I've been sleeping on the genius Zamat cervical pillow, and it has cured my back pain

From a cramp-necked caterpillar to a blissful butterfly

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OK, so it's not overtly stylish, but the Zamat cervical pillow helped to align my head, neck, and spine. The soft furnishing suits all types of sleepers including side, front, and back sleepers. However, while the double-lined and quilted cover is washable, it would be great if the brand were to bring out a line of shams to suit bed sheets and comforters.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    100-night free trial

  • +

    10-year warranty

  • +

    CertiPUR-US certified

  • +

    Available in three colors

  • +

    Breathable and sweat-absorbing material

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Inner pillow is spot clean only

  • -

    Memory foam inner has weird texture and poor finish

  • -

    No choice for an alternate sham cover

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I've had a lot on my mind recently being a #newlywed. So when I was asked to test the Zamat pillow, I couldn't have been more excited to sleep (and get paid for it). It's been one month since I got married, and NGL, I held a lot of mental weight and baggage on these (toned) shoulders. I get a bit of back pain when I sleep, so I was hoping that this pillow would help fix these probs and that it would mean my mattress wasn't the problem. I won't give too much away, but I was able to get my beauty sleep.

The Zamat pillow I reviewed is specifically designed to promote blood circulation and has an adjustable height to suit all sleeping positions and body types (#bodypositive). It's made of polyurethane memory foam and a polyester pillowcase, which despite being man-made are surprisingly breathable. So, keep on reading to find out whether it truly is one of the best pillows out there, and if its unique shape is worth the price.

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How do I sleep? I call it "recovery position plus." Yes, it's that emergency arrangement, but with a pillow in between my legs. IDK over time, whether this has helped or hindered me. Or, if the creaks and ouchies have just been a part of entering my thirties. Nevertheless, I was totally down to test this new pillow that was inspired by a group of troubled sleepers. Designed in Oregon, could this pillow really be "The American Dream"?

What I thought of the Zamat pillow

Christina Chrysostomou selfie
Christina Chrysostomou

I reviewed this pillow for just under a month, using it in my bedroom in place of my regular pillow. This is my first specialist pillow review, so admittedly I don't have anything to compare it to other than the one I was sleeping on before. However, I did look at other highly-rated pillows to manage my expectations of what to look/feel out for.

First off, I was pleasantly surprised to notice (or you could say not notice) that it didn't have a funky memory foam smell. That said, when I was doing a bit of desk research on Amazon, some customers did say it had a fishy/chemical stench. Luckily, mine wasn't affected by this odor (thank god!).

I felt like it ergonomically "cupped" my rotator cuff and allowed my spine to fully straighten out, without feeling like my shoulders were shrugged or had a camel-style hump. It isn't as voluminous as a perfectly-puffed hotel pillow, but that's to be expected with the 0.8-inch thick insert.

Zamat cervical pillow info

Zamat cervical pillow

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  • Size (in.): 21 x 13 x 3.9
  • Pillow Core Material: Polyurethane non-temperature sensitive memory foam
  • Pillow Case Material: 100% polyester
  • Machine washable? Pillowcase only
  • Other care instructions: Do not bleach/iron/dry/clean/expose to direct sunlight or temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit

How to use this Zamat pillow

There are different ways to sleep on this pillow, depending on whether you prefer to position yourself on your front, back, or side while you snooze...

Back sleepers should use both sides of the pillow. According to Zamat, the natural traction of the neck and head support can reduce the pressure on the posterior skull, reduce snoring, and improve sleep quality.

Front sleepers should use the wing side of the pillow. But, in this instance, go ahead and drop both your shoulders and arms by the pillow. This will (hopefully) ensure that you don't suffer from any neck stiffness when you wake up.

Side sleepers like me should rest on the wing. According to Zamat, you can rest your entire shoulder (nearest to the pillow) and place your arm on the armrests so that you don't get pins and needles (IDK about you, but my 31-year-old self still freaks out when I get a numb arm!).

