26 beautiful boot room ideas for a tidy and stylish space

In need of boot room ideas? When there’s a dedicated place to change shoes and store outdoor gear, life gets a whole lot easier.

Dark green boot room design by Martin Moore
(Image credit: Martin Moore)

If your home has space, you might be looking for boot room ideas. And why not? Boot rooms, however small, are ideal for keeping muddy shoes (and children, and dogs) and their mess confined to one, easy-to-clean space, away from the kitchen, hallway and the rest of the house. 

So rather than clogging up your hallway with dirty footwear and rain-soaked coats for all and sundry to see, if space permits, why wouldn't you create a designated space for soggy outerwear? Asides from keeping wet items out of sight, your boot room design can stop the entryway of your home from smelling damp too.

Boot room ideas to conceal coats and wellies

‘Large country houses have always had boot rooms, but these days they’re seen as an important ‘valve’ to the outside world, or the main gateway into the house,’ explains Andrew Petherick from Artichoke.

1. Don your boot room in a pretty pink shade

16th Century boot room design by Sims Hilditch in pink

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

'While we are inspired by the Great British Countryside when designing our interiors, this doesn’t mean that we don’t like to be creative with color,' says Louise Wicksteed, Design Director for Sims Hilditch interior design.

'We opted for a shade with pinkish undertones for this boot room set in a 16th Century Manor. While not perhaps part of the traditional palette of navys, greens and creams that springs to mind when considering historic homes, it certainly breathes life and fun into the space, without losing any of its character.'

2. Add a runner to keep your floors (sort of) clean 

Boot room ideas by Benjamin Moore using Mushroom Icicle 2142-70

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

While rubber boot trays, racks and wire scrapers should be staples in every boot room to keep dirt out, you can't beat an entryway runner for style and functionality.

Pairing this with luxury vinyl tile flooring will ensure that you aren't too precious about dog mess, mud or mildew which can all be cleaned off this durable surface in a flash. It's also worth looking at patterned tile designs which'll hide dirt more effectively.

'For a subtle scheme, light hues with a pink undertone makes for a perfect alternative neutral. It can be used from ceiling to floor or combined with crisp whites and soft greys to create a smart Scandi style interior scheme.', says Helen Shaw, UK marketing director for Benjamin Moore.

'Natural plaster tones or light terracotta shades create a wonderful earthy natural feel in a room. They look particularly eye-catching in well-lit spaces and when paired with natural materials or painted wood.'

3. Be connected to nature with an outdoor boot room

Outdoor boot room design with arch by Sims Hilditch

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

'The outdoor boot room of this Georgian Rectory is the epitome of country living. The Cotswold green cabinetry and the wicker storage baskets perfectly reflect the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside where this home is located, bringing the outside in, ' says Wicksteed.

'When designing our interiors we always consider a home’s natural surroundings and use this to determine the color palette, texture and materials selected for the scheme. As the gateway to the outdoors, this is particularly important when designing a boot room.'

4. Introduce wood wall paneling for a Nordic feel

White wall paneled boot room by Garden Trading

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Scandinavian design is a trend that isn't going anyway soon... And a boot room idea is no exception. Using a light wall paneling idea and matching wooden floor, this boot room design is 'snygg' — that's stylish in Swedish to you and I.

To add the hygge factor to your home, add a rattan umbrella stand and felt bags to store wood briquettes for aesthetics, or actual burning abilities.

A wall mounted shelf-cum-coat-hooks will also allow you to hand rain macs, scarfs and handbags. Note how the boot room unit is styled with a cozy blanket and a bowl of pot pourri to keep unsavory smells at bay.

5. Create a boot room that transitions into the kitchen

Green boot room that transitions into kitchen space by Sims Hilditch

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

'A boot room is often the gateway to the great outdoors, creating a hard wearing and easily cleanable barrier between the main house and the garden. Moving further into the home, we often connect our boot rooms with a kitchen or utility room, as can be seen in our Malvern family home project, ' says Wicksteen.

'This lends itself nicely to the continuity and flow of the interior as we often use the same flooring or paint color on the cabinetry and joinery throughout these rooms. A boot room can also be a great place to store overflow items from a kitchen.'

'This might include cleaning materials, tea towels or even canned goods! We often install bespoke joinery in our boot rooms with plenty of smart space saving storage solutions including baskets underneath the bench seating.'

6. Create a 'bootility' room

Bootility (utility room and boot room ideas) by Tom Howley

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

'Why not give your utility room a double function? Bespoke cabinetry will help to build a room that is both a utility room and a boot room, creating a seamless transition in a shared space.', says Tom Howley.

'We know that people are trying to make the most of their homes and multi-functional living has become a necessity as we have spent so much more time in our homes.'

