The best coat stands and racks

Coat stands keep your home de-cluttered and are a stylish feature in their own right. We’ve sourced the best of the best when it comes to coat racks and stands right here

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Whether your partner has a habit of leaving their coat on the banisters or you find yourself tripping over an umbrella that was left propped up by the back door, if you’re tired of outside attire being left around the house, investing in a coat stand could be the answer to keeping things de-cluttered and hazard-free. 

Many households these days keep their coats in a cupboard, but if you’re often inviting guests into your home, a coat stand is the perfect place to leave their outside wear. A coat stand not only removes that awkward scenario of finding a place to put outside gear; it creates a bit of ceremony that can leave your guests feeling thoroughly welcomed. 

A design of a coat stand can be either one of two things - practical or stylish. If you’re a fan of quirkiness and fancy finding one that is completely unique, we’ve taken a look at retailers such as Wayfair or John Lewis for a selection of sculptures that also double up as somewhere to hang your coat. 

If you’re a practical being and need a coat stand to place in a utility room or by the back door, we’ve also sourced a number of very functional products that double up as storage or somewhere you can sit and tie your shoelaces. These kind of coat stands are great for family households, where getting the children out the door in the morning can feel a little like a military operation. 

Alternatively, coat hooks are a great option for smaller spaces and can be equally as functional or as style-conscious as free-standing coat stands. With that the case, we’ve implemented a range of both hooks and stands into our list so you can decide on which way works best for your home. 

Wood, metal, functional or arty, our list features the best coat stands on the market right now. Read on to find out more. 

1. John Lewis Calia Coat Stand

An extremely practical coat stand for getting everyone out the door with ease

Best for: Practicality
Material: Solid oak, steel
Dimensions: H180cmxW100cmxD42cm
Colour: Oak
Reasons to buy
+Plenty of space for hanging coats+Space to seat two people
Reasons to avoid
-Perhaps too large for some homes 

This coat stand is fairly large, so it will require a good amount of space for it to feel in proportion. The design of it is reminiscent of a school changing room bench, so this one is great for busy households, where getting the children’s shoes and coats on can feel like organising an army. There are ten pegs, so there’s at least one for each member of the family and there’s even a bench underneath the seat which can be used for storing shoes. If you’re looking for a practical, durable, high quality coat stand, you can’t get better than this one, which is why it’s claimed our number one spot. 

2. Ikea TJUSIG Hat and Coat Stand

A clean lined functional coat stand from Swedish furniture giants, Ikea

Best for: Functionality
Material: Rubber wood, stainless steel
Dimensions: H193cmxW60cmxD60cm
Colour: White, Black & Silver
Reasons to buy
+Completely functional+Combine with other TJUSIG series products
Reasons to avoid
-Top hooks are fairly high up

The majority of Ikea’s furniture is well designed and entirely functional, which sums up this coat stand from their TJUSIG range. With a rubber wood base and stainless steel poles and hooks, it’s made from sturdy, high quality materials and is designed to last. If you’re looking for a coat stand that won’t take up too much space, this one can be placed next to a door without being too obtrusive, leaving you with an immediate place to put guest's coats. There are plenty of hooks for several coats and hats, but it’ll start looking out of proportion if you overload it too much. 

3. South Wood Coat Rack With Storage Shelf

A simple, narrow coat rack for tucking away in corners

Best for: Simplicity
Material: Solid wood, MDF
Dimensions: H180cmxW46cmxD46cm
Colour: Brown/white
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy+Middle shelf for handbags or keys
Reasons to avoid
-Not a showstopper

If you like the natural appearance of wood, this solid wood coat stand could make the perfect addition to your home. There are 5 hooks on which to place coats, plus a central shelf which you could you to place handbags or items that you don’t want to forget as you walk out the door. It is suggested that this coat stand wouldn’t look out of place in a bedroom, and could be somewhere to hang dressing gowns and bath towels if the hooks on the back of doors are starting to become too cluttered.

4. Enchanted Coat Stand by ARC ANGEL STEELS

An quirky coat stand for the arty types

Best for: Quirkiness
Material: Steel
Dimensions: H174cmxW55cm(top)xW45cm(base)
Colour: Turquoise, red
Reasons to buy
+Quirky design+Perfect for modern homes
Reasons to avoid
-Keep the stand balanced  

Another name for a coat stand is a hall tree and we can see how this stand embraces the alternative name. This unique coat stand looks a little like a spindly branch and is available to purchase in a range of whacky colours, including turquoise blue and bright red. With a number of ‘twigs’ to place coats, hats and scarves, the stand is a quirky way to keep your place clutter-free but is still a feature in its own right.  It’ll brighten up any hallway, and will certainly provide a conversation point for your guests. 

5. Chateau Chic Coat Rack

An elegant coat stand for adding an element of grandeur to your hallway

Best for: Elegance
Material: Metal
Dimensions: H191cmxW39cmxD34cm
Colour: Cream, black
Reasons to buy
+Very chic+Traditional design
Reasons to avoid
-Not for modern style homes 

If you love Parisian chic, you need to take a look at this elegant coat stand inspired by classic French interior design. It showcases intricate scroll work, with hooks to hang hats and coats and there’s even a handy storage area for umbrellas. Thanks the choice of either cream or black colouring, it’ll look great against neutrally toned, pastel coloured decor or traditional settings. Reviewers love the easiness of assembly and many compliment the elegant appearance of the coat stand. 

6. Leonhard Pfeifer for House by John Lewis Eigen Coat Stand

An abstract coat stand which makes a standout feature

Best for: Unusualness
Material: Solid oak
Dimensions: H175cmxW48cmxD48cm
Colour: Oak
Reasons to buy
+Alternative design+Makes a great feature
Reasons to avoid
-Too abstract for some 

As mentioned in the introduction, coat racks also make a great hallway feature as well as provide a functional purpose. If you can’t resist an artistic buy and you’re a fan of linear decor, this Leonhard Pfeifer stand could be the perfect item for your hallway. There are five ‘hooks’ on which to place coats or hats and plenty of space to hang an umbrella. Made from solid wood, it should be great quality and reviewers comment on its sturdiness, making it great for purpose too.  

7. Umbra Sticks Wall-Mounted Hook System with Five Hooks

This hook system is an arty addition to your wall too

Best for: Wall hook
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: H18.42cmxW49.53cmxD3.8cm
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Great for smaller homes+Doubles up as an art piece
Reasons to avoid
-Plastic may not take the weight of lots of heavy coats 

Small hallways may not have the room for a coat stand, especially when it’s tripled in size thanks to the array of outside gear hanging on it. A hook system is a great alternative, as it keeps clutter to one side. If you’re looking to invest in a hook system, a good idea is to choose an arty one, as it then contributes something to your decor when it’s not in use. This hook system from Umbra incorporates five flip up hooks, which fold back and become part of the design once you take your coat off it. 

8. Tatkraft Charm Heavy Duty Hooks

A strong, traditional-looking hook system for the everyday home

Best for: Robust hooks
Material: Wood and steel
Dimensions: H10.8cmxW51cm
Colour: Wood, bronze hooks
Reasons to buy
+Strong and durable+Traditional design
Reasons to avoid
-Perhaps too classic for modern homes 

If like the idea of a hook system but require one that puts practicality at the forefront, this durable set of coat hooks made from wood and steel could be the answer. The overall design of the system is very traditional, making it a great feature for a diverse range of homes. Reviewers commend the durability of the hook system, mentioning that it’ll take the weight of quite a few coats. It’s also very reasonably priced, making it a solid investment!