7 cozy dorm room ideas that are utterly dreamy

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A brown and white cozy dorm room
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When I was in college, one of my favorite things to do was nest. I’m not talking about laying eggs — I’m talking about decorating my place with lots of warm and inviting features. From cute dorm decor buys to thoughtful finishing touches, these all made my dorm feel super cozy.

I’m gonna be real: My own dorm was very sterile to begin with. Add in the small space and my new room anxiety, and I felt super uncomfortable. Luckily, once I did a huge shopping trip and grabbed a few home comforts, I was able to completely overhaul my room. Soon enough, instead of feeling boxed into my small space, I had a snug haven that I could fully chill in.

Thinking your own room could use a li’l love? I’ve rounded up a range of gorgeous pics and TikTok dorm ideas, so you have plenty of inspo to look through. No matter what your style is, I’ve totally got you.

Cozy dorm room ideas to make your new place feel like home

BTW, I've also rounded up some matching buys to help you get the look. Y’know, so you can get your place looking wholesome ASAP.

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1. Place photos around your room

A cozy, colorful dorm room with pictures on the wall

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College is totally an exciting time — but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel a li’l homesick. I know that you can scroll through your phone or Facetime, but I think there’s something so special about having printed-out pics to look at. You can hang them up on your wall, put them on your nightstand, or add them to your desk decor to add a touch of home to your room.

2. Create a hot drinks zone


♬ Right Side of My Neck - Faye Webster

There are a lot of amazing ideas in this TT by Madison Conroy (spy those crystals!), but my fave one has to be the li’l tea zone. When I lived in a tiny room in a house share, having my own tea and coffee table was a total game-changer. You can recreate this in your own dorm by decorating a special, dedicated place with a kettle, tray, and a few tea bags and snacks.

3. Decorate your bed with fluffy pillows and throws

A brown and beige cozy dorm room

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I’m such a tactile shopper, which means I always go for things that are especially soft. Fluffy textures in particular are my go-tos, and they also look majorly aesthetic. You can chill on the pillows when you’re not in bed, and you can use throws as extra layers if your dorm gets chilly.

4. Hang up wall art and tapestries


♬ universe (sped up) - thuy

Truthfully? Blank walls are blah. Sure, in a minimalist world, they might be contemporary AF or whatever. But when you only have a small space, you’ve gotta make the most of what you have. So, say hey to your new decor besties: Wall art and tapestries. They’re such a fun way to bring your personality into the space and will make your room feel more like you. Tapestries especially feel really cozy, thanks to their fabric material.

5. Grab a bed tray or shelf


♬ Put Your Head on My Shoulder - The Reflectionaires

I know that you’ve got your li’l nightstand as bedside space. But when you want to prop your laptop up or have a cup of coffee pre-class, you might not have enough space on there to do that comfortably. In fact, some dorms might not even have space for a nightstand — mine def didn’t! Instead, go for a collapsible table or shelf you can clip onto your bed, to create more room. Making your dorm living experience easier is always a good thing, IMO.

6. Add soft lighting with string lights and neon

A green and white dorm room

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When creating an inviting atmosphere, the first thing I always do is turn the big light off. I found in my dorm that the light was unnecessarily bright, so I opted for just my string lights in the evenings. In fact, I still do this today, even though I’ve graduated to a rental! Neon lights have also come back recently, and give such Y2K realness. As well as working as lighting, they also look amazing as wall decor

7. Zone out your space


♬ to the salon - inactive

I found in my dorm room that the whole space blended into one, which made it feel even tinier. That’s why I wish I’d thought about zoning my room out, like Skylar Larson has. I really like how she has used rugs and furniture to zone out her room, so she has individual spaces for making food, studying, getting ready, and relaxing. This clever trick makes the whole room feel cozy, rather than cramped.

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