Green bedroom ideas – 12 ways to decorate with olives, emeralds and sage greens

Let these green bedroom ideas inspire a calming makeover

Yellow maximalist bedroom with chinoiserie moss green wallpaper and floral bedding by Mindthegap
(Image credit: Mindthegap)

Green is known for being the most soothing of all the bedroom colors. Therefore, our green bedroom ideas should invoke a sense of calm and serenity, just what you want in a place that's mostly used for sleeping, right? 

And there are so many greens to choose from, so you can pick a tone that perfectly suits your style – you've got modern, moody olive greens, stylish sage greens, vibrant teals, barely-there pale greens and many many more. 

So to pay homage to this dreamy versatile hue, we have pulled together all our favorite bedroom color ideas in green to inspire an easy makeover to get you inspired. Whether you are after a bold color to be the focus of your space, or the perfect green to paint all four walls, we have you covered...

1. Pick a sage green for a light and airy bedroom 

Pale green bedroom with panelling

(Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez)

'We all know green is a restful color so what better place to put this to practice than by decorating your bedroom in one of its tones.' advises Patrick O’Donnell, color consultant at Farrow & Ball. 'Not only will green help impart the mood of relaxation, but it will create a lovely link to the outdoors.'

Couldn't agree more, and what is a more restful green than a delicious pale sage? It's so light and fresh, almost a neutral that works as a backdrop for more neutral hues like white, cream and grey. Pair with lighter woods, too and even touches of black as you see in this bedroom to ground all those pale hues. 

2. Go for a deep teal paired with blush pinks

Pink and green bedroom

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the dark, atmospheric greens.  A  deep teal paint creates such an atmospheric inviting bedroom, and paired with a blush pink? Dreamy stuff. 

'If you want to create an intimate and cozy bedroom space, emerald green packs a full, but at the same time, an understated punch of color. It can transport you to the cool tiled floors of Marrakesh or to the traditional drawing room of a late 18th Century Georgian mansion, and its being used more and more in interiors today.' Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin.

Smaller bedroom? 'Try decorating on both the walls and the ceiling for a fully immersive experience, this will help blur the boundaries of a room with limited space too.' recommends Patrick O'Donnell.

3. Go maximalist with a multi print design

Yellow and green maximalist bedroom scheme with printed wallpaper and floral bedding by Mindthegap

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

If a minimalist bedroom idea is a one-way ticket to yawnville, then take a look at this maximalist yellow bedroom idea!

Unapologetic in its 'more is more' motto, the multiple designs by Mind the Gap are for the interior extroverts in us. In true cottagecore style, this yellow bedroom idea is brimming with floral pattern and is shamelessly styled with as many prints and textures as possible.

But don't think you need to shop with the same supplier for your interior finds. By picking up pieces from secondhand retailers on Ebay, flea markets and garage sales, you can create an authentic look that no one else will have.

The botanical framed prints add an English garden feel while the shabby-chic lampshades at a practical reading light solution whilst your reading romantic Brit lit in bed.

4. Add a touch of color with a barely there green

Farrow and Ball pale green bedroom

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

'Restful spaces will benefit from neutrals or calming blues and greens - I love pale green in bedrooms because it’s contemplative and calming.' says color and paint expert Annie Sloan.  A light, fresh green is also perfect for small bedrooms or bedrooms that don't get natural light all day so need that extra boost of light enhancing color.

We love how this super light green looks paired with the dark wood in this bedroom, it's the perfect contrast and gives the room a clear focal point. 

5. Create a stylish green bedroom with olive walls

Farrow & Ball olive green bedroom

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Olive green seems to be the way to do green right now. It's rich, sophisticated and there are plenty of shades so if dark and dramatic, like this fabulous green bedroom, isn't for you opt for a lighter take. 

Whatever shade you choose, olive works best paired with lighter, brighter hues just to lift that slightly subdued undertone so paint your woodwork white or choose white bedroom accessories if decorating with this increasingly popular green.  

6. Pair paneling with a dramatic grey green paint

Green panelled bedroom with pendant side lamp

(Image credit: Lights and Lamps)

Oooh love a moody grey green – it's the perfect tone for more traditional rooms that need a bit of a modern edge. Used to highlight a wall paneling idea or over woodwork, it instantly gives a cooler feel to a space. 

Pair it with crisp whites to contrast the deep shade and make sure you bring in plenty of bedroom lighting too as this is a green that absorbs light and can look a tad gloomy in the wrong space.

7. Choose a vibrant teal 

Green panelled walls in a master bedroom with a metal bed, yellow and pink throws, and patterned cushions

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

A vibrant teal still brings in those calming vibes that green bedrooms are associated with, but is ideal if you want a bold color. We love this room, particularly because of the contrasting shades going on. 

