if your kitchen isn't large enough for a washing machine then what can you do?

Increasingly, a small bathroom laundry combo is becoming a popular choice, all you need is some clever planning and some fabulous storage solutions. 

We look at small bathroom laundry combo ideas below where we look at design solutions to help you create your space. We asked design experts for their small bathroom ideas to make the most of this functional powerhouse.

Clever small bathroom laundry combo ideas

Our guide below showcasing small bathroom laundry combo ideas will help to solve the problem of where to do your laundry when space is compromised. See these small laundry room ideas for a space that's equally functional as it is stylish.

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1. Double up your appliances

Washing machine and tumble dryer in a cupboard

(Image credit: Neptune)

Be smart with how you layout your bathroom laundry combo. Invest in a compact washer and dryer and ask a joiner to create shelving so they can go on top of each other – ideally with a shelf above for laundry room storage. Doubling up like this will save you a huge amount of space.

This option is ideal if you're a minimalist at heart, keep the whole scheme white but layer textures like a stone floor and baskets for clean laundry. 

2. Split in half

Blue bathroom with laundry, curved wood vanity unit, blue tiles, blue ditsy wallpaper, curved top mirror,

(Image credit: Lotus Bleu Interior Design / Vivian Johnson)

Space is the biggest issue when it comes to designing a successful small bathroom laundry combo. Jeannie Fraise, principal designer of Lotus Bleu Interior Design takes us through their process with this small space:

"We had only a 5' by 8' area to fit a full bathroom and laundry room. It's also their powder room off the main living area so we wanted it to still feel special and inviting.  With no windows this was also a challenge, but one we embraced!"

Ditch the angled vanities and accessories, Jeannie continues, "We used a custom rounded fluted oak vanity with a custom integrated concrete sink and countertop.  With this shape, it's still easy to navigate the room and it doesn't feel cramped.  And the custom arched mirror above it feels like a window.

We used a single frosted sliding glass door over the washer/dryer and shower area.  When guests visit, the door blocks the laundry. But the laundry is still pretty itself with a custom oak and blue painted cabinet above it similar to the one we put over the toilet." 

Corner sinks are also a great option and take up less space than a conventional shape, we like Amazon's VAPSINT Small Wall Mount Corner Sink

headshot of Jeannie Fraise
Jeannie Fraise

Over the past 20 years, Jeannie's design projects and former Hayes Valley Boutique, both under the umbrella of Lotus Bleu, have showcased her distinctly livable and playful approach to design. 

3. Utilize alcoves

Small bathroom with white vanity, washer and dryer behind in alcove above each other, storage units, green blue mosaic tiles

(Image credit: IKEA)

Ignoring nooks and crannies is small bathroom design mistake you don't want to make. You can reconfigure your bathroom design to allow an almost hidden space for your washing machine and dryer. Or, if you've got a natural alcove use that instead. 

Storage is one of the most important aspects so look for stackable laundry baskets, slimline units and use the same flooring throughout to create a flow. 

4. Make the most of every inch

Laundry/bathroom space with white units, wood countertop, hanging unit of drying laundry,

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

If you don't want a dryer, or there's no space for one – it might be that you can only fit a washer under a countertop for example – then you'll still need somewhere to dry your clothes. Instead add a modern twist on a traditional design with a wall mounted drying rack. Wayfair's Ahmed Wood Foldable Wall-Mounted Drying Rack is a good space saving idea.

Bathrooms are great for getting creases out of clothes because of the steam aspect too. 

5. Sleek wall cabinets

Small bathroom with washing machine one side, small vanity on the other, hanging wall units, storage solutions

(Image credit: IKEA)

There are ways to create a stylish small bathroom laundry combo without losing out on practicalities.

A freestanding vanity unit on feet will allow you to see under it – this will help it feel more spacious. Wall units (Wayfair's Arnold Single Storage Cabinets are a great match) can be split between bathroom necessities and laundry ones – and essentials can be stored on top of the washer – makes them easy to hand!

We love these white STICKGOO Peel and Stick Subway Tile tiles Amazon, similar to the ever popular subway style they create a blank canvas for this practical space.

6. Use an accent color

Laundry room/bathroom with marble vanity, grey blue door/walls, washing machines on right, black tap, wall lights, grey floor tiles,

(Image credit: Kate Marker Interior Design)

This modern bathroom/laundry combo cleverly combines the two spaces with color, and uses black accents really well. 

The marble vanity is floating and allows for a storage shelf underneath, this could be used for a combination of bathroom and laundry essentials. The design and color scheme has not been compromised and we love the blue/gray painted cabinetry that links the two spaces together perfectly. 

7. Conceal and zone

Narrow space with countertop and units one side, concealed doors hiding laundry side, toilet at the end,

(Image credit: Ledbury Studio)

Where possible, it's a good idea to conceal the laundry part of your small bathroom, that way it will visually disappear and create a seamless section of your space that only comes on show when you need it to. 

Another great tip is to zone the toilet, invest in some gorgeous tiles to add a splash of color. 

For a similar tile design have a look at Amazon's Miscasa Green Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile, they have a glossy finish and an art deco shape. 

8. Hanging rails

White utility room with brass rail

(Image credit: Jo Lemos)

When you're designing a dual purpose space that involves both a bathroom laundry combo you need to think about the practicalities and needs of both spaces. 

The most practical bathroom layout for this kind of space is a U shaped option - one wall has the sink and units, the other has the laundry side with concealed appliances and the toilet is at one end. 

Space can still be tight though – we love this hanging rail idea for freshly ironed clothes, it keeps them up and out of the way and it matches the faucet, a stylish touch!    

Hang up your own rail – if you love a spot of DIY you could use a single curtain rod, we like the look of Walmart's Umbra Cappa Expandable Single Curtain Rod.

It really is possible to create a practical and stylish small bathroom laundry combo – all you need is to utilise some clever tips and tricks. Storing the washer and dryer above each other is one, as is using doors to conceal them. 

Keep the decor light and area so the space feels larger than it is and use as many bathroom storage solutions as you can.

Sophie Warren-Smith

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