Best affordable pillows: 6 money (and sleep) saving buys

You'll sleep well knowing you've saved some dollar

Best affordable pillows guide
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Wake up on the right side of the bed knowing you’ve not overspent on getting a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re needing a pair of pillows for your new home, want to replace your current flat ones, or are a college student looking to spend as little as possible, these affordable pillows offer a great sleep surface without a big price tag.

Yes, it is possible to get a good-quality pillow without having to dip into your savings. For less than $10, these budget-friendly buys can give you the comfortable night's sleep you’re after. And that’s not just the cheap polyester options either, there are affordable memory foam, gel-fiber, and down-feel types too, to rest your head after a long day of work or study. So, see our top picks below to help you save on sleep and money. 

Though if you’re after something a little more supportive or would prefer a luxury feather-filling, then our best pillows guide is full of further suggestions. 

6 of the best affordable pillows 

How do you buy bedding on a budget?

The students, renters, and roomies, this one's for you...

Whether you're looking for a comfy pillow to replicate a luxury one you have used before, needing to replace your old set or simply don't have the cash to splash on premium bedding, there are ways to still get a good night's sleep. Keeping an eye out for certain bedding features will help you choose a set that's good quality but still at the right price. 

For example, are the pillows, sheets, duvets or whatever you're buying OEKO-TEX Certified? This is the standard given to synthetic products that have been tested and proven to be free of harmful toxins or chemicals. Cheaper pillows are more likely to be made of polyester or have hollowfibre filling – so it's worth finding this out. 

Thread counts too, are an indicator of quality. Though the higher the thread count doesn't always mean more expensive. Some of the pillows on this list for instance come with high-thread count cotton covers, that can be washed. This will help prolong the life of your pillow, making it a more cost effective buy. 

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Real Homes review process

When collating this round-up, we researched, read reviews and compared them against more expensive options, to find you the best affordable pillows that balance quality and price. We've included an option too that has been tested and included in our best pillows buying guide, so you can trust we've had first hand sleep experience. If you're intrigued on what this involves (and yes, it's more than just resting our head) then you can get the low down in our how we test guide. 

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