If you've got a dog, don't forget to work in space for  leads, bags, balls and treats if they're not already crammed into a hallway storage idea.

7. Go dark and dramatic with a dark green scheme

Dark green boot room idea by Martin Moore

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

Going bespoke with your boot room ideas means that you can make the most of your available space, providing purpose-designed places for coats, boots and pet beds.

This hand-painted, classic cabinetry design by Martin Moore is given a indulgent lick of rich emerald green paint to stand out as the jewel in the crown of your home.

8. Mix and match paint and wallpaper for a classic look

Mink boot room by Laura Ashley Kitchens

(Image credit: Laura Ashley Kitchens)

Wallpaper ideas work surprisingly well in a boot room. Adding pattern, color and texture to this scheme, a striped motif is a familiar design that adds country charm to a space designed for rural living.

Placement is key however, so try and avoid places where the kids are likely to touch after hours of collecting conkers and pine cones, or the dog's favorite spot to shake mud of its coat.

Check, plaid and tartan accessories can also be added to complement this theme. Maybe you could reupholster your bench, or perhaps invest in a chic dog bed. The choice is completely yours.

9. Introduce plants to bring the outside in

Navy boot room idea by Mo Hussen with plants

(Image credit: @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf)

We all know about the benefits of houseplants in the home, but how about incorporating them in your boot room idea? To us — it's a no-brainer.

Whether you've come in from a walk in the park, or bringing new plant babies home from the garden center, you may want to bring the outdoors in or use it as a pop-up gardening station too.

Interior enthusiast, Mo Hussen has created an 'indoor jungle' by incorporating lots of greenery in this area of his house. The navy doors and oak shelves smarten up the scheme somewhat and the variety of plants naturally cascade across the work surface.

10. Use multi-functional furniture in small boot rooms

Radiator bench in boot room design The Radiator Company

(Image credit: The Radiator Company)

If your boot room is smaller than most, the space might not seem large enough for a bench and a radiator... Until now.

So rather than hopping on the spot to put on your wellies, or shivering in your boot room despite wearing numerous layers in the winter — this multi-functional radiator bench kills two birds with one stone. Rather than opting for a traditional radiator design, this one allows you some time-out after a stressful shopping trip or long woodland walk.

A boot room is a luxury for most country homes, so don't sacrifice comfort or coziness because you think the snug floor plan won't accommodate for these features. There's always a workaround that won't necessary look shoehorned, if you'll pardon the pun.

11. Consider your furry friends with pet-friendly design

Boot room idea with washing machine, butler sink and dog shower

(Image credit: DesignSpace London)

'With approximately 45% of UK households now owning a pet, it makes sense to accommodate this furry friend from the outset.', says Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval Furniture.

'With this in mind, consider incorporating custom designed options like integrated dog beds, showers, and dedicated storage space at the early stages of design.'

12. Build a bespoke solution with lots of open shelving

Boot room ideas by Artichoke Ltd with central umbrella console, hooks and open shelving

(Image credit: Artichoke Ltd)

'Here, the boot room provides a valve between the outside and inside for the efficient management of mud, to protect the house from the elements and to store all the equipment typically associated with a family living in the English countryside.', says Marina Jonas, director of marketing at Artichoke Ltd.

We love these square wood and brass drawers which can house welly socks or fresh dog refuse sacks ready for your country stroll. The central console provides amble space for umbrellas and hiking poles. And open shelving allows easy access to hats and other accessories.

13. Squeeze in secret storage wherever possible

White boot room by Hush Kitchens

(Image credit: Hush Kitchens)

If ever there was a boot room that epitomized the definition of storage goals, this would be it. Packed with pigeon holes, an overhead shelf, hooks and a cupboard, you can cram walking accessories, pet food and more, until your heart's content.

But the real winner here is the hidden bench storage. Here, boot socks and blankets still securely in a cozy compartment so you won't be confined to odd socks and shivering to stay warm.

14. Include built-in seating to change shoes in comfort

hallway storage or bootroom storage solution with comfy bench, coat hooks and storage cupboard custom built by mowlem & co

(Image credit: Mowlem & Co)

A storage bench with a comfy cushion and wicker pull-out baskets tucked beneath give this boot room a relaxed, rustic country feel. The built-in bench and wooden peg coat rack are painted in Lamp Room Gray by Farrow & Ball.

'A bench to perch to remove your shoes or wellies is a must, but you can use this space for storage too. In a boot room, pull out drawers have been incorporated to make the most of the space. A row of hooks above the bench provide somewhere to hang coats and hats.', explains Chris Spinks, kitchen designer at Hush Kitchens.

15. Choose freestanding furniture for a budget solution

bootroom or hallway storage idea with large wardrobe, coat hook and storage bench all by ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

Select boot room furniture that suits your space for all the benefits of a bespoke room at a fraction of the price. Clear clutter into the Pax wardrobe, add hanging space with the Kubbis rack, and store shoes in the Brusali shoe storage all of which are from Ikea.

