Forestcore is everywhere — here are 6 buys that bring the nature-inspired aesthetic inside

Live your best forest dweller life

A split image showing a barrel chair, a lamp and faux foliage.
(Image credit: Walmart / Anthropologie)

If you’ve spent time scrolling TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest recently, you’ve probably heard of the new nature-inspired trend that everyone, including me, is obsessing over. I mean, who wouldn’t be wild about a trend that’s focused on creating a more outdoor-focused space within your home? Perhaps as a plant parent, I'm tiny bit biased.

It's called forestcore and it blends muted (natural) colors, plush fabrics, a heck of a lot of plants, and plenty of natural textures. For anyone with a love of nature or who dreams of running away into the good ol' woodland, this decor style is guaranteed to make you feel more at home. 

While it should be said that some elements of forestcore decor are reminiscent of the cottagecore trend, forestcore aims to bring nature as a whole into your home. Forestcore also features a li'l moodier color palette, whereas cottagecore (and her cousin, fairycore) have a more springtime feel. 

Intrigued by the concept of bringing nature into your home with a forestcore-inspired space? I’ve rounded up six key buys that’ll help to get you started. 

Beth Mahoney
Staff Writer

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