These are the chicest bath mats out there — little wonder shoppers *ADORE* them

Goodbye, gross old rug. Hello, statement bath mat!

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If you can't remember the last time you changed your bath mat or even where it came from, you're definitely overdue for a new one. Besides looking grubby, an old, out-of-date design can also harbor germs, earning you aesthetic and hygienic minus points for your bathroom decor. With an abundance of bath mats on the market, though, I totally understand that you might be looking for some inspo. So, let me help.

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Up there with your fluffy bath towels and your cute bathroom trashcan, a chic rug or mat beside your tub is essential. Besides preventing unwanted water slips or sopping bathroom floors, a cute bath mat can instantly elevate your bathroom, no matter how dingy it might be RN. Renters, listen up!

Oh, and you've probably noticed that the world of bath mats has come a long way from what it used to be. Where once, traditional, shag-piled pieces reigned supreme, nowadays, fast-drying, science-led designs rule the roost. From laidback to rustic via maximalist and cutesy, there's a serious glut of options out there to pick from. I've put in the hours searching the web for only the freshest and finest shower rugs so you don't have to. Each is serving up a minimum of four stars alongside a bevy of shining reviews, so you can trust it to deliver. So, let's get into it!

The best bath mats to buy

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Stone bath mats

No, it's not what you think. Forget those old-school pebble designs, these are the ingenious diatomite delights designed using natural sedimentary rock that's extremely absorbent as well as quick drying. Yep, we're talking 60 seconds before it's bone dry again.

Memory foam bath mats

No, it's not just memory foam mattresses that have taken the interior world by storm, but also memory foam rugs. Yep, these handy designs help absorb the motion of your feet landing on the pile, molding to them, before returning to their original form. Saggy, slippy designs, farewell. Hello, stylish and robust.

Bamboo bath mats

As well as looking understated and rustic, the bamboo bath mat is a hardy design, offering resistance to mildew, mold, and stains alike. Another benefit, is, of course, you needn't machine wash it, and it's a renewable material — eco points! So, here are the coolest ones out there.


How often should you get a new bath mat?

On average, you should be switching yours every six months or once a year, minimum. "Over time, constant use and frequent washing or cleaning cause fraying edges or other noticeable signs of wear," explains Design Ideas Guide's Ana Ro, a home decor and interior expert. "The surface texture flattens over time, and the material itself can deteriorate due to exposure to moisture, cleaning agents, or sunlight." As soon as this starts happening, you'll want to start shopping for another or risk losing its non-slip properties. As well as this, it's of course good hygienic practice to refresh your mat. Indeed, some bath mats get so used and dirty that even the washer can't save them.

How do you dry a bath mat after a shower?

Good question! If it's a bamboo design this is obviously less of a concern, but for fabric ones, you'll want to hang it somewhere. "I usually hang or spread it out on a drying rack to allow air to circulate around the mat and dry fast," says Design Ideas Guide's Ana Ro, a home and interior buff. "When drying out bath mats made of plastics, avoid direct sunlight because exposure to sunlight would degrade and damage the material." Oh, and as is the case with any fabric items, air drying is your best approach — it's natural, after all. Final tip? Avoid "walking or placing any weight on it until it’s completely dry."

Where to buy a bath mat

Still searching for the best bath mat? Don't worry. We've pulled together the top retailers for this exact query below, so you're sure to find something.

How we chose these bath mats

Taking the time to pore through reviews and reams upon reams of products, we sourced only the top bath mats, paying close attention to the shoppers' reports. Indeed, if anything had less than a four-star rating or didn't actually improve a user's life, we weren't interested. Besides these criteria, we always consider practicality and style. Our holy trinity? Good looks, great performance, and value for money.

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