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When I’m in a cleaning zone, I don’t want to be disturbed. Full music, full blast, full scrubbing. That’s why I love using a cleaning caddy — it's such an easy way of having everything in one place.

The last thing you need to burst your cleaning bubble is running back and forth between cabinets to grab your favorite cleaning supplies. It might give you the chance to bust a few more dance moves, but when you just want to get the job done, simplicity is key. Cleaning caddies do all this, plus are the right size for slotting into tiny spaces.

Putting together a useful kit is an art. That’s where I come in. I’ve listed caddies that are perfect for getting started, plus what to put in your cleaning caddy. These are all useful items that will fit in the caddy neatly.

Here’s everything you need to know for getting your cleaning caddy ready to go for any room in your home.

What to put in your cleaning caddy 

Start by choosing a cleaning caddy that’s the right size for your space and has all the features you need. Then create lists for the types of products needed based on the room you'll be using them in. We've broken down cleaning caddy essentials by room:

What to put in your living room cleaning caddy

Living rooms will have a mixture of surfaces and each will need special attention. Your glass coffee table is def going to need a different cleaner from the one you use on your suede couch or wooden bookshelf. If you spend a good chunk of time hanging out in your living room, an air freshening spray and a multipurpose cleaner and cloth are never a bad idea either. Tick this mix of products off your list for a caddy that can deal with any messes your living room may face.

What to put in your kitchen cleaning caddy

The kitchen is the most used room in the home, and it has surfaces and appliances that are used pretty much daily. It's important to clean your cooking space regularly, so everything is all lovely and hygienic for when you're cooking meals or scarfing down snacks. That being said, specific cleaning products and supplies are needed to cut through grease and grime, which are tough on stains and are much stronger than just a regular ol' spray and sponge.

  • Kitchen cleaning spray: Lysol is Amazon's Choice for kitchen cleaners.
  • Degreasing cleaner: Over 9,000 Amazon shoppers love that the Easy Off spray removes grease in seconds.
  • Cleaning paste: The Pink Stuff is seriously incredible, IMO.
  • Cleaning sponge: This Amazon Basics set won't scratch your surfaces.
  • Scourer: The Scrub Daddy is the king of all things scouring.
  • Oven cleaner: Easy Off's is fume free and smells citrusy. 
  • Dustpan and brush: I love the bamboo handle on the Mr. Siga one, which is also Amazon's Choice.

What to put in your bathroom cleaning caddy

Trust me, you don't want to be mixing bathroom cleaning supplies with regular ones because of the number of icky germs that take up residence here. Bathroom-specific cleaners will target viruses and bacteria, which is important as many surfaces and handles in the bathroom are used multiple times a day. You'll also def need rubber gloves (separate from your dishwashing pair), as bathroom cleaning products are often made with super strong chemicals.

What to put in your bedroom cleaning caddy

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with stairs, chances are your cleaning cupboard is pretty far away from your bedroom. This is why it's a fab idea to have everything you need to clean your bedroom in a caddy, so you can just pick it up and begin sprucing. A good fabric spray will make all the difference in this caddy, keeping your sheets fresh so you can have the dreamiest night's sleep possible. Add in a room spray, and the scents in your bedroom will be seriously gorge.

Need a cleaning caddy? Shop these picks

Missing the caddy to hold all your cleaning essentials? We have a few helpful options, below. If you have enough cleaning supplies, it's a smart idea to buy a few caddies and then separate them by room, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. This way, you can just store them in the respective rooms or in a cleaning cabinet, and take them out whenever you need.

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