15 small laundry room ideas – stylish and practical laundry room inspiration

From squeezing in a top load washer to adding a laundry room sink into a teeny space, be inspired by these small laundry room ideas.

sterling sink in small laundry room with blue cabinets, white worktop, stacked washing machine and dryer
(Image credit: Sterling)

These small laundry room ideas are here for those of us who have dreamed of a dedicated space to get our whites and darks on, whatever form it might come in. 

Getting a laundry room idea right, even if it's just figuring out somewhere to hide the washer and dryer, requires more thought than you think.

Becky Martin, interior design leader at IKEA says, 'Homes come in a whole range of wonderful shapes and sizes, and sometimes spaces can seem too small or awkward to make full use of. But with clever space saving ideas, the dream of having a laundry room can become a reality, even in small spaces.'

There are in fact tons of ways to banish your laundry and all its paraphernalia to even the tightest of closets. Don't believe us? Just keep reading...

1. Transform even the tiniest of spaces into a small laundry room

ikea boaxel shelving unit in small laundry room with small hanging ironing board, washing machine and laundry basket on white tiled wall

(Image credit: IKEA)

The alcove/niche/cabinet you can fit a laundry room into can be super narrow if you only want to house a washer and dryer.

'Start by thinking about lesser used corners that you could re-purpose, like hallway closets and any space under the stairs, which are perfect to get organized and keep all your cleaning and laundry solutions in one place.' Becky Martin explains.

'Using modular, wall mounted storage like IKEA’s BOAXEL system gives ultimate flexibility for shelves, baskets and even hanging clothes to dry, and can be used under sloping ceilings, so you can use every available area.'

A great small laundry room idea is to pack all your storage on the wall above you washing machine so you don't take up any of the limited floor space. Add a curtain to hide all that clutter. 

2. Put a small laundry room under the stairs

a utility under the stairs by Sonnemann Toon Architects

(Image credit: Dave Parker Photography)

The space below the stairs in the hallway is usually a decent enough size to house at least a washing machine and perhaps even a condensing dryer, too. 

Maximize the space with a small laundry room sink, a ventilated hanging area for drying or airing clothes and plenty of stack space for folded clothes. 

Doors can be left open while you're out or you can invest in a small dehumidifier to keep the area dry. . 

If you would rather keep your space for storage, go and check out our under stair storage ideas for loads more inspiration.

3. Create a laundry closet in the kitchen

a top loading washer and dryer in a small laundry room with shelving in a kitchen with peach walls

(Image credit: GE appliances)

Not just a great way to get the washing machine out of sight, a floor-to-ceiling closet or cabinet in a corner of your kitchen is a practical small laundry room idea too, allowing you to stash everything from appliances to hanging space to the ironing board in one compact area.

Or if you have a top load washing machine, give it its own space in your kitchen by using a partition to house all your laundry essentials.

  • Or why not opt for a washing machine and a dryer all in one? Take a look at the best washer dryers for a sleek, seamless look and extra space savings

4. Or create a larger laundry space behind double doors 

Tiny utility room in a cupboard

(Image credit: Conley & Co)

If you have the room you could create a whole (but still tiny) laundry space behind a closet with double doors. 

We love this idea of hiding an entire laundry room, not just for your appliances, but an area to fold and store your washing too, in a shallow closet. To create a space to fold clothes and house detergent, add a simple countertop over a front-loading washing and dryer, and add some shelves above. 

Once you are done you just close the doors and no one need know it's there.

5. Add a small laundry room in a hall closet

Utility room in a cupboard with storage baskets, stacked washing machine and tumble dryer

(Image credit: Caitlin Mogridge)

Got some space to spare in your hallway upstairs? It's the perfect place for a small laundry room because all the laundry stays upstairs, all the time (except when you're wearing it), plus you can have it built with some stud partitions at a very affordable price. 

Ensure you choose a super-quiet washing machine if you're putting a machine upstairs, have children and tend to do laundry at night. Otherwise, do it while you're out.

Looking to invest in a new quiet washing machine? We have picked the best out in our round up of the best quiet washing machines.

6. Move a small laundry room to the bathroom

Washing machine in a bathroom with full height storage and cabinet mounted sink

(Image credit: Ikea)

Why not make like the Europeans and put your laundry area in a larger bathroom?

Becky Martin explains more, 'Traditionally laundry rooms are downstairs, but when we visit our customers’ homes we often see laundry areas incorporated upstairs.'

