Paint deals: the best places to buy cheap paint for your DIY projects

These paint deals are sure to make all your DIY projects a whole lot cheaper...

Paint deals: the best places to buy cheap paint for your DIY projects
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We are here with all the best paint deals so that you can save £££s when doing all those summer DIY projects. Sure you might not quite have finished any of them during lockdown because you are trying to home school, look after your sourdough culture and do a Joe Wicks work out every day but we aren't judging – we're just here to help you find the best bargains so you can carry on DIYing post lockdown. 

Wondering where to buy paint to update your garden perhaps? There are great outdoor paints on offer right now. Or maybe you finally want to upcycle that furniture you bought in a charity shop and are determined to make work? There's some furniture paint bargains to be had too!

Scroll down to see al the latest sales on paint, then if you're after some decorating advice, head to our paint hub.

The best paint deals

How to buy the best paint

For exterior jobs you need paint that can tolerate rain and colder conditions, and for fences and sheds you need a paint that works to preserve the wood. Inside you will mostly be using paint for walls or woodwork. Walls tend to be painted with emulsion paint – usually matt, although some people like a silk or paint with a slight sheen for high traffic areas of humid rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Lots of companies produce paints that are designed to be more durable and can be wiped clean, great for kid's rooms and hallways. 

For wood you will need a specialist wood paint and these come in eggshell, satin and gloss. Eggshell is more popular these days, but some still prefer to use a higher gloss paint for areas that need wiping down. Chalk paints are very popular and can be used for walls or furniture. You can also get specialist paints for floors and cupboards.

Paints tend to be water based or oil based. Modern paints are far less toxic than the lead paints of the last century, but you should still look out for those that claim to be low VOC (volatile organic compound) as they emit lower levels of potentially harmful gasses. 

High quality paints tend to cost more as they have a lot of pigment, meaning a richer colour that is easy to work with. These can cost upwards of £25 a litre so we are always glad to see paint deals on these. 

Cheap paint deals

Not found the paint deal you were looking for? Scroll for the best prices on all types of paint from kitchen paint to outdoor paint and primer.

Paint tool and accessory deals

For the best paint job you need to use the right tools. For painting walls and ceilings that means a roller. For intricate work (like cutting in) and painting woodwork, you usually use a brush, although kitchen cupboards will get a better finish with a small roller.

As well as tools to apply the paint, you need accessories to keep the space neat and protected, and maybe a stepladder or extendable roller to help you reach higher spaces. For very messy jobs, or those involving fumes (ie. stripping paint) you should wear gloves, a mask and also safety goggles.

Deals on painting tools and accessories:

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