These living room blanket baskets are so cute and cozy

Snuggle up

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I’m all about that cozy lifestyle. This is why I have not one, but two blanket baskets in my living room. They're such a cute organization idea, and make chilling out for a movie night so easy.

I have lots of different textured blankets in my baskets, that suit a variety of different temperatures (the weather is so unreliable, y’know). Not only this, but I have loads of colors, so I can mix and match them to change up the vibe in the room — something I really love to do with the seasons.

But finding a basket that’s sturdy enough to hold all that material and weight can be a tricky job. Add onto that finding ones that are cute enough to fit in with the aesthetic, and you’ve got more of a task than you’d think. No need to stress though — I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve picked out a variety that will perfectly fit your blankets and fit into your interior.

Want to make your living area as snug as poss? Scroll on down for my fave blanket baskets…

9 beaut blanket basket buys for your living room

I’ve scouted out a range of basket styles, with none of them costing over $100. These are also all pieces that shoppers have bought for their homes and absolutely loved.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

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