7 outdoor Easter decor ideas to elevate your spring celebrations with

Hop into these adorable outdoor Easter decor ideas

Outdoor Easter decor ideas are so cute. Here is an outdoor picnic area with blue bunting, lights, a circular dining table with a white tablecloth a spread of pastel candles, eggs, and breads and cakes, and four white iron chairs with pink pillows
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Adding outdoor Easter decor ideas to your backyard over the holidays will make it a much more fun place to host parties and egg hunts.

If you want to make yours a place the Easter bunny would happily we've spoken with design pros to find out what they recommend doing. Pastel-colored lights and flowery centerpieces are a couple of ideas they love.

Some of the best spring home decor ideas are Easter-themed. The playful style is fun to bring into any area of your home — inside and out.

Easy and cheerful outdoor Easter decor ideas

Whether you're looking for spring DIY ideas or pieces you can simply grab and place down, we've hunted down plenty of cute inspiration.

Our experts have recommend specific products throughout, which we've shopped to help you decorate with their tips.

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1. Decorate Easter eggs

Six pastel patterned colored eggs - mint, yellow, and pink - in an egg crate, with three eggs on the distressed light blue wooden table and pink tulips below them

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Decorating eggs is a fun craft idea you can get the whole family involved with, so you can add a personal touch to your outdoor Easter decor.

“Painting eggs for Easter to keep in a basket is a great way to involve children in decorations and will allow you to have a whole basket of eggs for your egg hunt,” says Tommy Mello, design expert and founder of A1 Garage Door Service.

We like these Kafka Eggs from Amazon, which also come with eight pens for drawing on them.

If this is too time-consuming for you, Tommy also recommends decorating eggs with adorable washi tape (this CraftyCorgiHouse Bunny Tape from Etsy is very sweet), which will allow you to create stylish, striped eggs.

2. Hang pastel lights

An outdoor area with trees hanging above it, three lanterns in pink, yellow and purple, a wooden table with white lanterns with candles inside and daisy chain lights on top, and a white gazebo and fence behind

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Make the Easter bunny’s life a lot easier by hanging up the best outdoor lights as outdoor Easter decor, which will make placing down and finding eggs a breeze.

“Use strings of soft pastel lights to beautify plants and shrubs, lending a magical night-time radiance,” suggests Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

We like the idea of placing string lights (such as with these Turnmeon Easter Lights from Amazon) at various points in the backyard to signpost where Easter hunt clues may be.  

3. Add seasonal flowers

A wire basket with yellow daffodils and tulips in it on a wooden table with a red metal base, and other planters and pink flowers behind it as well as a brick wall

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Inject color into your yard with one of the most timeless outdoor Easter decor ideas.

Artem explains, “Decorate outdoor areas with seasonal planters filled with spring blooms.”

He continues, “This will add interest to the area and add a natural touch to your Easter decor.”

Some of our favorite spring blooms include daffodils and tulips, but you could always go rogue with wildflower seeds, such as these The Old Farmer's Wildflower Seeds from Walmart.

All these would both look great in a pretty planter, such as this Threshold Checker Planter Pot from Target

4. Reach for wreaths

A pastel colored egg wreath hanging on a pink ribbn clipped onto a silver plnter with purple and yellow flowers in it, against a gray brick wall and wooden lattice fence

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

We haven’t forgotten spring porch ideas, which is a great place to show neighbors you’re into the Easter spirit.

“Set the stage for Easter festivities with a vibrant and inviting entryway display that welcomes guests with open arms,” suggests Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“Adorn your front door or fences with a festive Easter wreath featuring colorful eggs, spring florals, and cheerful ribbons,” she says.

You can go for traditional Easter wreath ideas such as eggs and pastel colors, or try something more vibrant such as this Preserved Kaleidoscope Wreath from Anthropologie

5. Create a bunny trail

A garden planter with white and red bunny stakes in it, white, purple, and pink flowers, tall green shrubbery and a river in the background

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Make your backyard an enchanting place for little ones to play by crafting a bunny trail adventure as part of your outdoor Easter decor.

“Create a whimsical bunny trail throughout your outdoor space with charming elements to enchant guests as they explore,” Nina says. “Place bunny-shaped lawn stakes along the pathway to lead them on a delightful journey through your yard.”

Colorful ones will look eye-catching and engaging, but we have our eyes on this Doesen Metal Bunny Decor from Amazon which is very striking.

6. Set up a pretty picnic

An outdoor picnic area with blue bunting, lights, a circular dining table with a white tablecloth a spread of pastel candles, eggs, and breads and cakes, and four white iron chairs with pink pillows

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

One of the best things about this holiday has to be eating chocolate, which is where a pretty Easter picnic table will come in handy.

Nina suggests, “Host a charming Easter picnic in your outdoor space with a beautifully styled tablescape that showcases the colors and textures of the season.”

She adds, “Dress up your picnic table with a crisp white tablecloth, pastel-colored or floral napkins (we like these Threshold Flower Cloth Napkins from Target), and floral centerpieces featuring spring blooms.”

Nina suggests setting out your picnic with a vintage-inspired picnic basket (how adorable is this Big Mo's Gingham Picnic Basket from Target?) for a cottagecore style finish.

7. Make flowerpots fabulous

Two small hands holiding a painted flowerpot with a bunny and flower painted onto it, and green shoots in the brown soil, with a pink pastel puffer jacket in the background

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Painting flowerpots with Easter patterns and motifs will transform them into sweet outdoor Easter decor.

“You could also decorate a white flower pot with cardstock bunny ears and a face drawn on with pink and black paint pens, finishing it off with a pom-pom tail,” suggests Tommy.

These Jeria Plant Pots from Amazon are the perfect blank canvas for your seasonal designs. Why not create a whole crafternoon designing these and the eggs? 

With these outdoor Easter decor ideas, you can create a backyard truly celebratory of the season. 

“Gather your favorite decor elements, unleash your creativity, and get ready to welcome the season in style,” Nina finishes by saying.

Carry on searching for cute pieces by shopping for Walmart Easter decor, which are some of the sweetest we’ve seen.

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