10 blue Christmas decor – soothing ideas for a festive scheme

Bored of green and red? Try these blue Christmas decor ideas for a refreshing change

A bright blue Christmas tree in a white living room
(Image credit: Treetopia/Maximalist Studios)

These blue Christmas decor ideas will help you if you're after a fresher, more unusual decorating scheme this festive season. Blue is not as traditional as red and green, although it plays very well with these classic Christmas colors. 

You also have many shades to experiment with, from soft pastels to rich, deep navy. We're seeing blue Christmas decor everywhere lately, and it's definitely worth considering – especially if you have blue furniture in your home (more on that below).

If you want Christmas decorating ideas that are refreshing, soothing, and just a little edgy, look no further than blue. 

Peacock blue Christmas dining scheme in a blue dining room

Walls in Aubusson Blue, Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Blue Christmas decor ideas: why consider blue?

Blue is vibrant and versatile – it comes in so many shades that you're almost guaranteed to find blue room ideas that work for the festive season. Color and Paint Expert Annie Sloan especially recommends peacock shades of blue – they are 'very rich, beautiful and jewel-like.' If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can repaint a room in blue for Christmas (and beyond) –  'the depth of pigment will emphasize the bright glow from metalics, fairy lights and flickering candlelight to create a dining space fit for the Three Kings!'

Designer and head of creative at Swyft, Kelly Collins, adds that 'If you’re looking to mix it up this year, blue is a great choice. The color works well with a wide range of other tones and allows you to add personality to a space without dominating or overwhelming your existing décor.'

1. Go all blue for a regal look

A blue Christmas decorating scheme with velvet armchair and foot stool

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Blue on blue is a failsafe way to create an elegant, restrained Christmas look that is grown-up and inviting. To avoid an overly busy look, we'd stick to two or three shades of blue as a maximum. 

It also really helps if you already have a blue accent wall, or if when you chose the best sofa for your living room, you went for a blue one. Blue velvet in particular seems to do wonders for Christmas decorating schemes, making everything look more opulent. And the great thing about this material is it never goes out of fashion. 

2. Combine blue and white for a crisp, cheerful look

A blue and white Christmas decorating scheme

(Image credit: Sand & Sisal)

Blue sometimes can look a little somber, but if you combine it with crisp white, you are guaranteed a cheerful, bright decorating scheme. This stunning Christmas theme was created by Kim of Sand & Sisal

We adore everything about it, from the stylish semi-matt blue baubles to the gorgeous coffee table centerpiece that uses a blue-and-white vase and fresh white camellias. As Kim wrote on her blog, 'the coffee table centerpiece came straight from the yard. Don’t you just love free flowers? I do!'

4. Choose a blue Christmas tree

A light Christmas tree decorating scheme with bright blue tree

(Image credit: Maximalist Studios/Treetopia)

Yes, blue Christmas trees are definitely a thing and can look wonderful if carefully styled. There are many shades on offer, but if we had to pick just one, it would be the True Blue Tree from Treetopia. 

It has a really lovely, almost turquoise shade that has proved popular with interior stylists and bloggers. It will look wonderful just with some Christmas lights, or lavishly decorated.

5. Opt for a deep, navy and copper-toned scheme

A navy and copper Christmas decorating scheme with fireplace

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

If you're unsure of which shade of blue to choose for your blue Christmas decor, go for navy. It works beautifully as part of a cozy, comforting decorating scheme you'll want to just sink into. 

And the perfect companion color to navy is a rich, coppery orange, as demonstrated by this blue living room idea decorated by John Lewis. We especially like the way the orange velvet footstool and coppery baubles reflect the light from the fireplace.

6. Adorn your mantel with blue details

A fall/Christmas mantelpiece with christmas cards and a wreath

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

You don't have to have an all-blue room for this design trick to work, although as with other blue schemes, the more blue you have, the more intense the look will be. You can easily scatter a few blue baubles on your mantle, or place a large vase, like this LSA International vase from John Lewis & Partners, in a prominent position. 

You can then add a classic fir branch, or even some bare tree branches for a more minimalist look. 

7. Stud your Christmas wreath with blue baubles 

A christmas wreath with blue baubles and gold details

(Image credit: Very)

Christmas wreaths are very easy to convert to a blue decorating scheme – just accent the wreath with a few bright blue baubles. 

You can also experiment with blue and gold, or blue and silver, or any other color combination that matches your current decor.

8. Bring a touch of frosty elegance to your Christmas table decor

Blue Christmas table decorating scheme in a blue dining room

(Image credit: OKA)

You tableware is your most important source of Christmas table decorations. The style and color of your tableware can dramatically change the look of the whole Christmas table – and this year, we can't get enough of delicate blue plates and glasses. 

Our advice is to go for lighter blue for your glass and porcelain – the effect will be very refined, like dining at Snow Queen's palace.

9. Think beyond baubles for your blue decorations

A blue Christmas decoration hanging from a tree

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Have seen enough round baubles and want something a bit different, and blue? This year's novelty baubles from John Lewis have a beautiful marine animal theme – and lovely blue hues. 

You can combine them with classic baubles, or create a quirky 'under the sea' theme on your tree.

10. Choose a blue-and-red scheme for a timeless look

A navy blue and red Christmas decorating scheme

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Red and blue is a color combination that transcends trends. For a modern take on the classic pairing, take your cue from this stunning take on Traditional Christmas decor by Annie Sloan. 

The Oxford Navy chalk paint is so dark that it appears almost black, while the baubles have been painted in Emperor's Silk – a rich, opaque red that glows against the dark background. 

Is blue a Christmas-appropriate color?

Rebecca Challinor, interior designer at Terrys, told us that 'blue is actually quite a traditional Christmas choice as it’s synonymous with the cold and ice of winter.' So, yes, perfectly appropriate for Christmas. 

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, recommends moving away 'from the usual hues of red and green' and introducing blue into your main Christmas room 'with a feature wall, or for more wow factor, a centerpiece such as a beautiful velvet sofa or armchair.'

What colors go with blue on a Christmas tree?

Rebecca Snowden's top tip is to add 'metallic accents and finishes' to your blue theme –  'touches of gold and silver immediately evoke festive cheer and a moody, neutral backdrop allows these finishes to really shine.'

Kelly Collins recommends pairing navy and teal shades with 'light grey or white ribbon. These softer colors will help to enhance the rich, deep tones of the blue and allow them to shimmer more in the light.'

'Alternatively, if you want a strong, bold look for your Christmas tree, blue decorations can become more of a statement when paired with dark green tones. Handy if you already have a stock of green decorations!'

And if you want a more traditional look, 'try incorporating blue with colors such as browns, reds and oranges', says Kelly. 'Orange sits just next to yellow on the color wheel and works particularly well with navy as the bright tones of the orange make the dark blue appear even deeper.'

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