Christmas decorating with Annie Sloan

The queen of paint talks about home decoration and the Christmas traditions she enjoys

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The queen of paint talks about how she’ll be decorating her home and shop for the festive season and Christmas traditions she enjoys.

Q: Do you have any Xmas traditions?

A: This year is the first when my husband David and I will spend with our first grandchild, Willow, so we will be having a quiet family Christmas at home in Oxford. We do try and get all of our three sons together, but this year, my eldest son Henry will be away, as he is a teacher in Kazakhstan. David and I usually go to our house in Normandy, France too where we’ll enjoy plenty of festive food and wine!

Q: How will you decorate this Christmas?

A: I like to be more imaginative and creative when it comes to decorating the Annie Sloan shop in Oxford, as I tend to keep it quite traditional at home. For the shop, I am currently painting a large branch in either green or blue which will be my version of the Christmas tree with flat wooden painted shapes hanging from it – I see it looking very modern, but beautiful too. I want it to be a bit different from the traditional Christmas tree I will have at home.

Annie Sloan decorated branches

Q: How can you use ChalkPaint at Christmas?

A great idea, which I might even try myself, is to paint a fabric table runner. ChalkPaint can be used on fabric and you could either use one or two colour for a simple design or be really creative with stencils or free-hand pattern design. Last year, I made lights using paint bottles, which I also painted in various colours. I bought some small lights and candles to put in them and hung them around the house – they looked fantastic.

Annie Sloan shop

Q: How will you decorate your home?

A: I spend so much time thinking about what to do in the run up to Christmas for the shop and for events to promote the latest products, that by the time December comes around, I have lost some excitement about it. However, I do get excited on Christmas Eve. To decorate, I will have a real fir tree and I will bring out the decorations the family has collected over the years. I tend to reuse the same ones each year and like to admire them all over again.

Annie Sloan wooden christmas tree

Q: What’s in your diary in 2015?

A: There are lots of exciting things happening at Annie Sloan HQ, but all will be revealed very soon – it’s top secret at the moment. One thing I can say is we are launching a new stencil range soon, which I can’t wait to use.