Calling all gardeners – we've got an exclusive 25% off YouGarden for Black Friday

Get ahead on gardening for 2021 with these top 10 YouGarden Black Friday deals. From bulbs to fruit trees and roses, these offers will get your garden blooming

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The YouGarden Black Friday sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up on garden plants, indoor plants, or choose a Christmas tree at a discount. Autumn is also a great time to buy bare-root plants, and YouGarden have a great selection currently on sale. 

Those who love to grow their own will be impressed by the good range of fruit trees on offer and rose lovers rejoice – get your hands on beautiful bushes to plant before the hard frosts set in. If spring blooms are more your thing, check out the deals on stunning bulb selections. And, as we are still in lockdown, stocking up on plants for your garden is a very very good idea, so we are very grateful for the YouGarden sale.

We have picked out our top ten garden deals and you can see them all below. And – RealHomes readers get an exclusive 25 per cent discount site wide (excluding the outdoor section) with code bfriday25 when entered from the exclusive RealHomes/YouGarden page.  The offer is valid between 23rd and 30th November

Top 10 garden deals in the YouGarden Black Friday sale:


Miniature Decorated Living Christmas Trees - 3 pack | £29.99 £19.99 at YouGarden

How cute are these little Christmas trees? They're real and come in pots; best of all, they can be replanted in your garden once the holidays are over – the sprayed-on snow will just wash off and doesn't harm the trees in any way. 

Fresh Christmas Wreath | £19.99 at YouGarden

Fresh Christmas Wreath | £19.99 at YouGarden

There's nothing quite like a fresh Christmas wreath – this one's made with real fir branches and real pinecones. You can hang it as is or add more festive berries and/or flowers for an opulent look. Also perfect for gifting. 

Fresh Christmas Garland | £29.99

Fresh Christmas Garland | £29.99 £24.99 at YouGarden

We're really liking the real greenery trend from YouGarden, and this sumptuous real Norway spruce garland is no exception. It'll look stunning on your mantlepiece or Christmas dinner table. And – there's no plastic to throw away afterwards – winner. 

Pot Grown Nordmann Christmas Tree | £49.99

Pot Grown Nordmann Christmas Tree | £49.99 £39.99 at YouGarden

This perfectly shaped tree is between 80-100cm tall and has a gorgeous fragrance. What we really like about this one is that it comes in the pot it was grown in, which means it will live for many years; just keep it on your patio for the rest of the year. 

Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection | £44.97

Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection | £44.97 £24.97 at YouGarden

It's hard to think about fruit in the garden at this time of year, but imagine the joy of growing your own pears and plums and harvesting them next year! This collection includes three self-fertile, compact trees that can be grown in containers even on a small patio. They will crop in the first year, too. 

Edible Indoor Pineapple Plant | £19.99 at YouGarden

Edible Indoor Pineapple Plant | £19.99 at YouGarden

Your very own super-sweet pineapples at home? Totally achievable with these amazing indoor pineapple plants that will thrive on any sunny windowsill. These are supplied 50cm tall in 14cm pot, already in fruit – which means guaranteed pineapples this year. 

Nandina domestica - Sacred Bamboo | £19.99 at YouGarden

Nandina domestica - Sacred Bamboo | £19.99 at YouGarden

For spectacular winter colour, the Sacred Bamboo plant is not to e overlooked. Blazing orange, then red foliage as the temperature cools, it's accented with deep red berries for even more interest. Very easy care and hardy, thrives in most soils and in most light conditions, even in shade. 

Rose 'Oranges and Lemons', Papagena | £12.99

Rose 'Oranges and Lemons', Papagena | £12.99 £9.99 at YouGarden

Unlike any other rose you'll see this season, this spectacular bi-colour number will delight you all through next summer and well into autumn. Supplied as a bare-root plant ready for planting out in your garden. 

Tulip 'Rembrandt' Mix | £9.99 £4.99 at YouGarden

Tulip 'Rembrandt' Mix | £9.99 £4.99 at YouGarden

We're all dreaming of spring 2021 – and why not get some tulip bulbs to greet next year with beautiful colour? These gorgeous, multi-coloured tulips grow to be 50cm tall and come in a pack of 25 professional-quality bulbs. 

Standard trees | Save up to 50% at YouGarden

Standard trees | Save up to 50% at YouGarden 

Standards are trees that have been shaped to produce a ball of foliage and flowers – perfect for a container garden or a more formal planting scheme. Choose from a wide variety of trees from lilacs to cherries and hibiscus. 

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