10 stylish Christmas color schemes to try this year

Looking for a new Christmas color scheme for 2020? Let our gallery of gorgeous ideas get you inspired...

Christmas color schemes
(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies © Future)

Red and green have been the Christmas color scheme, of holidays past, and while we love this traditional combo, we thought we might mix it up this year. Yep 2020 is the year to go a little rogue with your holiday decor and throw a few more colors into your collection – metallics, neons, gothic blacks, we cover it all here, plus of course our much loved classics too. Keep scrolling to be inspired and for more Christmas decorating ideas head over to our gorgeous gallery too. 

1. Go for a classic red and green 

Hill House Vintage x Wayfair

(Image credit: Hill House Vintage x Wayfair)

Let's start up top with the classic. Red and green – never a more festive combo has there ever been and we love it. This Christmas color scheme is so cozy and nostalgic to us, plus you can pick your tones to work with your home's style. If you like traditional, go with deep reds and plenty of greenery, but if you want a more modern look pick a brighter cherry red and keep it chic and simple with some eucalyptus and your foliage

2. Pick a Scandi theme with silver and white 

Neptune Christmas

(Image credit: Neptune)

Simple, chic but still undeniably festive, silver and green is the perfect combo if you like Scandi Christmas decor. The frosty silver gives everything an almost snowy look and the green just adds some warmth – again eucalyptus is a great foliage to bring into this scheme because of its silvery coloring and how gorgeous does it look placed into the Christmas tree? Definitely, something we are going to try this year. 

3. Go rogue with bright orange

cb2 Christmas living room

(Image credit: cb2)

Not a color you see a lot of at this time of year, so we thought we would give orange some love. You could go down the route of warm, autumnal oranges, which was massive last year and we have seen a lot of it on Instagram for 2020 too – very lovely and rustic. But we are also loving this bright orange and how it works in this very cool, modern living room. Go ooon do something a bit different this year!

4. All the neon!

John Lewis Christmas

(Image credit: John Lewis )

If you like your Christmas decor to be fun and creative you do you – go all out with every color even throw some tinsel up for the ultimate kitschmas. Take your multi-colored Christmas scheme to the next level and add in some neon. These big neon lights look so cool just haphazardly placed in the tree. Amazon sell really cheap neon star lights in loads of colors that you can use to recreate this look. 

5. Cool pastels 

Christmas tree decorating ideas

(Image credit: Cara Irwin)

And if you want a really contemporary look this Christmas, a frosty, pastel color scheme is the way to go. Simple, chic and not too in your face, these pale hues bring just the right amount of festiveness without interrupting the modern scheme you have going on. Add some warmth with touches of gold and copper.

6. Dark and dramatic with red and black

Annie Sloan Christmas tree

(Image credit: Annie Sloan )

Ooooh loving the drama of this Christmas color scheme. Very Nordic (it's like Scandi but a bit more dark). To recreate this look pick a single colored bauble and use it sparingly. Obviously it helps if you have a dramatic black backdrop too but if not mix some simple black baubles in with the red for a similarly gothic effect.

For similar red velour baubles, check our Trouva.

7. Blue and pale pink

Lucy Kemp (Dec 19):

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies © Future)

A pink Christmas color scheme is our dream. We love the soft, vintagey look it brings with all the pale bring ribbons and blush colored baubles. If you have darker walls in your home, or even a deep blue sofa, the pinks will look so gorgeous against the dramatic backdrop – bring the scheme into the rest of the room too by switching out your cushions to match your decs.

Find loads more Christmas living room decor ideas in our gallery. 

8. Traditional red and gold 

Christmas dining table in Cumbrian farmhouse

(Image credit: Future)

Love traditional Christmas decor? This dining room will be right up your street. A  warm red and touches of gold, it doesn't get more festive than that. Oh and we will so be stealing this amazing idea of suspending baubles from the ceiling just using a clear thread – our Christmas table might not look as regal as this one but it will be looking just as magical!

9. Rustic neutrals and greens

Christmas table with foliage

(Image credit: Ragged Rose)

Creams, browns, beiges, all the neutrals! Add in wooden elements and pine cones too, plus of course a ton of candles to give this toned down color palette a suitably festive feel. Mix in some greenery too to contrast all those lighter colours and of course a touch of gold or silver just to make thing extra Christmassy. 

10. Simple and chic white 

The White Company Christmas tree

(Image credit: The White Company)

And finally, our personal favorite, a simple all white Christmas color scheme. White just works with any style and it's so easy to make it look magical. When using one color just make sure to add plenty of texture – pick baubles in varying sizes and ones that are made from different materials to add plenty of interest to your decor too. 

The best place for simple white Christmas decor? Well, it's got to be The White Company, hasn't it!

Hebe Hatton
Hebe Hatton

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