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I pay an extortionate amount of rent to my landlord each month, and I don’t exactly have a lot of disposable income to book a vacation. So, that’s exactly why I’ve made it my summer mission to turn my outdoor patio into my very own slice of paradise. And while I can provide the cocktails (and cocktail umbrellas, ofc) and the snacks, I don’t ~actually~ have anything to sit on.

But while scrolling through the best outdoor furniture brands on the internet recently, I’ve fallen DEEPLY in love with wicker outdoor furniture. This stuff is stylish, sturdy, and actually super versatile. I thought you only really found wicker patio furniture at retirement homes and old-timey beach bars — but this stuff can be modern AF. Don’t believe me? You just wait.

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Yep, I’ve found some of the best wicker outdoor furniture you can buy for your outdoor space — no matter whether you have a large lawn, a small patio, or a barely-there balcony. I’ve chosen dining sets, lounge chairs, sofas, and more, and they all offer a woven aesthetic that will add a little somethin’ extra to your space. But the best part? These pieces are all super affordable! You won’t need to sell your soul to sit on these things.

The best wicker patio furniture you can buy RN

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The best wicker patio furniture sets

If you’re all about that easy life, I don’t blame ya. Sometimes it’s just so much simpler to buy a whole outdoor furniture set rather than buying each piece individually - which is why I’ve picked some of my faves. All of these sets come with at least two chairs and a table, and every single piece of the set is designed to match the rest of it. Most of the time, it also works out cheaper to buy a patio furniture set rather than buying chairs and tables separately. What a bonus!

The best patio rattan chairs

If you’re someone who prefers to DIY their garden or patio from scratch, then you go girl! Instead of buying a matching patio set that all comes in the same box, you might want to search high and low for the perfect mish-mash of tables and chairs - and I’m here to help you with one-half of that job. These patio rattan chairs are both stylish and practical, and it’s fair to say that there are a few different ones to suit your budget. But one thing that doesn’t change is how perfect this material is for outdoor furniture. Why else do you think wicker patio furniture is so darn popular?

The best gray rattan patio furniture

Are you a traditional gal? Do you like to stick to the status quo? I got ya. Although rattan patio furniture now comes in so many different colors and styles, there’s something about the traditional gray color that just tickles my pickle. It’s a classic color, and it’s one that goes with any aesthetic you choose. So no matter whether you’re going for a boho or modern vibe, you can bet your bottom dollar that gray rattan patio furniture will fit into the mix perfectly. Check these out. 

What to consider when choosing rattan or wicker patio furniture

Most modern 'rattan' garden furniture that you'll come across in your hunt for the perfect rattan garden set is actually likely to be made from PE-rattan or poly rattan rather than real, organic rattan. Both terms are slightly different names for the same woven synthetic plastic polymer that is fashioned to emulate the appearance of natural rattan.

Why not use real rattan? Although the natural fiber is what inspired the rattan look we all love, the organic material doesn't hold up that well to life outdoors, instead needing protection from dampness and moisture, and to be shielded from direct sunlight and wind which can cause it to become brittle.

Plastic, as an alternative, is waterproof, UV-resistant, and frost-resistant, and requires very minimal maintenance in comparison, leading to it being favored by manufacturers for low-maintenance outdoor options.

The downside, of course, is that, unlike biodegradable natural rattan, most PE-rattan garden furniture is currently unrecyclable at the end of its lifespan. Although some advances are being made in repurposing single-use plastics for the manufacture of the polymers needed to create the furniture in the first place.

Opting for the most durable PE-rattan patio furniture your budget allows can, therefore, become an important way to minimize some of the environmental impact of poly rattan furniture. Read on to find out what to look out for when you shop.


What is better rattan or wicker?

When it comes down to it, you can't really compare these two! That's because rattan is the material, while wicker is the weave style. In fact, many wicker furniture sets are made from the rattan plant... but styled and designed with the wicker weave. The real question should be; natural rattan or synthetic rattan? According to Francesca Hadland, the Styling Expert for the outdoor furniture brand Bridgman, synthetic rattan is a much better choice.  She explained: "More durable than its natural counterpart, synthetic rattan is the most popular material for garden furniture. UV-resistant and woven around rustproof powder-coated aluminum frames, rattan furniture can be left out in the sun without worrying about damage. Incredibly easy to clean, simply wipe down with a cloth and warm soapy water to keep your rattan pieces looking their best." 

Is rattan and wicker garden furniture weatherproof?

The quick answer is... it depends! As previously mentioned, most modern rattan and wicker furniture is now made from plastic 'PE-rattan' or polyurethane which is waterproof, frost-resistant, and generally pretty weatherproof outdoors. However, this plastic polymer upper is given strength by a metal frame, and finding out what this frame is made from will give you a good indication of a PE-rattan patio set's long-term durability outdoors.

The most common frame options you're likely to come across are steel, powder-coated steel, or aluminium. Each of which performs quite differently outdoors, and has quite significant price differences. 

The most affordable rattan patio furniture will generally be made with a steel frame. This makes for heavier furniture, and you'll want to make sure you look for powder-coated steel. This is because steel is highly corrosive when it comes in contact with water, and the frame will rust quickly outdoors if moisture reaches the metal surface. This problem is 'solved' by powder-coating the steel in a dry paint powder that's cured through an electrostatic process to form a hardwearing seal from the elements.

The downside of powder-coated steel is that if that painted surface chips then rusting can occur quite quickly, so you'll need to repair any knocks to maintain that waterproof seal. Joints and fixings which are hard to thoroughly powder-coat and open to abrasion can also become a weak point, allowing moisture to penetrate and reducing furniture's lifespan.

As such most manufacturers will recommend you store steel-framed rattan outdoor furniture in a sheltered environment during inclement weather to prolong its lifespan. This can be inconvenient if you don't have anywhere you can realistically store it that's not indoors. Plus, steel can be pretty heavy to move. A waterproof outdoor furniture cover will help to protect steel rattan furniture from the worst of the elements, although it's hard to prevent damp from penetrating over time, so expect steel-framed options to have a shorter lifespan overall.

How to clean wicker and rattan patio furniture

One of the best things about rattan and wicker furniture is that it's low maintenance and easy to keep clean. To ensure it’s in top condition, it’s recommended to clean your rattan furniture every few months or so. 

To do so, simply use a soft, soapy cloth to wipe off any dirt, spillages or surface dust. Try not to soak the rattan, and make sure it’s completely dry after cleaning. To clean between the awkward weaves, use a soft bristle brush or an old toothbrush to get rid of dirt build-up. An expert tip is to use furniture polish sparingly so the rattan keeps its shine!

Read our guide on how to clean outdoor furniture.

How we chose this wicker patio furniture

You’ll find that a lot of the wicker patio furniture on this list has been featured elsewhere on our site in other garden guides, and that’s not just because the Real Homes team is absolutely obsessed with them. We only recommend products that have been tried and tested by real customers, who have all rated these products extremely highly. 

Where to buy wicker patio furniture

Still looking for the perfect wicker patio furniture? Find more by visiting some of our favorite retailers, as listed below.

If you're having second thoughts about wicker, then you can browse our wooden patio furniture and metal patio furniture guides for more inspo.

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