How to fit a desk into a small bedroom to suit your WFH needs

Yes, it can happen. Designers reveal how to fit a desk into a small bedroom to perfection

A modern Scandi-style bedroom with a desk against the window and a wooden nightstand and a blue and yellow bed
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Curious how to fit a desk into a small bedroom? When there are spreadsheets to scan and reports to file, you'll appreciate the dedicated space where you can hone in on your work and zone out everything else. As far as creating said "dedicated space," it's all about logistics. 

We spoke to interior designers and organization experts about making it all come together in cramped quarters. They've taken floor plans, overlooked space, and unique ideas into consideration to ensure you have a place to go from 9 to 5, or for that midterm study sesh. 

When having a think about small bedroom ideas, consider these clever ways to fit in your workspace, too. 

How to fit a desk into a small bedroom

There are plenty of fun bedroom office ideas to execute in your home...if you have the room. When you have a Queen size bed and a generous wardrobe and little real estate for anything else, it could make a desk feel like a splurge. Or worst of all, a crowded floor space might convince you to do away with a desk entirely. We won't let that happen. 

1. Place your desk at the end of the bed

A cute, modern college dorm room with a wooden desk placed at the tip of the bed with a blue comforter and multicolored pillow next to a window with plants

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When trying to figure out where to put a dresser in a small bedroom or where to put a bed in a small bedroom, these heavy hitting furniture staples are likely going to get priority against the wall. That could make it tricky for your professional needs, so why not step away from the perimeter of the room?

"Try fitting a desk at the end of your bed," suggests Laura Price, founder of The Home Organisation. "Too many pieces of furniture up against the walls of a small bedroom can make the space feel cramped."

We're willing to bet that wasn't even a contender, right?!

Laura Price
Laura Price

Laura Price is the founder and director at The Home Organisation. After a career in PR for national events and with three young children, she realized creating organized spaces brought her moments of calm in a busy life. With a vision to help many others experience the benefits of living an organized life, The Home Organisation was born.

2. Replace your nightstand with a desk

A white small minimalistic bedroom with a white bed and wooden desk next to each other with a fuzzy white rug and modern white chair

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Nightstand alternatives are very in, whether opting for a storage ottoman or perhaps a simple floating shelf for essentials. If you are forced to make cuts in the furniture department, do away with a nightstand and place your desk next to your sleep quarters instead. 

"You’ll still have a practical place to store a light and items for your nighttime routine whilst also having a fully functional desk to work at," Laura says of the plan.

3. Place your desk in a dead corner

A white corner desk with art on the wall and supplies on the desk

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It's time to get creative with the corners, folks. Corner desks, like this luxe workstation from The Home Depot, have become the efficient and space-saving find that allows you to get a little bit of everything in your small bedroom layout

"Even just a simple corner table top can make for a functional desk without impacting too much on floor space," Laura notes. 

4. Place your desk in the closet

A white modern dresser with a small white desk and bench placed inside with a white pegboard

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What designers most appreciate about a "cloffice" is that once the workday wraps up, you can transition into relaxation mode by simply shutting the door. 

5. Consider vertical storage for your desk

A white desk and white shelves setup in a white dorm room with cute accents like a board and a white fuzzy chair

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Designer Artem Kropovinsky is always in favor of vertical options so as not to overcrowd floor space. Since he makes a solid point, why not consider a desk hutch from Amazon or the very glam Pottery Barn Teen Desk Shelves? You'll have a place for your laptop, and your other accessories can be stored above you, rather than beneath you. 

"Opt for a desk with integrated storage," he recommends. "Important necessities can be placed in compact drawers or shelves."

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

How do I maximize my desk space in a small room?

In order to maximize desk space in a small room, you're going to have to get creative. This might require you to swap out a nightstand and opt for a desk instead. This multi-purpose approach will give you a workspace and a storage space for your nightly skincare routine and such. Plus, it also gives you the opportunity to get decorative. 

As is the case with any small space, you will want to think about vertical storage. Opt for a desk hutch where you can keep your books and stationary so that you don't take up floor space. 

Consider a floating desk so that your WFH setup can easily disappear when the workday is done. 

Should I put my office in my bedroom?

Sometimes, cramped situations might force you to place your office in the bedroom. If this is the case, interior designers insist, above all, that you have the option to detach at the end of the day and that your setup doesn't mesh in with the rest of the room. Options like a floating desk or a corner desk are particularly handy in situations like this. 

Alright, so you have the furniture squared away. What about the style? We spoke to interior designers about aesthetics that work in a small bedroom so that your space is a true representation of your style and needs. Which one is your favorite?

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