Curious how to fit a dining table into a small living room? Here's 5 tips designers swear by

Figuring out how to fit a dining table into a small living room is easier than it sounds

A brown dining table with colorful chairs next to it and ice cream wall art on the wall
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Wondering how to fit a dining table into a small living room? It may seem a tricky task with a large furniture piece, but dining tables are useful to have in your sitting room, making for an extra place to eat, work, and relax.

We've spoken to interior designers to find out how you can fit a dining table into this room, with tips and tricks for choosing the best tables, as well as remedies if you've already got one and struggling to squish it it in your small living room.

If you're looking for small living room ideas, dining tables can allow you to zone out your space once they're placed correctly. No matter what kind of home you have, our experts' knowledge will come in handy.

How to fit a dining table into a small living room

Looking to organize your small living room and have a dining table you want to fit in? You're not alone. “One of the most common dilemmas my clients face is fitting a dining table into a small living room,” says Vera Lopez, interior designer at POVISON

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Vera Lopez

Vera Lopez is a professional interior designer at POVISON, an American homeware brand. With years of experience in the industry, she specializes in creating stunning spaces that blend style and functionality seamlessly.

She says with some smart planning, it is definitely possible to do this without sacrificing style or functionality.

1. Measure your space accurately

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It’s not enough to simply glance at the space you have and guesstimate if your table will fit. “It is important to measure the space accurately and consider the dimensions of the dining table you are looking to incorporate,” Vera explains.

“Keep in mind it's not just the table itself you need to squeeze in, but also the chairs,” she adds. Not only this, but it’s a good idea to ensure there is space for people to move around the area.

2. Get creative with placement

A brown wooden dining table with rattan chairs with a rug underneath, a console table and cupboard next to it, and gray walls and flooring

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“Once you have a clear understanding of the size limitations, it's time to get creative with the placement of the dining table,” Vera says. 

For example, if you have a two-seat dining table, you could place it against the wall. “This will not only save space but also create a more intimate and inviting dining experience,” she adds. Try it in different areas and see where it works best.

3. Choose a round table

A white and brown round dining table with two white chairs, a rug underneath it, and a lampshade over it

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If you haven’t yet bought your dining table, it’s a good idea to be mindful of shape when selecting one. “A round table appears less bulky than a square or rectangular one,” says Kara Piepmeyer, interior designer and founder of Studio Kosma. These are the best dining tables for small spaces.

Kara Piepmeyer, a woman with brown curly hair wearing a white waistcoat and jeans, standing in front of wooden shelves with decor on
Kara Piepmeyer

Studio Kosma is a design studio founded by Kara Piepmeyer. With a passion for concept driven design, Kara thoughtfully blends proportion, materiality and color to create transformative hospitality experiences and homes. 

4. Consider an extendable table

A dining room with a brown table, wall art, and pink seats

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Another factor to consider if you haven’t yet purchased a dining table, is finding one with foldable extensions. “If space is limited, the dining table can sit in its smallest form while not in use,” says Luis Carmona, owner and lead designer at VERDE Interior Design.

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Luis Carmona

Luis Carmona is the owner and lead designer at VERDE Interior Design. With almost two decades of experience in the creative space, Luis gets to blend his many passions into one design studio, offering interior design and branding services to his commercial clients.

“When needed, the foldable extensions can be used to maximize the surface area of the table for a short time,” Luis adds. This gives you the option of having a larger table available as needed, without it taking up unnecessary space long-term.

5. Pick smaller chairs

A brown dining table with colorful chairs next to it and ice cream wall art on the wall

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It’s not just the table you need to keep in mind. “Opt for poufs instead of standard chairs, so the furniture pieces can do double duty,” Kara says. These will also tuck away cleanly when not in use.

“You might choose bar stools instead of regular chairs to save room,” says Vera. If you have a dining table with height, tall, slimline seats work especially well. These small space accent chairs are a great option, too.

Other factors to consider

A beige dining area with wooden chairs, a dining table, and a rug

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Along with size, consider multifunctionality. “Look for a dining table you can also use as an office desk,” Vera suggests. This will allow you to use the space for both dining and other activities.

In terms of styling, choose a dining table to complement the design of your living room. “Avoid bulky or dark-colored tables, as these can create the illusion of even less space than there is,” Vera tells us. Lighter colors will make a small living room look bigger.

“You can also add a pop of color or texture with your choice of chairs or tablecloth to make the dining area stand out,” she adds.


Can I put a dining table in my small living room?

You can put a dining table in a small living room if you choose a table the right size (no more than 36 inches wide) and the right shape (ideally with round edges).

How do you fit a dining table in a small space?

Pick a table with rounded edges, measure the space you want to put it in, and be creative with where you place it in the room.

Fitting and choosing furniture for a small living room, such as a dining table, requires careful planning. “With the right measurements, strategic placement, and creative solutions, you can achieve a chic dining space in your small living room,” Vera finishes by saying. 

The result? A lovely place to dine, which is much better than just eating on the couch.

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