16. Create a smart, symmetrical arrangement 

bespoke painted bootroom with fitted cupboards, storage bench and coat hooks by artichoke

(Image credit: Artichoke)

Pull out all the stops with generously-sized boot room storage that caters for every requirement. The practical bench is backed by tough tongue and groove paneling and is flanked by full-height cupboards, all painted to match. 

If you're struggling to select the right hue, we've written a guide on our pick of the best washable paints for the most practical choice.

17. Include a boot room sink to make life easier

utility room with dark finish, large sink and coat hooks by mark wilkinson furniture

(Image credit: Mark Wilkinson Furniture)

If space allows, a sink is a big plus, turning a boot room into a multi-purpose utility area. Opt for a tall tap with pull-out spray to make it super-practical. If a sink isn't an option in your boot room, have an outdoor tap install by the back door to hose down muddy boots, or dogs, or children.

If you're still stuck, we've made it simple with our utility room planning and design guide to ensure your laundry room is more luxury and less lackluster.

18. Find ways to open up the space in your boot room

bootroom with storage for coats, boots and coats by

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

This tall elegant cabinet has been divided to give each family member a dedicated space for outdoor gear and shoes for the ultimate organized scheme. Look out for a shelf with pegs provides extra storage for bags and scarves.

19. Include boot room storage that kids can reach

hallway storage solution or bootroom for storing coats, shoes etc by rencraft

(Image credit: Rencraft)

When planning the position of coat racks, set them at a suitable height to encourage children to hang up coats and put away shoes. Here all options are covered, with a handmade shoe store at two heights, a double row of coat racks and overhead storage.

20. Save money with an all-in-one solution

all in one hallway storage solution by atkin cooper

(Image credit: Atkin & Thyme)

If you don’t have the space or funds for a complete boot room, a hall stand includes all the elements needed in a one-off piece of furniture. This industrial design in mango wood with an iron frame includes a bench, shelf and hanging space.

21. Make boot room storage extra practical

bespoke fitted bootroom with grey finish and large cupboards by lewis alderson

(Image credit: Lewis Alderson)

Tailor-made boot room furniture or mudroom entryway ideas can be meticulously planned to fulfill every storage need and customized to suit the space, fitting neatly around any windows or doors. This boot room idea has full-height cloak cupboards, bench storage and slatted shelves to air and dry muddy boots. 

22. Select statement boot room flooring

bootroom with contemporary patterned tiles by harvey maria

(Image credit: Harvey Maria)

A stone floor might be the default option for a country-style room but luxury vinyl tiles in an on-trend pattern are ideal for giving a hall or kitchen with an adjacent boot room a contemporary feel.

23. Choose flexible boot room furniture

fitted storage unit in french gray with unit for storing shoes as well as shoe storage unit by dormy house

(Image credit: Dormy House)

Modular storage can be arranged to suit the space then added to if your needs change; this furniture can be customized with a choice of colors and knobs.

We love this arrangement from The Dormy House, you can choose from eight different gorgeous colors and there are so many different fabric options for the seat covers. 

24. Disguise mud and debris with a dark boot room

Bramham Bootroom in Charcoal Grey & Oak by Daval

(Image credit: Daval)

'Muddy boots, wet coats and bent-out-of-shape umbrellas are inevitable in the colder months, so what can you do to protect your home?,' says Simon Bodsworth, managing director, Daval.

'One idea is a combination of custom-made shelving and interior storage including hooks to hang your coats, bags and hats, different sized cubbyholes for storage and even a pair of bottom drawers that double as a practical bench seat.' 

'Recognizing that your waterproofs and wellie boots are essential in this weather, a well-organised hallway, boot room or back-door utility will help you save time and keep your home clean and tidy.  Once viewed as a simple walk-through, welcome areas have completely changed their role in the home, and have fast become a visitor’s first impression of your home.'

'In fact, market trends have completely transformed how we use these spaces and make the transition between indoors and out. I believe this is one of the many reasons a boot room is so fashionable and become the go-to furniture solution in the home which answers design, function and lifestyle.'

'Elegant and practical furniture which works to support busy lifestyles is a real game changer at home, ensuring that you instantly enjoy a calm and well-ordered environment as soon as you step through your door.'

25. Repurpose an old, antique (or upcycled) wardrobe

Traditional boot room idea with storage

Upcycled wardrobe from eBay used in a traditional boot room

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

If you're looking for boot room ideas to suit a more traditional scheme, we love the idea of repurposing an old, antique (or even secondhand) wardrobe or armoire to create an enclosed space.

