Where to shop for dorm supplies for your best semester yet

We have all your bases covered

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In need of a few (hundred) dorm supplies? Allow us to wave our magic wand. 

Well, it's not that easy, but compiling a dorm packing list can be. We divvied up our favorite retailers and what to get from each so that you're ready to settle in for the next semester.

Before venturing back to campus, review our go-to dorm organizing ideas and peruse our list of budget-friendly dorm room looks and products, too. See you at school!

8 places to shop for dorm supplies: our go-tos

Whether you're in search of photos to personalize the cinderblock walls or need a few desk items to organize your study space, here's where to go and what to shop.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

1. Amazon

What doesn't Amazon carry? We're particularly fond of utilizing the mega e-retailer for the "Oh, I didn't even think of that" purchases. Did you really need that closet organizer? No. But is it life-changing? Absolutely. 

2. At Home

Perfect for those moving into their first apartment or dorm, At Home has everything from Scandi-style shelves to flirty, bohemian wall decor. No matter your style, there's something to scoop up, all at reasonable prices. 

3. Dormify

Not only will you find quality pieces like shelving units and desk chairs, but you'll also appreciate Dormify's extensive accessories selection that feels like a Gen-Z dream (think neon lights and checkerboard pillows). Honestly, we wouldn't blame you if Dormify remains a go-to post-graduation when you're looking to set up your first apartment.

4. Home Square

Though Home Square might lean more towards an older customer base, we can't help but appreciate its fun, whimsical offerings (that rose lamp, though!).

5. Target

From the necessities to adorable decor, Target has pretty much everything you could possibly imagine — that's why sticking to a list is next to impossible when visiting the retailer. Have a look at the Target College Shop to find the non-negotiable items (twin XL sheets) and playful additions (a colorful cork board) to personalize your space.

6. The Home Depot

Don't sleep on Home Depot. Though the store is chock-full of tools and appliances you'll need for a DIY, you'll adore its furnishings and decor — trust us.

7. Urban Outfitters

The ultimate definition of Gen-Z, the home items up for grabs at Urban Outfitters are playful, boho, and straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

8. Walmart

Fair prices for those four-year pieces, Walmart is great when you're looking for heavy-duty items like a mini fridge

Other places to shop for dorm supplies

Still in need of supplies? We won't leave you out to dry.

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