How to store clothes in a small bedroom because we need *all* the extra space we can get

Here's how to store clothes in a small bedroom, according to an organization pro

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We're not one to refuse an H&M sale, so we need to know how to store clothes in a small bedroom efficiently, all while having easy access to our go-to garments. It's definitely a tall order for a tiny space.

Sure, ample room might be few and far between in dorms and those first apartments of our own, but it's nothing a little ingenuity can't fix. And of course, we have input from experts to help us every step of the way. 

Grab those clothes storage bags and prepare to Marie Kondo your space (without actually tossing anything). We'll get those drawers and closets in tip-top shape. 

How to store clothes in a small bedroom

No clothing storage mistakes here, friends! Professional organizer Jean Prominski has the low-down on keeping sweaters, dresses, and everything in between in place. Never again will you have to scrounge through a hefty pile of shirts for your favorite band tee.  

1. Rotate clothes seasonally

When working with a room that's spaciously challenged, you'll likely want to switch up your wardrobe depending on the weather, keeping the necessities easily accessible. 

"When storing seasonal clothes, make sure to wash and dry them completely, or have them dry-cleaned before storing," Prominski notes. "Clothes that aren’t dried completely will mildew. Stains that aren’t removed prior to storing will be harder to get out."

But that's not to say once summer hits you won't want to turn to your favorite sweatshirt for comfort. For those year-round-long staples, place them in the front of your closet or hang them on a clothing rack. (As luck would have it, we have expert advice about styling a clothing rack, too.) For everything else that needs to be put on pause, don't discount the real estate under your bed. 

"Under bed boxes or drawers can also be really handy for storing out-of-season clothes," Prominski adds.

2. Find the proper materials

Doing a seasonal clothing swap is half the battle. You won't be doing yourself any good if you keep garments improperly accumulated in the closet. 

"Store clothes in good quality containers, either air-tight plastic or fabric, depending on the material of the clothing, so that they stay in good condition," Prominski adds. "Don’t use cardboard boxes or plastic bags as those have a tendency to break down." 

Go the extra mile before packing things up to put some sort of a label on the containers or boxes so you know exactly what you have and where. 

3. Avoid certain spots

Even if your room is not the ideal size, it makes for better storage than some of your home's counterparts. 

"Basements, garages, and attics that aren’t climate controlled may be too moist to store clothes, and the clothes may be vulnerable to pests," Prominski notes. 

Keep the coats in the closet, friends. And throw a few cedar and lavender balls in for good measure (Prominiski's go-to's). 

4. Store items practically

You don't want to place your t-shirts in a drawer and have leftover space... but not enough to fit those bulky sweaters. Make sure you're designating the proper places for certain garments. Here's what Prominski recommends: 

  • Hanging tops and dresses (with thin hangers)
  • Rolling t-shirts in a drawer (and utilizing drawer dividers) 
  • Keeping garments in height order to maximize space underneath clothing racks

5. Organize your drawers

While Prominski admits it can be time-consuming to start adding in drawer liners and labeling sections of your dresser, it will ultimately save time in the long run. We sense this method to be particularly beneficial when you're planning a night out with friends and texted the group chat that you've left when in actuality, you're searching for a missing top in your drawers. 

Meet the expert

Jean Prominski
Jean Prominski

An artist, productivity coach, and professional organizer, Jean Prominski is the founder of Seattle Sparkle, LLC, a company that helps its clients reorganize their homes into "clean, organized, manageable, relaxing, and inspiring" spaces. She is the author of Color to Declutter: A Thoughtful Collection of Unique Designs That Will Help Bring Your Inner and Outer Worlds into Alignment.


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