Coastal bathroom ideas — 7 breezy ways to make waves

We've asked the pros for their chicest coastal bathroom ideas

A coastal bathroom with a brown woven large mirror, a gold wall sconce, a blue sink unit with cabinets and drawers and a gray marble surface, gold taps, two oval wooden storage holders and a gray sea shell trinket holder, and a large white freestanding bath with a window above it
(Image credit: Charlotte Lea)

Try creating calming vibes in your space with coastal bathroom ideas. Nautical shapes and shades always look beautiful in this room and are very timeless, too.

We've spoken with interior designers who have all designed coastal bathrooms for clients to find out what they've done to bring this style in, including playing with coastal materials such as sea glass, and bringing in beach-inspired colors.

If you're looking for bathroom ideas that are chilled out, reaching for coastal-inspired decor is an easy, breezy way to go.

Coastal bathroom ideas that are casual yet chic

Whether you're setting course for small bathroom ideas or searching for ones for a larger space, coastal bathrooms are well worth considering.

Our designers have suggested various buys throughout to get the look, so we have curated matching picks wherever possible.

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1. Choose organic forms

A teal blue and white bathroom with a white sink base with a glass wavy sink, a white toilet, green and blue countryside prints on the righthand wall, a large mirror on the center mirror, and a white sculptural light

(Image credit: Megan Siason / M Studio Interior Design / Natalie Robert)

When you think of the beach, you don’t think of a clear, straight line — you think of free-moving waves and sands crafted by nature. Bring this organic approach to your coastal bathroom decor for a nice flow in your space.

“When designing coastal bathrooms, I like to choose organic forms such as rounded tubs and sculptural lights (we're in love with this Joss and Main Chandelier from Wayfair),” says Megan Siason, interior designer and founder of M Studio Interior Design.

A picture of Megan Siason, a woman with a black and caramel bob wearing a white blazer and striped top, leaning against a colorful wall with yellow and pink stripes
Megan Siason

Megan Siason (she-aw-son) is a Filipino-American designer with a knack for making laid-back coastal living look good in Southern California via biophilic design. This globe trotting seeker of design inspo is an NKBA National Award winner and 30 Under 30 Alumni. 

She brought this into the powder room above with a stunning sea glass-inspired vessel sink, which instantly commands attention.

2. Paint with coastal colors

A bathroom with four windows, cream white walls, dark blue wooden wall panelling, and a white curved bath tub with a dark brown wooden stool next to it

(Image credit: Waldron Designs / Ellie Lillstrom)

The best paint colors ideas for bathrooms will help you create a coastal bathroom in a subtle, mood-evoking way.

“Some clients crave a bright and beachy vibe, with light, airy colors that evoke sunny days by the water,” says Rachel Waldron, interior designer and founder of Waldron Designs.

A picture of Rachel Waldron, a woman with a blue bob wearing a gray jumper against a white background
Rachel Waldron

Rachel Waldron is an interior designer and founder of Waldron Designs. She blends sustainability into her commercial and residential designs, drawing from her versatile career spanning kitchen design to diverse commercial projects.

Meanwhile, Rachel says others want a cozy retreat for those rainy days when all you want to do is curl up with a good book and listen to the pitter-patter on the roof. 

She adds, “We design bathrooms which can capture both these moods or anything in between.”

Go for a mixture of navy blues, light blues, and off-white to capture this idea.

3. Be inspired by your favorite beaches

A bathroom sink area with a black framed mirror, a gray marble splashback, a sink with a black tap, a blue glass vase with long green foliage and a bright blue base with black handles

(Image credit: Waldron Designs / Ellie Lillstrom)

Whether you have a beach nearby or one you long for far away, bringing in the atmosphere and style of it is a beautiful idea.

Rachel explains, “When designing coastal bathrooms, it's important to consider your favorite coastal region and its natural influences. In the past, we’ve incorporated elements reflecting the beauty of the Pacific Northwest — think natural materials like wood and stone, light fixtures which mimic the sun's rays filtering through trees, and calming blues and greens echoing the ocean.”

You could even pick up some driftwood or sea glass from your favorite beach and arrange a vignette, for a subtle nod to your favorite place.

