The best paint colours from Farrow & Ball 2019

Decorating a room? Get the best deals on these best-selling paint colours from Farrow & Ball

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Painting your house from top to bottom? Farrow & Ball are an unbeatable choice for quality – and, of course, their range of on-trend paint shades. One of the nation's favourite paint manufacturers, they really do know their paint. We've rounded up the best Farrow & Ball paints for you to redecorate with, from greys to whites, blues and black.

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Charlotte Cosby, the company's Head of Creative, explains the reasons behind Farrow & Ball's continued success, 'Our paints have high levels of pigment, rich resin binders and high quality ingredients, giving them a unique depth of colour. We carefully source our ingredients from suppliers to ensure you’ll find only the highest quality in each tin. We have a thoughtfully created palette of 132 colours in a range of interior and exterior, modern and traditional finishes. Our paint is meticulously tested, giving you the extraordinary colour and long-lasting finish you expect every time.'

Farrow & Ball's bestselling wall paints are available in three finishes: Estate Emulsion (chalky matt), Modern Emulsion (matt), and Gloss. They also do an eggshell that is perfect for wood.

So, what are the most popular, bang-on-trend Farrow & Ball shades at the moment, and where to get them? Follow our guide to find out...


1. Wimborne White

The timeless elegance of this classic just off-white shade has made it a firm favourite for many years. A versatile choice for almost any room – particularly one you want to feel light and bright – the merest touch of warm yellow pigment makes it a more inviting shade than bright white. Shown below as a living room option. 

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Wimbourne White

(Image: © Farrow & Ball)

2. Skimming Stone

Grey isn't going anywhere! An enduringly popular choice for stylish bedrooms and living rooms, it is an easy way to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Skimming Stone is a rich, warm grey - neutral enough for any room, but with a distinctive edge. Pair up with Wimborne White to create a luxurious neutral bathroom, as shown below. 

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Skimming Stone and Wimborne White

(Image: © Farrow & Ball)

3. Down Pipe

Farrow & Ball describe this colour as 'a dramatic lead grey' – a perfect option for making a statement in the hallway or bedroom (as shown below), but now finding its way into living rooms, home offices and dining spaces, too. Deep, dark grey-black has been an on-trend colour for quite a few years now and shows no sign of going out of fashion. A characterful alternative to light neutrals, it works brilliantly combined with off-whites or pastels. 

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Down Pipe

(Image: © Farrow & Ball)

4. Railings

Blue or black? Why choose if you can have a colour that occupies a perfectly balanced space in the middle? With its unique, rich tone, it is no wonder that this shade has become a bestseller. This colour works especially well for adding character to a study or dining room, as shown here. Why not use it on woodwork and doors, too, to up the contemporary appeal? 


(Image: © Farrow & Ball)

5. Stiffkey Blue

A bold and dramatic shade, Stiffkey Blue works wonders on rooms that are often overlooked, such as dining rooms and pantries – but don't overlook its potential for a bathroom or kitchen, too. Consider using it as an all-over colour for a really striking effect, as shown below. 

Stiffkey Blue

(Image: © Farrow & Ball)

6. Dix Blue

A delicate duck egg shade, Dix Blue sits somewhere between blue and green. A great option for injecting any room with a dash of summery, light-hearted colour, it has a touch of black pigment that creates a slightly aged and relaxed vintage feel, making it perfect for use on upcycled furniture, panelling and woodwork, as well as living room walls. Pair it with a neutral shade, such as Pointing, for an understated effect, as shown here.

Dix Blue

(Image: © Farrow & Ball )

7. Light Blue

A very popular choice for shadier spaces, Light Blue has a shimmering, silvery quality that will add interest to rooms with a light quality that may otherwise look flat, especially if they are north-facing. It also works well for contrast painting the inside of a cloakroom or cupboard. Shown here (cupboard interior) paired with All White. 

Light Blue

(Image: © Farrow & Ball)