Measuring the Zamat cervical pillow

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What I loved about this Zamat pillow

Picture of Zamat cervical pillow double lining

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It's double-lined
The squishy memory foam (more on that later) has two cocoon-like linings. One feels like a cotton sweatshirt, and the other is a li'l thicker (think a quilted cardigan). Both are removable, but Zamat insists that you only need to wash the weightier one. Each has zips for easy removal.

Its cover can be washed
Yup, you can do more than spot clean the outer quilted jacket. Just pop it in the washing machine at a cycle that's between 86–104 degrees Fahrenheit.

It helps with back pain
The Zamat pillow has got curves in all the right places to take any unnecessary strain off of your back, neck, and shoulders. You can cancel that painful sports massage or chiropractor appointment and give this a try first.

It's designed for all sleepers
Scroll down to the "How to use" section for more detail.

It's great for snorers
My husband is a prolific snorer, so rather than whack him over the head with the pillow, I let him use it for the night. Safe to say, the noise coming from his nose was audibly reduced.

It comes with a warranty and trial
Here's the sitch. Not only will Zamat give you 100 days to make your mind up, but if the pillow isn't 100% your type on paper, you can email them to make you a custom-made fit. FYI, it's good to note that they will suggest removing the foam insert.

What I didn't love about this Zamat pillow

There's a lack of sham options
Though our bedroom is predominantly gray, we like to introduce color, patterns, and texture via our duvet cover, a throw that sits on the end of the bed, and some mustard-colored cushions. Unfortunately, Zamat doesn't have a line of pillowcases (other than the washable quilted outer cover that's provided), so the orthopedic pillow does feel like something out of a nursing home on the bed.

Front and back of Zamat memory foam pillow inner

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Its memory foam inner is strange
Another thing I wasn't particularly in love with was the texture and finish of the memory foam itself. Tactically, it felt like Play-Doh... no scrap that. Ever made a foccacia? It's got that sticky doughy texture that I should be OK with... but I'm not. On closer inspection, mine looked like The Very Hungry Caterpillar had had its way with it. Once I'd taken the two covers off of it, it was all there looking like a snack (and not in an appetizing way either). PU and polyester aren't the most environmentally-friendly materials to manufacture so it loses kudos for this. But saying that, Zamat says that it can last past the five-year shelf life of a pillow (if properly maintained).

Its inner can't be cleaned
In fact, it's more fragile than I thought. So I wouldn't want this to go head-to-head with my washing machine. Who knows what it'd look like even the most gentle cycles, plus I can see it damaging my appliance if I risked it. No thanks.

Good to know

Zamat pillow in packaging

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Delivery: First off — let's talk delivery. Because, I bet like me, you couldn't *wait* for a good night's sleep. The good news is that it arrived within eight days. Which was good considering it came from China to the UK. My contact had provided a live tracking link which allowed me to keep an eye on my package in real-time. JYSK, I'm not sure if that level of communication is as standard, or if it's because I liaised with the PR person to have this product sent to me.

Unboxing: Unfortunately, I don't have a picture or video of me unpacking the pillow. However, what I can tell you is that the pillow itself is shrink-wrapped for ease of delivery. It does initially look a li'l squished in the box but having left it out before bed, it soon unraveled itself.

Where to buy this Zamat pillow

You can buy this pillow direct from Zamat for $65.99, with free shipping. Otherwise, it's also available to buy at Amazon for $39.99.

How we reviewed this Zamat pillow

As with everything we review, we make sure to pair our reviewer and the product we need to review to ensure these two factors will work well togeter. I reviewed this pillow as I often have a little bit of neck pain, which isn't helped by alternating on the sofa/office chair when I work from home.

I would usually change/wash my pillowcases every two weeks, but I wanted to see how gross it could get if you left it. Yes, that is me low-key saying that the cover hasn't been through the washer since I got it, but apart from the teeniest bit of (probably) leftover mascara that my cleanser didn't take off — there's no staining or drool.

This pillow was reviewed by me for a minimum of four weeks before making up my mind, as with all our other pillow reviews. When choosing a star rating, I took into consideration everything including price and comfort.

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