Moroccan garden ideas — 7 designer-approved ways to add vibrancy and warmth to your space

These Moroccan garden ideas will help you create a bold and beautiful lounging area

Moroccan garden ideas are so chic. Here are three of these - a blue outdoor dining table with candles on it next to an orange wall, an orange cuhsioned bench with a tent over it and a pool in front, and a pergola with blue, green, and pink lanterns hanging from it
(Image credit: Lights4fun / Ruggable / Ella James)

Bringing Moroccan garden ideas into your backyard space will help transform your place into a colorful, charming retreat that will make you feel like you're on vacation.

I've seen these everywhere on socials and I am very tempted to change my yard into a gorgeous oasis for the summer. So, I've asked designers how you can get this design aesthetic in your place. Think metallic tones, plenty of greenery, statement pieces, and more.

If you're looking for outdoor decor trends to try this year, Moroccan style is not only totally hot right now, but will stand the test of time, too.

Beautiful Moroccan garden ideas

Whether you've followed TikTok design trends or just love backyard ideas with plenty of character, you're going to love these Moroccan garden tips and tricks.

Our pros have recommended specific decor buys to help you get the look, which we have shopped throughout.

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1. Start with statement pieces

A backyard space with lemon trees, a white tent with a colorful bench and red, yellow, and blue throw pillows underneath, a tropical rug underneath this and plants next to it, and a swimming pool

(Image credit: Ruggable)

Even though Moroccan garden ideas are colorful and bright, it’s important to make sure every element is intentional.

“To incorporate Moroccan decor elements without overwhelming the space, balance is key,” says Elissa Hall, founder of EDH Interiors.

She recommends starting with a few statement pieces, such as a Moroccan rug or lanterns, and building around them with complementary accessories. For example, the Justina Blakeney Outdoor Josephine Sunrise Rug from Ruggable is eye-catching, washable, and comes in three different shapes.

“Use low seating options like poufs or floor cushions to create a casual, laid-back vibe typical of Moroccan lounges,” Elissa adds.

2. Add fruity trees

A backyard space with a lemon tree in a wooden plant pot, with a yellow building behind it and red, white, and blue flowers and a green lawn behind it

(Image credit: Getty Images / Olena Malik)

It’s not just the decor that you need to keep in mind when bringing in this backyard style — natural elements are super important, too.

“The idea of a Moroccan garden is to provide serenity, calmness, and pleasure, which is why plants and trees are an essential part of the style,” says Priyanshi Jain, interior designer and founder of Pixels and Spaces.

She suggests opting for orange and lemon trees, as these will enhance the freshness of the space. The Gurney's Meyer Lemon Tropical Citrus Fruit Tree from Walmart will allow you to grow your own lemons and thrives in sunny weather.

“You can also go for the hibiscus plant because its vibrant colors are visually appealing,” she adds.

3. Add dreamy lighting

An outdoor seating area with a bright orange wall, a table with a blue cloth with candles on top and a white chair next to it, lanterns and candles below it, and pots of plants around it

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Picking the right outdoor lighting ideas plays a crucial role in Moroccan design, adding to the enchanting and mystical ambiance.

“Moroccan lanterns, with their detailed metalwork and colored glass, are ideal for outdoor spaces,” explains Tommy Mello, home improvement expert and founder of A1 Garage Door Service.

Hang the best outdoor lanterns from tree branches, pergolas, or place them on tables and pathways. “At night, the lanterns cast beautiful shadows and emit a warm, inviting glow,” he adds.

For a more dramatic effect, Tommy says to consider a large, statement lantern as a focal point in your seating area. I like the Vela Lanterns Moroccan Lamps from Amazon as they’re versatile, have intricate designs, and are well-made according to shoppers.

4. Try a pergola

A pergola with pink, green, and blue lanterns hanging from it, plants around it, and a wooden dining table with colorful plates, candles, and bottles of wine on it

(Image credit: Ella James)

Reaching for pretty pergola ideas will allow you to bring in both a functional backyard privacy element, as well as serve as a decorative feature in your Moroccan garden. 

“Consider building a pergola with wooden beams and draping it with flowing fabrics or climbing plants like wisteria or jasmine,” explains Tommy.

He continues, “This not only provides shade but also adds an element of privacy and intimacy. 

To enhance the ambiance even further, Tommy recommends hanging string lights from the pergola (the Lights4fun Moroccan Globe Lights from Walmart have 16 lights and offer eight hours of illumination), making it an ideal spot for evening relaxation or entertaining guests.

5. Go for a water feature

A stone water fountain with white and blue patterned tiles, a brass fountain, placed on a gray wall and floor with green plants around it

(Image credit: Amazon)

Adding water to your Moroccan garden will add beauty and help cool the air, making your outdoor space more comfortable.

“The Moroccan-style garden usually focuses on a centerpiece, which is why I recommend bringing in a water feature in your garden to draw the eye,” explains Priyanshi.

“Since the sound of running water is soothing to many people, you can opt for a tiered fountain,” she says.

You could also go for a mosaic fountain to add to the overall vibe of the Moroccan style. I think the John Timberland Store Manhasset Water Fountain from Amazon pictured above is absolutely stunning. I also appreciate the fact it’s lightweight and easy to move.

6. Bring in metallic elements

A dark brown metallic Moroccan style lamp with a lit pillar candle inside it, stood on brown decking with an orange background and white door behind it

(Image credit: Lights4fun / Oliver Perrott)

Bring in beauty and brilliance by choosing decorative pieces with sparkling metallic touches.

“Decorate your garden with metallic planters, showpieces, and lanterns to enhance the Moroccan look,” explains Priyanshi.

Dot these around your backyard to create different interest points and to create the real feel of a journey throughout your Moroccan garden.

These can also be paired up with beautiful colors — for example, Lights4fun's Trio of Moroccan Lanterns on Amazon have purple, blue, and red glass panels and a handy six-hour timer. 

7. Mixing and matching different textures

A backyard area with a gray bench with white and pink patterned throw pillows and a blanket, a side table with flowers on, with a pergola over it with beige curtains and a hanging rattan pendant light

(Image credit: Baked Tile Co.)

Once you’ve decided what Moroccan garden decor pieces you want to bring in, it’s time to artfully put them together in order to create a stunning finished look.

“Mixing and matching different textures such as woven baskets, wooden furniture, and metal accents, can add depth without cluttering the space,” explains Elissa.

“In one of my designs, we used a large Moroccan rug as the focal point of the seating area. To complement it, we added a mix of patterned throw pillows and a few lanterns, creating a cohesive yet understated look,” she continues.

The result? A cozy, inviting space that felt authentically Moroccan without being overdone.

By focusing on gorgeous colors and textures, you can create a space that feels Moroccan without requiring you to hop on a plane and go there yourself.

“When designing a Moroccan-inspired garden, it's crucial to focus on creating a vibrant, inviting space that blends color, texture, and natural elements seamlessly,” Elissa finishes by saying.

If you want to create this and save a few dollars, finding out budget backyard ideas before you start may come in useful. 

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