'Linen closets can be repurposed to keep laundry all in one place, and with them often being located near bathrooms, adding plumbing might not be as complicated as you think.'

It makes perfect sense: it's often where the laundry basket's kept; plumbing and drainage in place. What's not to like?

7. Hide the laundry room in your bedroom closet

utility room in a cupboard with rattan doors in a bedroom by Sigmar

(Image credit: Petr Krejci)

You get dressed and undressed in your bedroom, so why not? 

Got a walk-in closet? Even better. Just ensure ventilation is really good so that drying clothes doesn't cause a damp atmosphere that the rest of your wardrobe won't thank you for.

8. Tuck it under the basement stairs

washing machine and tumble dryer under stairs with storage - Inspired Kitchen Design

Put the space under your stairs to use and turn it into a mini utility room

(Image credit: Inspired Kitchen Design)

Finishing your basement? Why not copy this small laundry room idea and design a space under the new stairs to hide the laundry?

The associated costs will be minimal and even the smallest of spaces, like this one, can make for a good laundry space. Our preference would be for some doors to hide it away, though...

9. Hide a small laundry room behind sliding doors

Got a niche for a small laundry room but no space for doors to open out or fold back against the wall. 

Take inspiration from this small laundry room idea and instead of resigning yourself to an on-show utility, put sliding doors right across the front, just like Instagrammer The House in the Hollow.

10. Think about ergonomics when designing a small laundry room

a washing machine in a fitted cabinet in a laundry room

(Image credit: Schuller)

If you're thinking of adding your washer-dryer setup to built-in cabinetry, placing the appliances off the floor in a sturdily built frame will mean you don't have to bend every time you load and unload it. 

Pull-out shelf for the basket beneath? Don't mind if we do.

11. Try a DIY small laundry room idea

Small utility room created from dining table

DIY your own laundry area by upcycling your existing furniture

(Image credit: Homesense)

If you are just after a space in your home to store your laundry, do the ironing and fold your clothes, maybe you don't need built in cabinets or secret sliding doors. 

Create a work station from furniture you already have, stash some laundry baskets underneath, add some pretty wall-shelves for your detergent and what not, and there you go: a makeshift mini 'laundry room'.

12. Make space for a small laundry room in your pantry 

a cottage style utility room with open shelving

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Lucky enough to have a pantry in your home? Why not see if you can squeeze a small laundry room in there? One side for dry food and one side for your washing machine and dryer? 

If you need help making room check out our handy pantry storage ideas to get you started. 

13. Create a small laundry room with open shelving

white metal string system over a stainless steel worktop and sink in a laundry/utility room

(Image credit: String Furniture)

Maybe your floor space is at a premium and you just don't think you have the space to build cabinetry or you're not lucky enough to have a pantry to house a DIY laundry station. 

Why not use wall space to store all your laundry clutter and accessories, ideally close to your washing machine.

String Furniture's co-owner Peter Erlandsson says, 'A simple wall-mounted storage unit can solve all your problems. Placed above the sink or by the washing machine, the shelving collection maximizes your space throughout the home.' 

14. Get a laundry cart 

a washing machine with a wheeled wire basket unit from IKEA in a laundry room

(Image credit: IKEA)

Another space-saving laundry room idea if you live in a close quarters is to buy a slim trolley cart for all your laundry accessories and neatly tuck it away by your washing machine when not in use. This IKEA trolley is as compact as they come.

Experts at IKEA says, 'Make smart storage out of a small space with the help of JONAXEL frame and mesh baskets. It’s narrow and can fit in many places, and the castors make it easy to pull out when you need a clear overview.'

15. Use baskets and boxes to hide laundry room clutter

baskets for laundry clutter and accessories - Garden-Trading-Hornton-Stacking-Storage-Box-Black-&-Silver

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Clutter builds up and in a small space, it can get you down and make the laundry room downright unusable. A failsafe option to make order out of the mayhem is by adding neat baskets and boxes to house all the accessories. 

Experts at Garden Trading say, 'Even though it’s the hardest working room of the house, your utility space need not look like this is the case.'

'Create rules for where things live with smaller storage boxes which can be stacked one on top of each other to make the most of shelf space.'

Find more small space storage ideas to make tiny room feel bigger.

16. Include a laundry room sink

transolid cabinet laundry sink in a laundry room with washing machine and shelving unit

(Image credit: Transolid at Wayfair)

If you're dealing with a small space, chances are you have also got fairly limited work space. 

Cabinet laundry room sinks are great for compact spaces as the closed cabinetry is a nifty storage nook for laundry essentials.