7 charming coastal small bathroom ideas — designers say these are "serene and inviting"

Chic coastal small bathroom ideas are easy, breezy, and beautiful

Coastal small bathroom ideas are so chic. Here are three of these - one with blue and white shell wallpaper, a gold mirror, and a blue vanity unit, one with a pink rug, white walls, and blue and white coral wallpaper, and the other with seafoam blue and white jellyfish walls, a mirror, and teal vanity unit
(Image credit: Vergara Homes / Molly Mahon / Lime Lace)

Bringing coastal small bathroom ideas into your space will make your room feel fresh, fabulous, and reminiscent of fantastic days by the beach.

We've asked interior designers how they bring this style into smaller rooms. By picking a soft color palette, playing with rustic textures, and choosing floating units, you can create a beautiful space to soak and relax in.

If you're looking for small bathroom ideas and a timeless look you won't tire of, take inspiration from stunning shores.

Sweet and stylish coastal small bathroom ideas

If you love coastal bathroom ideas but are working with a narrow, little space, there are still many ways you can bring this design style in.

Our pros have also got you covered with a wave of coastal-inspired decor and paint recommendations throughout, which we have curated matching picks for wherever possible.

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1. Paint with breezy shades

A small bathroom with light blue jellyfish wallpaper, a rectangular mirror, two wall sconces, white shiplap paneling, and a teal blue sink with a gray marble countertop and gold faucet

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

Dreaming of ocean breezes? Bring the tranquility of the seaside into your small bathroom with charming colors. 

“Go with a soothing color palette of soft blues and crisp whites to match the calming hues of the ocean and sky,” suggests Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

She continues, “Paint the walls in shades of seafoam or pale blue and pair them with white beadboard or shiplap paneling for a classic coastal look. 

Lighter shades especially will make a small bathroom appear bigger, as they’ll reflect more light. It's hard not to resist blue small bathroom ideas, though.

We also like the idea of going for a bolder shade, such as Benjamin Moore's Seafoam Green or adding coastal bathroom style wallpaper. This Jellyfish Bloom Aqua Wallpaper from Wallpapers To Go is reminiscent of the photo above.

2. Go for weathered wood

A bathroom with white and blue coral patterned wallpaper, a window, pink door, seafoam green stool, a bright pink coral rug, and white wooden distressed flooring

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

When you see a piece of driftwood washed up from the shore, is it pristine? No — it’ll be wonderfully weathered. 

Nina says, “Introduce distressed wood accents to add warmth and texture to your coastal bathroom.”

She suggests doing this with flooring (which you can rough up with sandpaper) or even with floating shelves (the Kelly Clarkson Home Elicia Shelves from Wayfair are a pretty choice), which are great small bathroom wall storage solutions.

“The natural beauty of wood complements the coastal aesthetic and brings nature indoors,” she adds.

We love the distressed wood in the photo above and think it pairs beautifully with the seal coral wallpaper. A similar Coral Wallpaper at Anthropologie comes in three lush colors.

3. Bring in reflective surfaces

A bathroom with a curved gold mirror, a sink unit with wooden cabinets, a marble countertop, and gold taps and plants and soap dispensers on it

(Image credit: Custom Home Design By Nina Lichtenstein / Brian Madden / Crafted By Nick)

Maximize natural light and create an airy feel in your small coastal bathroom with glass and reflective surfaces. 

“Mirrors (we like the Maeve Mirror from Banana Republic) reflect the light and play with the eye, giving an impression of an even more vastness, like the horizon at sea,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

Nina adds, “You can also install a frameless glass shower enclosure to visually expand the space and showcase decorative tiles or pebble flooring.”

4. Bring in a stylish vanity

A half bath with a blue scalloped vanity with a white counter and gold faucets, blue and white patterned wallpaper on the walls and a gold mirror, and a white toilet to the left with pink roses on top

(Image credit: Vergara Homes)

Adding a thoughtfully decorated vanity will not only enhance your coastal small bathroom style, but will also add useful small bathroom storage.

“We opted for a timeless coastal light blue scallop edge vanity, as it brings a clean and elegant character to this small space, and allows one to use up as much as the room has to offer,” explains Elizabeth Vergara, lead designer and founder of Vergara Homes.

She says, “What I love most about a custom vanity is that it brings character to even the smallest of spaces, allowing you to keep the room clutter-free while still providing its own charm.”

Artem also suggests going for a floating vanity (the GymChoice Bathroom Vanity from Walmart is chic), as this will allow light to travel through, which is brilliant for small bathroom Feng Shui.

If it's the walls you have your eye on instead of the vanity, they're covered with the Cailini Coastal Riley Scallop Wallpaper, FYI.

5. Decorate vertical space

A coastal small bathroom with blue and white shell patterned wallpaper, a cornflower blue rectangular mirror, two wall sconces either side, and a vanity unit with blue cabnets and a white counter

(Image credit: Cailini Coastal)

You likely don’t have lots of space for decor in your coastal small bathroom, which is why it makes sense to make the most of vertical space.

Nina says, “Use striped or patterned wallpaper, shower curtains, or window treatments in shades of navy, coral, or sea green. These vibrant accents add visual interest while maintaining the coastal theme,” she adds.

These can be as subtle as sweet stripes or as bold as shell prints, like the Coquillages Grasscloth Wallcovering from Cailini Coastal pictured above.

6. Try dreamy tiles

A close up shot of white and blue mosaic tiles on a wall with a green plant in a gray vase and two white books on the shelf below

(Image credit: Marlborough Tiles)

If small bathroom wallpaper ideas aren’t your thing but you still want to revamp your coastal small bathroom walls, you can still beautifully decorate them.

“For example, using light gray or blue mosaic tiles (we like The Tiles Plaza Backsplash Tile from Amazon) will create a striking visual connection to the ocean,” says Nick Chatzigeorgakis, design expert and CEO of Intrabuild.

Nina also suggests considering fish scale tiles, like the ES Stone Seashell Tiles from Wayfair, to create a mermaid-like effect that mimic waves.

7. Finish with fabulous fixtures and fittings

A light blue scalloped vanity unit with three drawers with gold and lucite cabinet pulls, a white toilet to the left of it, and blue and white patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Vergara Homes)

In smaller bathrooms, every piece of detail counts in terms of bringing in the desired style and making a small bathroom look luxe.

This is why adding beautiful, breezy fixtures is a great coastal small bathroom idea.

Nick says, “In one renovation, we installed hand-cast faucets and fixtures that saved space while adding a touch of elegance reminiscent of beachfront retreats.”

Elizabeth adds, “We went the extra mile and styled our custom vanity with gold and lucite handles to create a more modern feel.”

If you love the look of the handles on the vanity Elizabeth designed, the Peaha Cabinet Pulls from Amazon are very similar.

With these coastal small bathroom ideas, you can create a relaxing retreat that transports you to a beachside oasis.

“The right color schemes and thoughtful material selection can bring even the smallest bathrooms closer to the serene and inviting atmosphere of the coast,” Nick finishes by saying.

For those who love this style and want to make a splash in other rooms, coastal bedroom ideas are also gorgeous.

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