4. Provide discreet storage

A bathroom with a wooden shelf with a white circular sink with two dark brown woven storage baskets underneath, a cream circiular mirror, silver wall sconces, and light blue wallpaper with white leaf illustrations

(Image credit: Dwelling Envy Interiors)

All washrooms need bathroom storage ideas, which you can bring into your coastal bathroom decor by playing with nautical-inspired materials.

“Woven baskets and glass containers (we're eyeing up these Tbestmax Cotton Swab Holders which are Amazon's Choice) provide discreet, effortlessly chic storage,” says Kristin Patrician, principal designer and owner of Dwelling Envy Interiors.

A picture of Kristin Patrician, a brunette woman in a white t-shirt sitting in front of a red brown leather laptop, with green foliage , black and white artwork, and a gray and white ceramic lamp behind her
Kristin Patrician

Kristin Patrician is the owner and principal designer of Dwelling Envy Interiors, a virtual interior design firm offering design services to both residential and to the trade professionals. With a background in fashion, merchandising, textiles, and interior design, Kristin provides her client's a level of expertise through her years of education and knowledge in the design world.

Subtlety is Kristin’s overall goal with coastal design, creating the illusion and idea of the coast, but without heavy, tacky, and predictable motifs. 

5. Enhance natural light

A corner of a white bathroom with three light wooden shelves with plants, candles, and jars on, a freestanding white curved bathtub with a silver tap, a floor with gray stones, and a window with wooden brown borders

(Image credit: Megan Siason / M Studio Interior Design / Gail Owens)

Bring in the feeling of stepping out onto the beach on a bright day by making sure natural light flows through your bathroom.

“I favor open shelving in airy, light wood finishes (we like these solid wood Loon Peak Pine Shelves from Wayfair which come in four colors) and gentle lighting that casts a tranquil glow from glass or linen shades,” Kristin explains.

“An abundance of natural light is non-negotiable, achieved through minimalistic window treatments that invite the sun to play its part,” she adds.

It’s also a good idea to learn how to clean your windows, so as much sunlight can go into your bathroom as possible.

6. Stick on wallpaper

A bathroom with a cream sink unit with gray granite and brushed gold taps, a brown wooden woven mirror, white wall planks with a wall art print and blue and white triangle, a white toilet, and a gray wall with a window

(Image credit: Charlotte Lea)

For those looking to add texture and depth to their coastal bathroom, big and small bathroom wallpaper ideas are a great way to go.

“A textured seagrass wallpaper is a great option as it can be either understated and elegant or fun and playful,” says Hanin Smith, principal designer and founder of Hide Studio.

For example, this Bay Isle Home Cloth Roll from Wayfair would make the perfect boho-chic accent wall.

A picture of Hanin Smith, a woman with long brunette hair wearing a sage green shirt, standing in front of a glass door with a dark brown wooden pillar and a large green leaf
Hanin Smith

Hanin Smith is the principal designer and owner of HIDE Studio, a boutique interior design firm in San Diego. She leverages her design expertise to help others live in elevated comfort and create a feeling of belonging and safety.

You can choose a sand-toned finish for a more cohesive look or a blue-toned color for a more contrasting effect. 

“It's a subtle way to bring the ocean into your bathroom without being too obvious,” Hanin adds.

7. Keep it simple

A bathroom with a brown woven large mirror, a gold wall sconce, a blue sink unit with cabinets and drawers and a gray marble surface, gold taps, two oval wooden storage holders and a gray seashell trinket holder

(Image credit: Charlotte Lea)

The most important thing to remember when it comes to coastal bathroom ideas is to keep the nautical element of it subtle.

Rachel explains, “Forget seashell showers and mermaid motifs — we use color, lines, and shapes to create a feeling of being by the coast, no matter the season.”

She recommends starting with no more than three small coastal-inspired items or one larger statement piece, to keep the space feeling serene and to avoid a cluttered look.

Choosing tasteful features which bring in coastal grandmother design will allow you to create a beautiful bathroom space that transports you to the beach.

If you like these tips, you're going to love coastal bedroom ideas, which give us all the gorgeous getaway vibes.

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