This French mahogany armoire came from Ebay; its lack of doors makes it perfect for keeping boot room essentials within arm's reach, without feeling as though coats, shoes and other winter woolies are taking over the space. 

26. Choose a storage solution that matches your style 

bootroom with grey cabinet and papered wall by lochanna kitchens

(Image credit: LochAnna Kitchens)

If you want your boot room to have a smart, cohesive feel, it may be worth opting for a storage solution that ties the rest of your scheme together. Painting an existing storage unit to fit with the rest of your scheme is one way to go – our guide to painting furniture provides plenty of tips. 

We love the way this gorgeous freestanding boot room from Washington Collection at LochAnna Kitchens complements the tones of this statement wallpaper. 

'Creating a narrow floor-to-ceiling cupboard and then adding generously spaced vertical shelves, you can maximize the storage space you have, storing your taller and more bulky items to create less clutter in the rest of your cabinets,' says Al Bruce, Olive & Barr.

'Footwear, hats, gloves, cleaning products  — whatever it is, you’ll have plenty of space to play with, and without taking too much of your entry space either.'

Where should a boot room be?

‘People are investing a lot more in their interiors, so they want a nice space where they can strip off their wet or muddy outdoor garments before heading into their home.', says Petherick.

'Most big country homes have two entrances — typically the boot room is closer to the back of the home and therefore closer to the car, making it ideal for bringing in the shopping or coming in after the school run.’

Green boot room idea by Cotswold Co

(Image credit: Cotswold Co)

How do you style a boot room?

'There are two important things to bear in mind when planning a boot room.  Firstly, the aim is to keep unnecessary clutter and mess out of the main kitchen/living zones and the other is that the space must be highly functional. Designing for purpose is the key to both considerations.', says Richard Moore, design director at Martin Moore

'Work out exactly how you will use the room and what you will be storing in it and plan it all out from there, with a generous sink, room for must-have appliances, and plenty of dedicated storage.

A combination of cupboards, deep and shallow drawers, and open shelving is usually the best way to use every inch of available space. Choosing furniture from the same collection for both the boot room and the main kitchen can help create an elegant, unified scheme whilst hand-painted cabinetry can help add vibrancy, definition, and character to the space.'

While Bruce reckons the key to styling a boot room is to go bespoke. He says:

'To maximize space consider made-to-measure units. Asides from creating a place to hang coats and shoes, it provides ample amounts of storage to house those everyday items like umbrellas, hats, and other accessories.

The addition of a bench breaks up the cupboard space and creates an area to perch while removing shoes and wellies. When measuring up, make sure to check the height of your wellies for the perfect measurements. A wooden bench is easy to keep clean from mucky paws but for added comfort consider adding in a padded cushion.'

What should be in a boot room?

'When choosing furniture for a boot room, it’s important to consider what you're using the space for. If you live alone, or tend to store shoes elsewhere, including multiple pieces of storage furniture in the space may be unnecessary.', says Paul Deckland, buying director for Cotswold Co.

'However, a console table to store the things you need before leaving the house is a versatile piece of furniture, no matter how small the household. For families, boot rooms can keep manic mornings to a minimum.'

'A well-curated boot room allows a stylish yet multi-functional space, providing a place for pets to eat and sleep, while also storing bulky coats that can make a neat hallway appear messy.'

How do I keep my boot room clean?

'Depending on how much space you have, you need to decide what the main use of your boot room will be for, this will determine what type of storage you need,' says Matthew Currington, technical director, The Lighting Superstore.

If the boot room will be used to house most of your coats, consider getting a coat rack stand or if space is limited, consider installing hooks where necessary. Coat rack stands are multi-functional and can also store footwear as well as other outdoor items such as umbrellas, hats and scarves.

Storage shelves are a great way to save floor space, these can contain baskets and cubby holes to store items you do not regularly use, high-up and out of the way. For extra boot room storage and if you have the space, consider getting a bench with cubby holes or a lift-up seat.

How to add light to a boot room

'Arranging different styles of lighting can create a cohesive and functional lightscape for your boot room. Task lighting is a practical option, such as spotlights under shelves, to illuminate focal points in your storage unit, and above fixtures such as sinks,' says Currington.

'A pendant light in the center of the room, is a practical option to illuminate the entire space and can create a focal point and statement to your boot room.'

How to pick flooring for a boot room

'The flooring of your boot room needs to be hard-wearing and easy to clean since you will be potentially walking in dirt and mud from outdoors,' advises Currington.

'Opt for stone or ceramic tile flooring, not only are they practical but, can make a statement.  Big, patterned tiles will add a splash of color and a focal point to the room as and as a bonus, the pattern will also disguise dirt that will be walked in.'

'If you’re on a budget, rubber flooring is also still a great option and can be adapted to fit any type of space.'

Caroline is a freelance journalist with over 25 years of experience writing about homes and interiors.