Bunk bedroom ideas: 10 designs to prove a multi-level bunk room is best

Find out how bunk bedroom ideas can create space and save you money in your children's bedroom design.

Bunk bedroom ideas: Christopher Treehouse Midsleeper Bed in Classic White by Noa and Nani
(Image credit: Noa and Nani)

As well as being a functional sleep setup for a growing family, bunk bedroom ideas can be stylish too. Not just reserved for the military, hostels and summer camps, some of the sweetest children's bedroom designs are based around this stacked bed buy.

While some bunk room ideas can save space, the main advantage for most is that they allow you to save time and money. This is because you're buying a 2-in-1 kid's bedroom idea for your children, rather than forking out twice. Either for two bed frames, or for a bed and desk or play area.

Triple bunk room ideas offer even more value for slumber parties and school holiday sleepovers. Just be prepared for late night chatting and laughter! And don't forget to look at modular solutions which can be customized. These allow you to create your own bed based on your child or children's needs.

Bunk bedroom ideas that make the most of space

1. Turn awkward spaces into an alcove bunk wall design

Bunk bedroom ideas: Kids Bedroom Bunk Bed In Napeolonic Blue And Scandinavian Pink With Ticking And Linen Union Curtains by Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

If you're a homeowner with good wall foundations and don't want to pick up an 'off-the-rail' or flat-pack bunk bedroom idea, then a sleeping quarter built into the wall may catch your eye. For optimum space and comfort, choose the longest wall so that your children have lots of room to toss and turn in the twilight hours. 

Get creative by embellishing the wall with a cheap MDF or OSB (orientated strand board design) which when painted over can look bespoke and add a touch of luxury to your kid's lair.

Finish with a light curtain design to create privacy and block out any bright light that may disturb their sleep.

2. Make your bunk room idea fit flush to the wall

Bunk bedroom ideas: Flush multi-bed idea against wall with bedroom shelving idea by Benjamin Moore

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

If you're short on space, then this bunk bedroom idea against the wall should be right up your street. This small kid's bedroom design leaves lots of room in the middle for other furniture and toy storage ideas.

We also love this bedroom shelving idea and cubby hole compartments which will come in handy for bedtime, or if a separate playroom design is out of reach. The clever drawers at the bottom of this design creates a shoe storage design in lieu of bulky bedroom cabinets.

3. Buy a bunk bed with a built-in art and crafts space

Bunk bed ideas: Pastel blue bunk bed with built-in desk by The Painted Furniture Company

(Image credit: The Painted Furniture Company)

If your child is the next Picasso or Van Gogh (minus that small ear incident), then finding them a suitable spot to do their coloring and other artistic commissions is essential.

Many of our best bunk beds will incorporate dedicated desk space, just as this one does. This well-thought-out feature will give budding artists something to lean out and an ideal storage spot for their craft materials.

Next on your shopping list should be a good bedroom seating design which is considerate to the height of the desk. This will ensure that your little creative is comfortable when getting to work!

4. Add wall decor to enhance your bunk bed

Bunk bedroom idea: Lottie Midsleeper Cabin Bed with Straight ladder in classic white by Noa and Nani

(Image credit: Noa and Nani)

Funfairs, theme parks and a trip to the circus are just a few childhood past times that can be relived in the imagination with help from a bunk bed and wall mural.

So if you want to create an exciting bunk room idea based on an otherwise plain foundation, you'll need to roll up, roll up your sleeves. 

This wall decor design will spark nostalgic and magical memories of the fair. Or you could paint a safari theme with the bunk serving as a treetop lookout. Or a space theme for a bunk bed-cum-rocket ship. 

To complete the look, add a characterful bedroom lighting scheme which may include light-up circus lettering decor or a fairground bulb idea in primary colors.

5. Transform bedtime with a tree house idea

White tree house style bunk bed design with palm trees and bunting by Noa and Nani

(Image credit: Noa and Nani)

If your vacations were spent tucked into a tree house, you'll know how much fun it was to have your own hiding place in the summer.

So why not turn your child's bedtime into an adventure with a treetop bunk bed design. Creatively styled, this wooden design can take on a multitude of different interior design themes.

For instance, style with faux ivy and khaki bedroom paint idea for an amazing military boys bedroom design that's perfect for your Action Man.

Alternatively, for seaside charm, paint scallop stencil designs and include a duvet design for ultimate beach hut vibes. Or, swap seaweed for safari by including houseplants and palm trees for a stylish safari look that ticks the box for the biophilic trend.

And, for a girls bedroom idea, the wooden cladding makes this bunk bed design look chic in a country bedroom design that Barbie would love! 

