10 handy cleaning caddies you need to make life easier

Keep your sprays and cleaning cloths in check—and on hand—with help from a cleaning caddy. These top picks are both practical and stylish

Best cleaning caddies: bamboo caddy, translucent caddy and white caddy
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Searching for the best cleaning caddy to organize your cleaning supplies and store them away in style? Gone are the days of juggling sprays, cleaning towels, scrubbing brushes and wipes around your home—or doing more than one journey to and from underneath your sink. Thanks to this undoubtedly handy buy you can cart all of the necessary supplies from one room to the room in which you are cleaning, with ease. 

You can also use this kitchen must-have to organize your supplies and section your under-sink cupboard so that your bathroom cleaning supplies live separate from, let's say, your kitchen cleaning products. This makes it easier to grab N go when the time comes. Easy peasy—not to mention that a cleaning caddy will make that cupboard under your sink look a lot more pleasing to the eye!

Don't be surprised if you find a few shower caddies in our list of the best cleaning caddies as these products often cross over. The main feature to look out for in a cleaning caddy would be a strong handle. You might want to consider the size of your new cleaning caddy, based on how many cleaning products you tend to use at any one time. Some cleaning caddies have built-in sections, others offer one large space to organize your items however you like. From Target to The Container Store, these are our top picks online for style and practicality.

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The best cleaning caddies for organizing your supplies

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