The softness of the pink works perfectly to tone down the contrast of the green and the yellow so the scheme still daring but isn't too overwhelming for a bedroom either. 

8. Or go slightly darker in a green bedroom

Real Homes Home of the Year awards:

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer © Future)

Want to add that drama of a deep green but not sure bedroom can all four walls? Add a feature wall idea of deep blue/green to create a more subtly green bedroom. By day, this shade it's light enough to bounce light around; by night, it will deepen to create an intimate feel. Better still, it's a great match for splashes of warm hues like deep yellows, oranges and pinks.

'One thing I would always avoid is anything too saturated in a bedroom,' says paint and color expert Annie Sloan. 'My bedroom is painted in deep Aubusson Blue and at night-time it’s the most seductive, soporific, cozy night-sky blue. In the morning as daylight fills the room you can see the green nuances to it.' 

'So I’m still getting my color kick but I’m not trying to go to sleep in a room with a bright green wall shouting at me.' 

9. Create a green bedroom quickly with wallpaper

wrought iron bed in bedroom decorated with william morris wallpaper

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Add some pattern and some green hues into your space with a green bedroom wallpaper. It might be a cliché but green does lend itself to nature-inspired prints – leaves, flowers, woodland motifs – and you will find so many options to suit your style from large banana leaf prints to small, more traditional patterns as you can see in this lovely bedroom. 

Pick out the other colors in the paper to create your color scheme and weave them throughout the rest of the room too for a really cohesive look. 

10. Make your space a restful retreat with pastels

painted green bedroom with dark green cabinet and pink lampshade

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Pastel shades aren't just reserved for children's rooms. These soft, soothing colors are perfect for grown-up bedrooms too. 

'Accent colors work really in bedrooms and shades such as pinks and greens produce a really romantic aesthetic and there are many ways in which to create an interplay between the shades, however, my favorite is combining lighter ice-cream shades of these colors.' says  Helen Shaw, Director of Benjamin Moore. 'I love this look in a bedroom as it feels soft and subtle whilst looking fresh and optimistic. It is a great look to wake up to, especially on a sunny morning.'

The key to preventing the room from feeling too... saccharine is to bring in some darker accent colors too, as you can see in this green bedroom with the drawer unit. 

11. Add greenery to a neutral bedroom with houseplants

White and green bedroom

(Image credit: David Woolley)

Want a super-easy green bedroom idea that you can do in minutes? Add houseplants. Houseplants count as green home decor, right? If you are renting so can't go painting your walls, or even if you want to keep your bedroom neutral and just add in green as a pop of color plants are the way to go. 

Pop them on a bedside table, hang them from shelves or pop them in a corner to add interest, texture and those all-important green hues. If you want to take the color theme further add more green with your throw pillows and sheets too.  

Is green a good color for bedrooms?

Yes, green is the ideal color for a bedroom. If you want to create a calming, serene sleep space then green is the way to go. Plus, it's so versatile with so many different shades that will suit different styles and create different moods. You can go super subtle and extra serene with a pale sage or very modern and vampy (but still relaxing) with a very deep shade. And it's a shade that works with loads of other colors too.

12. Create a cocooning atmosphere with khaki

Khaki / Olive bedroom with wall paneling by DULUX

(Image credit: DULUX)

They say green is a color that does you some good. Eat your vegetables and you'll grow up big and strong. While that's somewhat true, we're more in favor of putting a green olive in our martinis, mint in our Mojitos and lots of lime in our margaritas.

But if you want a cozy bedroom idea to rest your head (especially after those aforementioned drinks), then a khaki bedroom idea for women can provide a calm environment to rest.

Though a green bedroom idea is a neutral scheme that would suit bedrooms for couples, the accent of dusky pink adds a delicate touch of femininity.

What colors go with a green bedroom?

'Green and blue is a winning combination in a bedroom, and one we as interior designers use as our neutral base.' says Jen & Marr, founders of Interior Fox. 'They are closely connected on the colour wheel, so it's easy to introduce the two tones to create the illusion of more colour without overpowering a space.'

'Fresh, earthy and completely versatile, you can't go wrong with green and blue. The trick is to tone up or down depending on the desired outcome. For a calming effect opt for lighter colors offset by natural finishes, or for a more sumptuous scheme choose much darker shades. We find that darker hues add more shadows and different tones when the light hits and make the perfect backdrop for brass accents.' 

And if green and blue is too cool toned for you, pair green with warmer hues like pinks, yellows and oranges. Yes, they are contrasting colors but if you want less of a bold look just pick toned down shades and more muted hues. 

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