6. Consider a bunk room idea with a large workspace

Bunk bedroom ideas: High sleeper loft Bed with full length desk by Little Folks Furniture

(Image credit: Little Folks Furniture)

Got an older child who is in need of a big bedroom update? From bed frames to desks, the price of upgrading their space can be expensive. So finding a multi-purpose fixture can save hundreds of dollars.

This loft bed solution, complete with full-length desk is perfect for a teenage girl. With ample space for a desk lamp, laptop and stationery, your child will look forward to homework*.

Dress with a soft throw, cushions or fairy lights for a cozy space for studying or socializing.

*OK, slightly exaggerated, but it's a better solution that sitting on the dining table or kitchen island, right? 

7. Choose a space-saving bunk with built-in wardrobe

Bunk bed ideas: Wooden bunk bed idea by Cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If you're short on floor space, you may find the idea of building out a kid's bedroom with a separate bed, wardrobe and cupboards a little overwhelming.

Rather than buying all of the aforementioned as separate furnishings, you may want to consider a bunk bed fixture that serves several purposes in the bedroom.

Incorporating a contemporary wooden effect with light charcoal details, this bunk bed design would look stylish in a grey bedroom idea. Complete with generous hanger space on the left, a double door wardrobe storage design, and a set of drawers integrated on the bottom, you can store books, games, clothes and toys aplenty.

8. Make mornings fun with a slide

Bunk bed ideas: Low Bunk with slide by Noa and Nani

(Image credit: Noa and Nani)

Looking back on the stupid things we got up to as kids, we're quite lucky we turned out as 'normal' as we did. Sliding on laminate with your socks? Check. Singing into a fan like a robot? Check. Peeling PVA glue off your hands? OK we'll stop now.

But if you want to include a more conventional idea into your bunk bedroom idea, then a slide is a must-have design element. 

Most of us will accompany our children to bed to ensure that they're able to climb the ladder safely. However, if you're worried that your tyke with take a tumble on the way down, then a slide can offer a more stable solution on the descend down to the floor.

9. Be sleepover-ready with a slide-out bunk bed

Bunk bed idea: Matilda bunk bed by Noa & Nani

(Image credit: Noa & Nani)

Contrary to what you might think, a bigger bunk bed isn't always a better solution. This is especially if you have sloped ceilings or a box room to begin with.

Additionally, if you have children who are scared of heights or have younger children, then a bunk bed design may be a no-no for their vertigo. However, offerings in the interior design market have come a long way since we were young folk.

This Matilda design by Noa and Nani comes complete with an awesome under bed clothes storage idea.  The low-level design means there's no fighting over a 'top bunk' and the mini ladder is also a great introductory idea to children who may not want to climb their way into bed.

The clever structure also means that if one child is away for the weekend, or gets upgraded to their own room, the bottom can be converted into extra storage space.

10. Create a triple sleeper bunk room

Bunk bed ideas: Triple bunk bed with steps by Noa and Nani

(Image credit: Noa and Nani)

Growing families need gallons of space, but buying a new home sometimes isn't a feasible option. Having a wriggling toddler in bed, tossing and turning with their foot in your face is a surefire way to start your morning in a bad mood.

Hannah Shore, sleep expert at Silentnight says: 'Choose a bed that you find comfortable yourself, there may be points throughout your child’s development where you need to be in their bed, too, so it’s important everyone is comfortable!'

So, if you need to comfort your child in the middle of the night because of the boogyman (or weird shadow outside), a triple-sleeper bunk bed may be a more viable vouch.

This bunk bedroom idea includes a double bed on the bottom and a single sleeper on top. It's a particularly good shout if you have children with a considerable age gap, as it gives the older child more space to stretch out. 

This design is also perfect for when unexpected guests or visiting cousins are in town. It means that uncomfortable sofa sleeps and blow-up beds are a thing of the past. The steps also double up as an innovative toy storage solution to quickly shove playthings out of sight.

How do you style a bunk bed in a small room?

Wayfair's Resident Style Advisor Nadia McCowan Hill provides expert advice on styling bunk beds within the home: 'Perfect for growing families, bunk beds offer an easy way to instantly create space within your home by focusing on vertical design. 

'Embellish these simplistic structures with eye-catching statement textiles, opting for mix and match bedding sets with cohesive color palettes, to allow your kids to show off their individuality whilst still creating a cool and cohesive look. 

'Although not everyone's preferred pick, bunk beds are a timeless and playful addition to any youthful scheme, with plenty of sleepover fun to be had with friends and siblings.'

How much clearance do you need for a bunk bed?

You should aim to leave around 60cm (around two feet) between the top of the bed and the ceiling, in order to easily manoeuvre in and out of the top bunk. 

'When choosing mattresses for cabin beds and high sleepers make sure they are 15cm deep or less for clearance,' advises Hannah Shore, sleep expert for Silentnight.

'This will put the top of the mattress 15cm below the safety bar, ensuring your child will not roll out of bed during the night.'

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