The 2024 sustainable landscaping trend is the only one worth trying, gardening pros reveal

Landscaping and lawn experts love the sustainable landscaping trend and say it's where you should spend your money and time

The sustainable landscaping trend is worth trying. Here is a wildflower garden with yellow, white, and blue flowers with green grass around them
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Finding out the key landscaping trend for the year is a great way to make sure your backyard looks chic and contemporary.

I've asked landscaping pros and gardening experts about the trend they've seen making their way into clients' outdoor spaces this year and 2024 is all about sustainability, they say. It's music to my ears as it's been a huge part of interiors trends too, which I research and write about daily for Real Homes.

If you're looking for landscaping ideas and want to try something new, sustainable landscaping is not only a pretty choice but is also brilliant for the planet. Our expert-led guide reveals how to do it in your back (or front) yard.

Try the sustainable landscaping trend this year

Switching up your backyard ideas will help make your space feel fresh and fun, and also allow it to be more inviting during the warmer months.

I've delved into how to bring the sustainable landscaping trend into your outdoor space, no matter how compact it might be, as well as curating a sustainable landscaping starter kit to help you start using it straight away.

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What is the sustainable landscaping trend?

A meadow garden with yellow, purple, blue, and white flowers dotted all round it and green grass in between it

(Image credit: Getty Images / Jacky Parker Photography)

For those looking for budget backyard ideas, going down the sustainable, natural route is both terrific for the planet and trendy.

“The biggest trend I’ve seen is the integration of eco-friendly and sustainable landscape practices,” explains Steve Sylva, landscaping expert and founder of Steve’s Services.

“Clients are increasingly requesting native plants, which require less water and maintenance, creating a harmonious transition between property boundaries and the local ecosystem,” he says. 

For instance, Steve’s company has successfully incorporated regional flora, which enhances both aesthetic appeal and environmental sustainability, he explains.

As well as bringing in native plants, you can also look for ideas that won't require you to seek out extra lawn care advice nor rev up the best small lawnmower you have.

“People are beginning to grasp the amount of water and maintenance it takes to keep a lawn looking green and happy all the time, so they are looking for more eco-friendly alternatives,” says Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love. “Things like meadow or clover lawns are two popular alternative choices currently.”

You can also sprinkle wildflower seeds (the Sweet Yards Wildflower Mix from Amazon will help attract hummingbirds to your backyard and have over 7,000 live seeds) onto these in order to attract local wildlife and bring color into your backyard.

If you’re looking for a decor piece to help enhance this, choosing rain chain ideas and bird baths (the Specstar Bird Bath from Walmart is a best seller, made from non-toxic materials, and is lightweight) can help you preserve water and help the local wildlife thrive.

Shop our sustainable landscaping starter kit

Taking this eco-friendly approach will not only save you time and money when landscaping but will also make your backyard a better place for the environment.

I don’t see this sustainable landscaping trend going anywhere, and it’s one that I’m going to start applying to my own yard immediately.

You might want to consider more low-maintenance landscaping ideas if you want your space to look beautiful without any hassle.

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